Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Summer Days Doll Visits!

Sharyn and Deirdra's summer trade dolls
organized by Nancy Williams Dolls go check out her wonderful group and classes.

I had the joy of doing a doll trade this summer and visiting some of my new doll making blog friends while I was in Bucks County PA this summer.
Michelle, Deirdra and Sharyn Dolls

Marie Patterson and I
Here doll was so pretty in person. Dolls just shine in all their real glory!

Sharyn and I holding our new dolls
I love my new doll that Sharyn made...such a cutie.. Thank you Sharyn!


I want to apologize for my recent posts that have been hurtful to some individuals. No excuse.
I don't even have PMS to blame. It may be not be good enough to say I am sorry but that is all can say.

I will go on to better subjects and hope I didn't burn too many bridges.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Meri's beautiful story..and art and Transformation

"A Tribute to Monet" copyright 2004 Meri Arnett-Kremian.
Collection of Jefri and Gene Twiner.

As I mess around...waiting in my chair...finishing my Celtic Video movie...things must be rendered....I distract my self..even though the video is is hard for me...
I read Meri's story on her blog....go see it is wonderful.....Transformation
I do better painting......but I am close to finishing...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Faerie Celtic women

I believe this video is by a Irish musician and artist named Declan DeBarra

While waiting for my Celtic Video of John to render it's files I found this beautiful video on you tube....Slowly starting to finish the painting......just video...hmm....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Faerieworlds 09 Part 1

Aug 2 I sat in a beautiful garden while my husbands music floated out over the faerie garden of "Dancing Oaks"....we were beginning our tale of going to Faerieworlds....
John was on his way to play for the faeire's.....
on the big stage.....

hot was the day but the faerie's were a playing....

the beautiful Wendy Froud...maker of dolls and hostess of the Faerie Worlds ...

Brian Froud.....artist and host of the event....maker of faeries......

My Lady....welcome to the world of faeire's.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Co-Creating by Akiane child artist

This is a favorite painting of mine that Akiane painted. I read an interview with her several years ago. I had not honored my gift of the ablility to paint. But when I read her words and saw the value that She and God put on the gift of artistic Talent I realized that I was blessed and needed to take my gift seriously too. I had the opportunity to meet her and tell her how much she blessed me.

A gift of Art....8 year old girl

Have you seen this painting of ..."The Prince of Peace"?
Akiane painted it when she was 8 years old! and it is the size of a wall....Check out her amazing here talk about beauty and honoring of a woman (young girl) with a gift of Art like this!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Art Fiber Fest Bye Bye.....Doll Class

"Reenie Hanlin" Material Whirled Yarns
gave a wonderful demo at Art Fiber Fest.
She is my new friend ...we have art play dates at her home once a month. She took my class at Art Fiber Fest in June. She took such good care of me as a friend and mommy while I was teaching. I am so thankful for her.
Teesha Moore was such a wonderful Host....Reed College in Portland Oregon was so beautiful.
In all the business sometimes meals where camer died at Art Fiber Fest and I had to run out to try and solve the problem...Reenie provided me with her breakfast Muffin...left in her purse all day....I ate it crumbling over her dorm trash can!
I taught swimming in the summers in the 70's at Reed...I always felt like I was in the days of the Tudors...such a lovely campus...
Reeni let me use her camera for these shots...some are by her some by me... Reenie's elf doll.
Gargoyles to inspire..our faces
A wonderful face by Janet Wilson my only beginning student...she did a great job...and bought a painting of mine at vendor night!!!

I had 6 students....5 were veteran doll makers and professional teachers!!!
Clarissa Callesen
Please click above to see her amazing art and ceramic dolls!!!
But fortunately for me....they didn't know how to use Paper Clay....

Anita Webster's Doll in my class..

The famous and wonderful Ty and Maricia Schultz...they were a really hoot in class...They teach at Art and Soul and Artfest.

I worked had on Marcia to make a girlie girl doll....she let me infulence her....a little...flower on the dress under the on the wire's coming out of her head....and smeared first adult class don't you know...I learned a thing or two! Next I will be teaching at Art and Soul in Oct. Click her to see!

My new friend Ruth Rae...she is such a doll we had fun at garage sales. I showed her around Portland.
Good bye sweet Art Fiber Fest....Teesha Moore had a garage sale of her supplies....and in a poetic way decided a month after to not have any Art Fiber Fest's retreats was my first and last...but I am so thankful for it and I thank you Teesha for having me to teach!!!