Monday, September 28, 2009

Art and Soul "Pretty as a Princess" Klimt Class

Going to Art and Soul on Wed to take a class with Misty Mawn....packing on Thurs and going back to Art and Soul to stay at the hotel...Teaching Friday and Sat....sharing a booth with Lulu to sell my art at Vendor night....I have been working for over a month on oh so busy....Many supplies in the kit.....
I am so happy at how the step by step book and packets have come out...
I have been studying Gustav Klimts know he was one of the
first Flower Child

....but the two World Wars and the Depression of the 30's got in the way till the 1960's.......hmmmm....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good bye sweet summer

I don't want the summer to go away. But Fall is so beautiful. I thought I need to put up my fall decorations as I walked through the craft store getting supplies for Art and Soul. Then I realized as I looked at the date that summer is over.

This is one of the little dolls I made with a summer theme. I traded the other one I made at a doll swap.
.It was so fun to think of ocean water bubbles, shells and bird tracks in the sand. I stamped her body that I had put gesso on and then washed over it with a watery color.
Aren't these fun summer girls? My friend Lulu and a lovely Russian doll maker Lubov swapped dolls. This is a photo I found on Lubov blog. It is so cute to see the girls together.

This was my version of Lulu. She has beautiful blue eyes!

Happy Fall......

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Playing with CD Covers...

Friends of mine are in the middle of working on their new CD cover...It inspired me to make this is not the real cover but I enjoyed trying my hand at it...really I am suppose to be working on my booth at Art and Soul...and company coming no...I am messing around on art...stuff..oh the creative mind...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Art and Soul "Pretty as a Princess" Class

Art and Soul "Pretty as a Princess" Class
I am teaching at Art and Soul Portland Oregon
Oct 2 & 3rd 2009

Monday I taught a practice class to get ready for Art and Soul teaching.
We are using Klimt style as inspiration. If you are in my class please get some Klimt books and study how he works.
Rennie let us use her wonderful studio...Thank you Reenie. We had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see all the beautiful mixed media pieces my students make in Oct.
My Students were Reenie, Liz, Jackie and Gay.
Check out Reenie, Liz and Jackie web sites. They sell fabulous digital art supply things.
They are into helping you....
"We share our ideas while encouraging you to steal them and make them your own! Yup, we're serious. Take our ideas, share them with your friends, be happy. Jackie and Liz"!
Making idea's your own takes a little practice.....we are using Klimt's idea's in this class.

My style of teaching is very planned out...I like things to look pretty so I spend time making templates and practice drawings to work from. You will learn my process for making my art.
I find I am more successful in my finish product. The random playful part comes after I do a few experiments off the finish work....
Using the new Open Acrylics by Golden gives you time to blend and fix mouths or nose's or what ever you don't just wash it away!!

Gay Hopkins art
Rennie art
Liz art
Deirdra's Demo
Reenie gave her girl a hair cut little sassy bob......and added the hair she cut onto the sides...CU...Reenie!!
I just love working this way...everything is fixable and can be moved around till it is just right for you....Pretty as a Princess....
and the cool thing about mixed media is you can use a collage piece for the face or a photo if you don't want to use your own painting!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Life of the Spirit & Earth...

Klimt "the kiss"

I spent 4 days getting ready to teach my Klimt "Pretty as a Princess " class at art and soul and taught a practice was so amazing spending time with Klimt's images influenced by Byzantine icons with golden glows and faces of beauty.....

Painting for CD cover

Then I started working on a project for friends who wanted me to make a CD cover Illustration using some of William Blake images...He was full of spiritual images of angels and tales..

Mixed Media painting.....Songs for Loving and Dying
Deirdra Doan
And finally I got to make my own version of my painting I have been full of heavenly thoughts and earthly growth...with golden turquoise laminar paints giving me a very mystical week.

Mixed Media painting.....Songs for Loving and Dying
Deirdra Doan
Do you think the extra Angel on the left side looks good????