I want to apologize for my recent posts that have been hurtful to some individuals. No excuse.
I don't even have PMS to blame. It may be not be good enough to say I am sorry but that is all can say.

I will go on to better subjects and hope I didn't burn too many bridges.


Shannon J. Murphy said…

Please don't beat yourself up for your recent posts. We all have days that we feel out of sorts and need to vent, wishing later that we hadn't. Some of us do it on a daily basis! :) Please just leave it behind and start over. Today is a new day.


Sherry said…
I see you have deleted some of your wonderful words. If your words were hurtful to some, that makes me sad. We all must feel able to speak our truth and our words. And I will say that I am disturbed that you are shutting yourself away for the sake of others. Life is short, I know this for a truth. And I spent many, too many years of my life protecting the feelings of others at cost to myself. I fully believe that part of my breast cancer was the stress I put myself under in not living my full life.

Deirdra, I read your post from yesterday and I told you I was humbled by your truth and your words. And I was. No matter for the reason behind your post, it was beautifully written. I'm sorry you felt you had to take it down.

And for anyone who was hurt by Deirdra's honesty, are you being selfish? I don't know, because I don't know who you are or what upset you.

If you love someone, you love even what they say and feel, even if it doesn't agree with what you think and feel.

Oh, I missed all this so I don't know what's happened but I don't think you need to apologize for your thoughts and/or feelings on your own blog. Your blog is for you and shouldn't be about pleasing others anyway. I think reading people's blogs is encouraging, enlightening and an somewhat of an honor. You're letting us into YOUR life♥
take care,
Sherry Goodloe said…
I missed those posts, but let me tell you what I saw on a school marquis last year that went something like thi: "you can't look to the future if you're looking in the rear-view mirror".

There are loads of blogs out here in cyberspace, and you aren't forcing anyone to read yours. I for one love your artwork, so there *smiles* xo
Janine said…
I am with Shannon Deirdra! A new day! Love you!
Dawn said…
Deirdra - I read your original post in my reader and was coming to comment on it but then I see that you have deleted your words. I am sorry that you felt you needed to delete or even apologize for those words. I could write an entire post myself about this but instead I will just say - move on, focus your energies on your own beautiful work. Speak truthfully and don't feel that you need to apologize for that. The best artists I know are the ones who freely share and encourage other artists. That is how art continues to evolve and inspire us all.

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