Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sweet Marie Antionette Zine

Last year I submitted my Marie Antionette Doll to a new FREE Zine on Marie.
I was so excited to see that I was in it! If you love Marie like I do thank the beautiful Cassandra at her blog and download the zine for yourself. You can even fly to Florida in Feb. and go to her Marie Ball!!! Oh wouldn't that be magical.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dreaming of Celtic Ireland

I have been revisiting a most amazing journey taken with my husband to the Celtic Lands of Ireland, Wales and Scotland. We went 5 times to these lands. 3 times we lead small little tours.

If you would like to go with us on a tour sometime we will go again if we can get at least 20 people. We are hoping that the release of the New Celtic Video will make that happen. It is a project that I have been working on for 6 years off and on. It is finally at the home stretch. One more final edit. I have done all I can do of the color correction and editing and I am sending it off to a Capital City Video our neighbor and friends business.

It was such a magical time. Running off to Ireland having never used a video camera in my life. Film 30 hours of film on the edges of the earth in the Celtic Lands....ferry journeys and ancient empty places. I have been truly blessed in my life. Then came the frustrations and hard work of editing.

I have been working for 5 days on this cover. It takes time to learn to make your vision a reality. Each project is a massive learning curve. Photoshop has so much power. I learned to add golden glows and Celtic knots that look like watermarks.

Now I am dreaming of Spain! Does anyone have any idea's for going to Barcelona? Christmas would be fun!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Painting as Story: Sand painting

When I was young I always was fascinated by the Native American Sand Painting. We would drive through AZ and see these beautiful and temporal arts. My friend Harald a composer and guitarist who is from Austria sent me this Video today of a modern woman artist telling a story in sand. It is powerful and moving!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Artful Blogging Winter 2010

The Beautiful Vanessa Valencia of Fanciful Twist hosted a "Mad Tea Party" this summer. And "Artful Blogging" interviewed her in their Winter 2010 issue about her blog party.
I received a copy of "Artful Blogging" today. I thought Why!? I am not in this zine.
So I quickly thumbed through to see if I was and look what I found!!!
I had forgotten about Vanessa's request for photo's a few months ago. Lookie here aren't they so cute: Bug Dude and his girl Princess Bug Doll. They really look nice on the page with Vanessa's other lovely blog party friends. You can look at the other parties at her blog "Fanciful Twist". I love Artful Blogger magazine. I learn so much from it. I am going to steal away and enjoy reading it now before bed.

3rd Culture Kid

The Beginning of Being a 3rd Culture Kid.
1960 Mom and Me in London

I was such a little thing when I went to England with my Mother to live. My step-father was in the Airforce and was stationed 1 hour outside London. Mom always dressed so nice. We were exhausted after a day of walking across Hyde Park. She was very pretty. Lovely blond hair and she kept her self so well and me too as you see. I was a bit of a mess. But mother had every hair in place and her makeup was always perfect. She taught me to spend the whole day getting ready for a party at night. Nails, hair, clothes.

There is a sadness in her face. She had Bi Polar and lost her beloved Mother when she was 18 and a new mother with me.
At 2 she went into a deppression and manic state from her grief. Leaving me with my Grandparents. And later being taken to the State Hospital for a year. When she remarried my step father and I was 6 years old she wanted to take me with her. It took 4 years of court battles to get custody of me. Another leaving those I loved happened.

This photo was about 9 months after I came to live with her. I remember England being such a shock. Mini dress girls on bikes, foggy weather. Men in tight pants with gold strips in them. And most of all a very strange Santa Claus! (Father Christmas) And yet I got the most amazing education. Visiting great Manor houses and art museums. Experiencing a new culture and learning history on the land we came from. We lived in a little house in Ipswich a Tudor town. The house was fully furnished with English Country style. A little old lady rented it too us. Feather Beds and coal stoves. The milk man, bread man, flower man came to the door. And little English children sang on your doorstep at Christmas to get large English penny's to give to the poor. Chintz curtains and mothers smooth romantic Frank Sinatra music crooning out of her record player. Beautiful English Gardens with fountains and Gnomes in people personal yards. And finally a real Welsh teacher who made us learn poetry and paint. He was so sever and yet I got an amazing education out of him...the Head Master!

England caused my little artist heart to sing...all the BEAUTY!
Mother and I in 1962. Mom had made for herself the most beautiful wool suits and dresses. She had sweaters knitted for us out of English wool. I loved my shoes. The Mods called the very pointed shoes Periwinkles. I had a white leather coat too. I was heading in the Mod fashion way. The rockers wore black leather. I was a real piece of work when I arrived in Cocoa Beach Florida in 1964 a Surfer town with ratted hair, a pink mohair bushy sweater and my pointed shoes and white leather jacket. They couldn't wait to get rid of my hairspray, give me straight bands and all one length layers. It was hard moving about showing up out of fashion where every I went. Learning a new culture. But I got to go to Dances where young men in bands played music just like the Beatles and could have been famous for all I knew because it was just the start of the movement.

1960's England Mods and Rockers

Whilst Mods were part of the 60s fashion revolution, Rockers were left out of it. Their liking for the purity of 50s style Rock music and a rebellious look from a decade ago meant they were outcasts.

Mods and Rockers did not get on. Rockers thought Mods were effeminate, stuck-up or snobbish. It was a common jibe that they "couldn't tell the birds from the blokes". Mods thought Rockers were old-fashioned, dirty, greasy and uncouth. However, there was not an all out war between the two tribes.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Judy Wise Art and Soul Class

Photo taken by Judy

This is the painting I did in Judy Wise's Encaustic Class. She named it "Ice Angel". It was so fun. Please go to Judy's blog and see the other wonderful paintings and Judy's fun story that goes with it. It means something to me. Some how having your belly button showing and being in the snow with diamonds, jewels, and stars around me touches me. But I don't have words to go with the feeling.

I have been busy getting my truck camper ready to sell. Do you remember it from before?
It just isn't my style. My husband and I like Van RV's. The camper doesn't have enough windows. We are looking for a Sprinter Van now to replace our old RV by Road Trek.

I will post the photo's of my class and the things I painted in Misty's class when things slow down. I met such wonderful women and a few men. I even had one in my class. I had a man in my doll class this summer too! It was so neat to have a chance to teach both men and women.

Between a big wonderful concert my husband is launching with his Fernando Sor music this weekend. And then we have a funeral for John's Dad on Monday in LA . So you see I have my hands full.