Friday, November 30, 2012

It's Christmas Dept 56 and Wendy Mainow

 It's do I know..Wendy W. Malinow had her Christmas Sale! Check out her wonderful jewelery and other such things on her etsy click here

Lookie here..the little snowman and the teal flower with a red center is her ornaments. We trade each year. And I buy one her adorable little silver can too from her Etsy!
 Wendy is so her little silver shoes, sequin skirt and Maybell shirt! She is also a children's book illustrator...fairy's and Christmas things...amazing..and her studio is so cool.

 Each year I trade with several artists. It is so are a few of the great treats I have.

It is so wonderful to have hand made things...The Angel fairy's are my ornaments I traded this year. I also have them on my etsy for sale....and then there is the not handmade..but...

 I have always loved the magic of Dept 56 Snow Village. It reminds me of my Childhood at Christmas. Or Norman Rockwell much family love. I just got my first 3 on ebay. I don't want to many or I will not know where to put them..but aren't they cute...Now I need a few people..

So I wish you a Merry Merry Christmas..We are off to do our Victorian Christmas Concerts around Oregon, California and AZ this year. Check out my husbands is a great show..
John Doan's Victorian Christmas

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Art Doll for Something Red

It is that time of year again...the "Something Red Show" in Salem Oregon.

This year I am displaying my Art Doll. She has a pretty red bow and red roots in her hair.

I am so Thankful...this Nov. for Sheri DeBow who taught me her method of making dolls. Check out her Facebook for lots of photo's and fun....

I made her eyes as those who follow my blog know you can do a search on my blog to find out how. This little dollie didn't have deep enough eye sockets so her eyes are kinda buggy..but....she is cute anyway.

Dolls can be hard to sell for Art I decided to give her her own Using all my mix media methods I learned from teachers at Art and Soul and Art Fest I went to work.

Ann Durley

Then I visited the great and wonderful Ann Durley who lives near me. She makes the best clocks..She taught me how to make an arty box.

She gave me some antique what nots to get started..thank you Ann......and then I spent 3 days in a 60 mile radius going all over to antique, thrifts shops and lumber yards..looking for stuff to make the box.

Finally with the stuff in hand... I now had to go on craigslist and pawn shops to get me a Radial Electric Saw and a Finish Nail gun..not to mention the right nails finally and other tools.

And then there was vacuuming up the dust...yeeks. Today I am off to deliver my the show..then home to clean the studio!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Michelle Allens Giveaway

Love Michelle's art..check it out.

Modern Modonna and Child

This is one of my favorite painting.
Etsy ad.
"I love to mix the ancient and the modern. This reminds me of so many enduring symbols. She is medieval and she is a modern young mother. I think of the Madonna and Child and I think of King Arthur.....

I love the crowns and the wings and the birds. All the stuff of dreams and hope."

 I repainted the faces on this mixed media painting for the show at the Bush Barn. I am really happy with my face painting skills are improving.
I haven't had lots of time to paint with working for our music business. I have to work like so many women artists. But I get to pick my hours and I have fun traveling and all the other perks. The good news is that over time painting a little here and a little there the abilities improve. I am Thankful!!! this beautiful month of Thanksgiving.

You can buy a print of my painting on my etsy.

Dolls for Christmas

Jane Austen dressed for the Candy Cane Ball

I can't resist...
 I love Christmas...
And my favorite is Holiday Parties!!!! This little doll sits in hopes for lots of invitations...

"This little doll is made with air dry clay and needle felted wool hair and pantaloons.
She has a little antique black lace party dress with hot pink ribbon. She is waiting for the Holiday season to come...she loves sparkly parties..with twinkle lights and snowy icy decorations."

Check out my Dolls on Etsy.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Paintings for Bush Art Winter/Holiday Show

 A couple paintings I have in the Bush Art Gallery.
I reworked this is so much more powerful now.

My husband noticed that it is full of meaning ..Art expressing your deep self just like dreams is always a surprise to me. I think because I am often so mental. I guess that is why God gave me artistic talent....

Here are some thoughts about the painting.

Venice Dreams

Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches
Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches Venice Dreams Print 8x10 inches
This painting is full of meanings that only became apparent when it was completed. The woman is lost in a dream. The dream in front of her is orderly like a city but it doesn't seem to really fulfill all that is in her heart. Even the Lily's that she loves are felt through a black glove and fall from her hand.

But behind her is where her true self is full of the joy of masses of butterfly's flying to the moon...a subconscious place of truth that is beginning to come to life.

Her wings are not fully formed yet. Although she can not now fly to her destiny with them but the promise is there as they continue to emerge.

Her heart is filled with the white purity of the peacock in an imaginative beautiful mansion in Venice, Italy.

Christmas Snow Angel Faerie

 I have loved bottle brush trees for such a long time.
 They make little magical snow forests and villages..
 I now found a way to make them into Doll ornaments.
Glitter, and netting, and sparkle, and faeire's and Angles and Christmas oh my...I have them for sale on my Etsy...

Happy Happy..Christmas is the Nov. Craft sales month!!!