Thursday, April 29, 2010

Susan Tuttle:Digital Art book giveaway

Susan Tuttle's book is out! I took a online class with her. Her work is so beautiful.
The book is called Expressions: Making Digital Art with Adobe Photoshop Elements click to buy.

And click here to go to her wonderful blog and enter her giveaway.

Happy Spring...aren't the flowers just wonderful!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Somerset Studio's, Belle Armoire, Art Doll Quarterly!

What a blessed month! I want to Thank Jana Holstein my friend and editor for Stampington Publications. She has been so kind to me and supportive of my art.
She has introduced me and my work to the other editors. She is the editor for Art Doll Quarterly and their Digital publication and a few others.

If you look in my blog you can see other posts about these different art works and class photo's from were I taught dolls and the collaged ladies.

I am so excited! The articles are so pretty...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1820's Doll inspirtation

After spending time with Christine and other such Queen Anne Dollie people and their blogs I wanted to try my hand at a doll inspired from 1820's.

It was my friend Lulu's birthday and we made dolls around her new art table. I made a box bust doll inspired by Nancy Williams Prayer Box class.

I tried my hand at a little 1820's girl. Sitting on the right. (I also just got the new issue of Prim...for more inspiration.) She is waiting for her real dress.

I also include Coco doll in her straw hat that I made this past summer. They are thinking about my trip to Europe.........see the Eiffel tower....

Monday, April 19, 2010

Christine LaFever Delightful Dolls

I had a lovely visit with a gracious doll maker in the Historic town of Oregon City.

I didn't know where to look first it was so full of antiques, art, dolls and wonders.

Christine La Fever has the most beautiful authentically decorated home from the 1800's.

We chatted about all we had in common and I was amazed by her dolls.

Christine sells these doll that are reproductions made by her hand and molds. You can have a authentic doll from the early 1800's!

We had a little cups of tea and she placed beside me a little silver bowl that held the tea bag...I didn't know what it was for as it was such an antique. She severed a delicious unusual carrot salad, greens, my favorite cheese, bread, home made jam and home made yogurt....Her husband was delightful company around the big farm table in her kitchen.

I wanted to share with you the art of my new friend. Visit her blog that I am sure will bring you great joy like visiting her did for me! I can't wait to go back!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


This looks like a great movie about a humble artist woman....need to rent it!
Seraphine the movie

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Kitchen Counter tops!

How can you do art if you are always decorating? So two years ago after spending 8 years (starting in 1999) of building and decorating, recovering and painting furniture and finishing the yard I said enough! I want to do art not just live in art. And I put down my hammer, shovel and house paint brush. And I went to doing my art. It has been wonderful making dolls, oil painting, children's book, mixed media, teaching, sewing...
but then the house said..."come hither.."

I thought when you built a new house you were done...but I was wrong. A new house has to be kept up. The fridge died and a new one had to come but now I need more cabinet doors above...The sink failed..the finish was staining everyday with food. So I wanted to get a new one but the hole was too big for the new sink. And well that meant matching tile. I didn't like the tile because the grout lines where too big and filed with grease and food. It was not done right in many ways..the tile didn't go up to the window and I had to do a stupid fix with little tile pieces...

So I got my wish Yeay! New granite counter tops. I think they are so pretty and so French looking to me.

So now I am busy looking for new used stainless dishwashers to make the look complete and for the cabinet maker to come for the doors..and the tile back splash..(tiles to find, walls to plaster and paint)
But soon and very soon..she hopes I will be back in the studio painting..and in the mean time I have such a wonderful home.

And the lady of the Manor...Of course moments before I was in painted sweats..working away...but Janna skirt that I told you about was so pretty I had to wear it..We are off to the my husband University Graduating students yearly art show. Without a sink the munchies at the refreshment table look good. By the way the show was great! Today my friend Aleskey will have the water back on!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

My friend was having some hard days. So I felt a need to send a card of HOPE. I have been enjoying using the techniques from the Photoshop Collage online class I took. I have a link to it on the right side of my blog.

I took an oil painting I painted of my friend and added more of the forest to the left side with a the stamping tool. Then I found a wonderful old German steel engraving of Christ knocking at the door of our hearts. Asking to come in and bring His Peace and comfort to our lives.

I have been saving it to show you...on the Day of Resurrection.

I am thrilled at how it came out. Who would have guess....

Have a wonderful Holy weekend...and Happy Easter! OXOXO

New Counters

It is the day before Easter...I see a few snowflakes floating by my window...often March and April don't seem to know what season it is in Oregon...wind..rain, sun...snow...sleet...daffodils and tulips...

But the house is clean from the Passover celebration and that always gives me the sense of peace.

I am waiting for my friend Alexy to come by. We are going to tear up the kitchen counters today. 10 years ago when we built this home I loved tile...but it had large grout lines and it gets so much grease in white sink finish failed and so I needed a new sink..and of course the size of the hole was wrong for the new sink.......
commercial photo of kitchen with granite and granite sink

I am having wonderful new steel gray granite counters put in next week! I also am having a granite based under mount sink put in. It seems that you have to keep upgrading a new home. I thought I would be finished and not have to do anything again but I was wrong. Also to keep the value of the home up it is necessary. I might as well enjoy the up grades and not just wait till before it is time to sell.

It was nice having one last festival in the old kitchen....and now on to a new more solid life...

Granite has a nice symbolic meaning...for the new season of my life.

Christian Seder

Over the years I have tried several different ways to celebrate Easter.
I tried the Ukrainian way...making a cake in the shape of a Lamb.
and making Ukraine bees wax colored eggs..having parties where everyone does it.
A few years ago I found a book on celebrating the main fest days of the Jews our roots to Christian Holy Days in a Christian way. I tried doing a Seder for Passover. The communion is when Jesus was celebrating the Passover Seder with his disciples. I found it very beautiful. the sun is setting and spring blooming all around. I liked it better than the hassle of Easter Sunday. My friend Dale made the lamb and Alexy..(from Ukraine..go figure) made the cakes. I made the salads and dressed the table. If you are interested here is a link to the Seder with the instructions on what to do and say.

It seemed right to start with Alexy reading a little children's story call. "You are mine" about Punchinello Click here to see.

Alexy reads it so cute and with such sincerity. Your heart is warmed by the truth in this story.

Everyone brought so many wonderful things. And it was fun to have figs, olives and dates...but we never got to them as there was so much food! I guess that is why they call it a fest day.
Janne from Norway gave me a beautiful bag she made. It is linen and cotton with a heart stamp. It is for bread. I put the passover bread in it.

We finished a wonderful evening with guitar playing and the most fabulous movie..Prince of Egypt. It explains a little about the why of the Passover Seder. The colors are so amazing. I always was impressed with this movie. Then my oil painting teacher told me this story. The man who was the colorist for the film was a famous Russian Impressionistic oil painter. He became allergic to his paints and found a job with George Lucas at Dream Works. It confirmed what I already new about this movie. I bought the film today on DVD because it is truly beautiful. A movie is always part of my celebrations...I guess that happens when you grew up near LA.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April First...

Janne wrote a cool list of ways to "Celebrate April"! Check it out she has great idea's.

I would add to her list for April..."Be Vulnerable" "Risk Love". Since this is Holy Week...the Vulnerability of Christ is very real...and Risking to Love is very real to me.

A friend of mine has been talking to me about this...I told her it is good to not be hard and try and protect your self all the time..there is a balance. One must know how to love yourself and take care of the little child inside of yourself. But sometimes we go too far when we are hurt and become hard hearted. She was not so sure...but Hardness is not may be safe but it is not Pretty....being like a child is so full of Life..and so full of innocence..but it is a risk. (to trust even if you do know you will do stupid is worth it)

You could be Crucified...

and then resurrected and made new!

Europe Arting Idea's....

I experimented on how to use my new journal...I want it to look like the beauty of my trip...painting images that moved me. I started with this one. I will paste in tickets and various things I love from Bath and Venice and so so and so...
I used the open acrylics that stay soft for blending...hmm..but will have to have time for them to dry..or put on some heat source..window or hair dryer...

Virgin with child and Angel by Luca Signorelli Student of Piero della Francesca

I used this painting for inspiration..I need to look him up in Italy...

The highest reward for a person's toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.
John Ruskin, 1819-1900
English critic, essayist, & reformer (1819 - 1900)
One of the rewards I have been given by going to Art and Soul, teaching for them and Teesha Moore....reaching out to meet new women friends...taking the risk has been personal growth...

Photo my Janne at
Yesterday I spent a lovely day with Janne and Michelle Allen. We worked on art. They called it Arting...together. It was so much fun to be with meet my new friend Michelle and spend time with Janne from Norway. I meet her last year at Art Fest. Michelle has the most wonderful studio. She is so funny and fun..spending 2 days there was such a joy...each time you looked around you focused on some new wonderful piece of art she created! Check out the blog posts of Janne and Michelle to see the photo's of the studio and fun we had. You have to scroll way down though she posts every day so much cool stuff...

Photo my Janne at
stand up straight girl!!!
Janne taught me to make her most wonderful skirt! We had fun she talks about it on her web and shows some other skirts like it she made.
This is us last year at my house...she is wearing the skirt in Green...Janne is a wonderful woman and a real reward of Risking to Love! Thank you Janne for your friendship.