Friday, November 26, 2010

Frida Kahlo Christmas on Etsy

Just listed Frida Kohlar Christmas Doll. She will be featured in Art Doll Quarterly next Winter 2011. She just got back from her trip to Stampington Studios so I could offer for sale this Christmas! Let the Christmas shopping begin! I am going to decorate my house today.

I am so Thankful to be friends with Jana Holstien at Stampington Studio's. I also have been favored by the rest of editor's there. They have been so supportive of my art. I found out that I had been contacted by Stampington via email would have been in Somerset Studio's or other issues....... but the emails from the editor's have not arrived! I think that they went in my hoo..and some of my message's from Etsy have also gone in SPAM! I had to put Etsy emails into my contact list. I guess I need to put all the editors at Stampington Studio's in my contacts on my Gmail too.
I was surprised when a few item's where returned and didn't make the cut for the magazines...but now I know what happened!
Just a little warning for you art you don't have the same fate.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Portrait Mixed Media Art Tutorial

I just prepared my painting for the "Something Red" show we have each year in Salem OR. It opens on first Wednesday of Decemeber and it has become a tradition for me to make something red each November. If you follow my blog you will see dolls and other art works with red in them. It is usually in the fall this happens of course.
I have been wanting to try my hand at a large canvas. But to be safe I wanted to do Mix media so I could try things out and be intuitive as I went. I have in my mind a scripture that has been comforting me.

The part that blesses me are these words.
"He Crowns Me with Loving Kindness and Tender Mercies"
Psalms 103:4
and this is good too.. "who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion," Not that my life is in the pits at all is just that we have baggage from our past and it is sweet to know we are blessed and loved. And of course the daily struggles to reach our goals and get our art out and sold.
So with that in mind..I painted a face that would have a crown of course.
My favorite books and faces in hand...
but I had to clean my desk..and studio to get that big canvas on it...
It was fun to paint large. I used both acrylic paints and the black Stablilo marking pencil. (It works over glass or anything) You need to paint over the black lines with gel medium to stabilize the black otherwise it can smear all over your art. I also on occasion would paint a layer of gel over the whole face so that I could scrub it back if I made a mistake and wanted to start over on my last version underneath.
Hmm. how to set up the painting.
I really love my studio.. so quiet and warm and think....Next I took a very large out all my stamps and stencils and red paints. I went wild and pushed the paint all around till I had a beautiful Red backdrop for my painting.
I used stencils I bought at a paint store in Venice.
I had to clean my studio again..I just can't work with junk piled everywhere .yeeks...
I also did a red mixture with stencils on her dress. The process of collage has started...
The dress was too red so started over and made a new dress. After using gel to glue down things on the dress I took my sewing machine and outlined items as well as making lines to give the dress definition. Painting back over the stitches when I was finished.

As painting moved on I realized that I was putting all my favorite things into the I typed the words "Favorite Things" to put somewhere.

I love Venice I added a window photo I took this summer while riding down the Grand Canal.....

And then I put a photo of another favorite thing using photo shop into the Venice window of a peacock...symbolizing beauty..the white ones are so lovely. I happened on a white one once while driving the back roads of Scotland years ago. It was sitting on the brick fence in front of a house. So magical.

And then white all time favorite flower. The smell sends me.
A favorite restaurant called Amadeus in Portland Oregon always has them on the tables. It has a beautiful view of the Columbia river and it was built in the 1920's It has the feel of a old men's nostalgic.

and of course wings..and the butterflies...soaring around...I just love them...

So now it is called "Favorite Things". and I wrote the words to the Psalm on her dress and painted over them...our little secret...
I had fun using Photo shop to make my collage items.
I found antique botanical prints on line and made them larger and smaller. I changed their colors in the hue...then I painted on some of them ...and used watercolor crayons and pit pretty.
Her hair was a challenge. I started with a white Stablilo marking pencil...then I painted it red..I didn't like that so I went back to using the white stablilo marker pencil on black
I finished by drawing in the Venice canals and buildings... sprayed it with clear spray to make sure the water soluble pencils and crayons didn't smear.......

Pretty girl in her Crown...
A week in the making...
Love to see your version if you make one.

Blessings for your Thanksgiving preparations...oxoxo

If I learned many of these original techniques from various teachers on the web blog links, online classes. As well as at Art and Soul, Artfest, and through Somerset Studios magazine and Stampington Magazine is great fun!
Here is my first painting I started using techniques from Misty Mawn's class years ago.
Here is a blog post with a little of the process of making it.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bug Dude is starting trouble!

Ever since this morning when Prince Bug Dude heard he was up for sale on etsy he started causing trouble...
I warned them on my Etsy post he could be a handful if they brought him home to their other dollie girls..


I just remembered his video might enjoy seeing him dance again.

Prince Bug Dude and Princes Bug Doll for Sale Etsy

The Bugs are ready to fly the can see them over at my Christmas

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Christmas Etsy....

Filling up the Etsy shop...Jingle Bells..Jingle Bells...
It's Christmas season Fun....cookies...and turkey's and lights..smiles and love...and Thankgiving.s.....

I found some sweet pieces that look like Christmas..and winter..I posted for Sale..

Sunday, November 14, 2010


I love primitive painting and dolls.
Christmas preparations really gets me thinking about snow and fun little images..on cards etc.
So today I tried my hand at my own little folk painting...
Last night I drew my little french girl. My friends came over to do art with me yesterday. After they went early to bed I imagined my new painting.
You may wonder if you don't know me why I am starting so early with Christmas...but I am gone in Dec. making Christmas wonderful for other people with my husband John Doan's Victorian Christmas Shows. So I take Nov. to start celebrating...
I had so much fun..and I posted her on Esty! I hope you enjoy my little chic Jacqueline...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Christmas shop ready at Etsy

Well I finally got up more art on my Etsy.
Two of these are from classes I taught at Art and Soul and from the Somerset May/June 2010 issue that they were featured in. I explain how I made them.

I posted 3 of my Gold and Silver mixed media paintings in the style of Klimt and the Art Nouvea period.

I just love Gold.

See the sneaky little girls peeking out of her dress..they are dreaming of Klimt!
Hope you have a fun Sat. I am going out to a baby shower of a artist friend of mine, having friends over for a arty PG party, and nibbling cookies at the local fav gift shops Holiday parties...yum...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Etsy Post "Juliet Doll".

This week was our first Wednesday Art openings in our town. Shopping around I realized once again that the Christmas shopping has started...
I love the decorations and all the fun Christmas bazaars and Open the stores.
So in that spirit I am trying to fill my Etsy with my dolls and paintings..I am a little slow but will let you know each time I post a new item.
Today I posted Juliet. She was my most detailed doll so far.
You can check out my old post on her click here.
She was featured in Art Doll Quarterly Winter 2010

So Happy Thanksgiving preparations.....and Christmas shopping.....and making......

P.S...Christmas wrapping hint...
by the way...Costco has beautiful 50 yard bolts of cloth ribbon and lovely large bolts of paper. I got Silver and then I can put what ever color ribbon I want on them.
My friend told me her secret. She bought the silver and use the red ribbon on it. It is always so pretty..she wraps my presents that way.........great idea! And with all that ribbon you can be generous.