Just to let you know I will be teaching this cute little cloth & paperclay doll at this years June 2009 Teesha Moores Artfiberfest Reed College Portland Oregon.

I made my own version of a doll I learned from my friend and the lovely and talented painter Jane DesRosier. She is teaching a on line class right now. I will not be teaching her face sculpting techniques or her own pattern for the doll and skirt. The sculpting of faces is her signature technique and if you want to know how to make a doll like hers take her wonderful class! Click here to take her class.

I hope to see you at my class at Artfiberfest...we will make a fast track doll, ( I worked out a make in a day doll )very easy and quick without a fancy sculpted face. We are going to paint the face and sculpt with a little paperclay for the nose and hair. I have several idea's and techniques for a arty skirt. Sign ups will be in March. Teesha Moores Artfest and Artfiberfests are very magical. It is like going to camp. Everyone eats together and stays in dorms together. The teachers take classes with the students. There are evening events, talks in your PJ's and working together in the commons area late into the night. It has a warm and wonderful feeling. I hope to see you there!!!

Happy Girls!


Congrats...your dolls are beautiful. Jane is a great friend and works with me at http://faithfolk.blogspot.com
Stop by sometime.
Great promo, Deirdra! I love the group photo of the "girls"!
;D lulu
Rischa said…
I wish I could come to Artfiberfest!! Your dolls are very pretty! Love their accessories!

Dayna Collins said…
The "girls" are adorable. Congratulations on teaching at Artfiberfest!
Rischa said…
Hi again Deirdra,

I nominated you for a blog award. See this post for details:


Rischa said…
Aww, you're very welcome, Deirdra. You deserve it! Your blog is very inspiring and fun to read. Take your time posting about the award. There's no rush. :-)

Sara lechner said…
your dolls are wonderful.
if you ever visit your friend in wels/linz, please come and visit too. it's not really far from there!
Pretty Things said…
I would so love a doll!!!

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