Monday, July 4, 2016

Little French bulldog and mini trailer

Fun at antique trailer show
We had so much fun at Antique Powerland Brooks Oregons Antiaue trailer show. Going on through 4 of July 
Me and Lyra
My little trailer is waiting to get cute
Just got this darling book there so fun to read Click here

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas handmade ornaments and blog ornament blog hop.

Sharing a few of my Christmas handmade ornaments. So fun to do!
Little air dry clay ornament in the style of Michelle Allen. I made it to go with Children's book I have been finishing. Nikki Nissa and the Christmas Star. I have a page from the book below. I am on my iPad and I don't know how to move the photo without key short cuts

I used green bottle brush trees I bleached out. Then I made gessoed cotton cloth that I then stamped with snowflake. I also added a netting to the wings.  I printed out faces from a photo copied and photoshop page I made from scanned images of my faces. I cut them out and glued them to the foam silver beads from a Christmas swag. I made cloth tea dye and gathered neck collar

I glued the heads and trees together painted the bases and glittered the trees by painting them white and glittered them while still wet.
I have a few for sale if your interested I can get one to you. I can repost on etsy.

This is a page from my book I am still has been a large project as it s my first.

I made this post to join this fun Christmas Christmas Ornament Blog Party!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas now then and party

I was inspired to post my Christmas decor because of the "Common Grounds" blog link party. Christmas now and past links. 

Just a touch of Christmas in  my new bedroom decor.
Hallway. My friend gave John these rich large gold instrument ornaments. So sweet.
on our way off to tour Johns Christmas show.
I have been missing my childhood Christmas.  
So I made it it at my house.
Santa came right at 7 pm Christmas Eve!  Last year we found this life size German Santa.  My husband got it for me at a antique mall in Seattle WA

My first  couple Christmas...we're at a cabin in Big Bear CA

Grandpa built it. He loved to make wonderful special places...fantasy worlds
This year I wanted to go small and sorta real. 
But putting up on a table and in two urns makes it look like a 7 foot tree without all the!  
Past little Christmas song my husband helped me finish I started while getting ready for Christmas.

Posts of past Christmas posts and decor

Monday, May 11, 2015

French Bulldog Loves

I love this Izzy Dog...such a wonerful photo of Sweetness and Kisses...

And my sweet Lyra January for my Birthday.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas Puppy video...from me..

Merry new puppy sends you French Kisses for Christmas.

French Bulldog Puppy's Christmas Dream
 My friend Michal and these wonderful German Santa's..I think I should have bought loves Michal...

Lyra took a wonderful spa shower at the reatreat cabin after all her hard film of the star!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Lyra French Bulldog for Christmas.

I found the most beautiful French Pumpkin...looking forward to what it tastes like but will use it at Christmas and decorate with it for Thanksgiving.

Took my sweet new puppy out shopping for more brown transfere bowls for Thanksgiving. She brought so much joy to people. I am truly thankful.

  I really want to run with these ribbon mom......A visit at Emma's in Albany OR...Emma is the name of the little pug who lives there.
 Is Thanksgiving over yet?
Woman with her baby with mine!