New Etsy Post "Juliet Doll".

This week was our first Wednesday Art openings in our town. Shopping around I realized once again that the Christmas shopping has started...
I love the decorations and all the fun Christmas bazaars and Open the stores.
So in that spirit I am trying to fill my Etsy with my dolls and paintings..I am a little slow but will let you know each time I post a new item.
Today I posted Juliet. She was my most detailed doll so far.
You can check out my old post on her click here.
She was featured in Art Doll Quarterly Winter 2010

So Happy Thanksgiving preparations.....and Christmas shopping.....and making......

P.S...Christmas wrapping hint...
by the way...Costco has beautiful 50 yard bolts of cloth ribbon and lovely large bolts of paper. I got Silver and then I can put what ever color ribbon I want on them.
My friend told me her secret. She bought the silver and use the red ribbon on it. It is always so pretty..she wraps my presents that way.........great idea! And with all that ribbon you can be generous.


spindelmaker said…
She´s lovely! Such soft and warm colors. IT´s like a mix of falling leaves in autumn and baroque Christmas. Absolutely lovely!
michelle allen said…
you have been BUSY!!!
i LOVE your dolls Deirdra!
so beautiful and rich.
hope to catch up with you soon. can't wait to hear all about your travels.
Janine said…
Your dolls are wonderful Deirdra! I look forward to seeing your decorations once again!

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