Monday, July 28, 2008


HOW MANY PROJECTS CAN YOU DO IN ONE SUMMER!!! Well I will tell you.....too many! I worked on my new Mobile art studio. With the price of gas we sold our 13 mpg van/RV and bought a almost new Toyota Truck. Then we bought a truck camper so I could still have a place to stay when I go to art things or we tour with John's music gig's.

I found a little one that would fit a Toyota truck. I thought I was lucky to find it thinking it was rare. Since I have found out they are not that rare. So we bought it off Craigslist in Bellingham.

It seemed sound but it had a little water leak damage. I knew I could make it nice and the wood was sound. What I didn't know was that if you buy something that lived at the beach in salt air every thing metal would be rusted!!!! The only thing that wasn't was the aluminium siding was. I had to replace every screw, hinge, lights, painting all the cabinets fix the roof, upholstery, and wall paper. I was exhausted! It took over a month while I was running around getting things for the builder and making curtains I have a cute little camper. I call it the turtle!!! I need another name like the Matisse Turtle. I took it to the beach with my friend and we painted, I also stayed in it at Art and Soul. But it leaked!!! Boy did I feel sorry for myself.......I have been having a little trouble warming up to my little turtle but I hope now that the leak is fixed and when I am rested up I will bond a little more. It is cute but I miss my tiny old Roadtrek Van/RV... the gas stituation has made everyone rethink their lives.

I am thankful for it. And look forward to next summer and a real wooded camping trip. It likes to be in camp grounds not parking lots.


One of the projects this summer that has been really big is the building of my new studio....I love the process of building. We built our home. But it made a mess of my downstairs. I still have to clean it all old stuff out in the basement that got put into the left over space after the new studio took over some of the storage areas.
We are finishing the 3rd bath as well. It will be great this winter to start to really paint....after the children's book is finished.

I am truly blessed. My dear husband, father in Law Dick and my God have been so good to me.

Cowboy Scott, our friend who is the man doing the building.
We had to build a tempory extra room to work on different projects for the new studio.
And lookie there a cool old bench that I am stripping. It came from a old hardware store in up state NY. I got 2 and one will have a little sink in it.
Summer yard....
extra places to put the stuff...yeeks


I have been having so much fun this summer. No time to even write. But I want to post few little video's.
My friend and and his son singing.
Tinh and Liam Mahoney
Also go to Tinh myspace to hear his music. Click here.

Tihn made a wonderful film about schools he helped fund in Vietnam. Click
Prisoners find 'Redemption' through giving
Statesman Journal, OR - Apr 18, 2007
When Salem musician/ composer Tinh Mahoney got a call from an Oregon State Penitentiary inmate, Sam Sophanthavong, he had no idea what he wanted, ...

And finally some fun sculpture I saw at a Gallery in Seattle.
Hand Crank Art by Casey Curran

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Che'usa Sienna Wend
We keep getting wonderful comments on the show. A new art friend Che'usa just wrote in her blog about the concert. She has great fiber art! Click here.
My dear friend Gay with her hand on her chin....we paint together!