Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jane Austin's "Candy Cane Christmas Ball"

Let me introduce you my newest doll..."Jane Austin" ......

Jane is dressed and ready to go to the "Candy Cane Ball".
She loves to plan her ball gown each year and this time she made her dress look like a Candy Cane!
A cup of tea helps in the planning...
I just posted her for sale on my Etsy site.

I had so much fun making her. I have a little basket full of candy canes I made with baked clay. And of course the shopping..going to my local quilting store to find just the right fabric....and digging through the lace and trims I have collected over the years..

The most wonderful part was using a special piece of metallic trim. Years and years ago I found a very old dusty ribbon and trim shop in Tampa Florida. The store must have been owned by someone in Florida that still existed even in the 70's..They must have been like the original owner of The Tinsel Trading company. For the history click here.

I bought many antiques trims and beads..They were my little treasures...chest. I kept forever. It was my little secret.

Just before I started to make dolls I gave my beaded appliques to a beading friend..not knowing that finally in my future was a way to use my little treasures.

But I kept the old trims. And this is the first time I ever used any of it. The metallic crown on Jane came from this little treasure chest of mine. I am so pleased with her!

Now I am getting my Etsy Shop ready for Christmas. I will be posting new things off and on for the next 2 weeks.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Victorian Christmas with John Doan

It's Christmas at my house...I have been making Christmas dolls...3. and a new Christmas Poster for my husbands Concert series we do every year.

By the way John has a most Beautiful Christmas CD all icy crystals and romance... you can listen to a song by clicking here you can also buy it on his store at his web here

"John Doan breathes new life into musty tunes with his pristine, intricate picking, which is laced with the delicacy of a snowflake ... that evokes the nostalgic, mystical side of Christmas and leaves the shopping mall sentimentality behind."
Billboard (May 25, 2006)

I am getting better at Photo shop...says my friend Janne from Norway. (who makes part of her full time artist living off her digital art.)

It is fun to understand it more. I look forward to using it just for fun.
It really all started when I took the lovely on line class.

Digital Collage

I can't recommend it enough. I have a button for the class on the right side of this blog as well.

But...thinking of classes would be fun to take from Janne......

(Hey Janne...why don't you do a online class for Digital Art...!!!) her work is beautiful...and she is so special too!!!
Her digital art is the best and this is only a little of it..go to her wonderful blog...Janne Robberstad "spindelmaker" and giveaways cool is it to get a package from Norway!!!!!

"Frida Kahlo Christmas" Doll

The Doll group I belong to Art Dolls Only was having a Oct challenge..Christmas Nightmares..

I love Frida Kahlo's painting style and works.. but the blood and organs at least for me would be a nightmare. I realize she was using her pain and her Mexican heritage to express her self..but still a nightmare to me...

I added a my handmade "bracelet of skull beads" that goes in the basket as a little gift to go with is Christmas after all!

It was a little out side of the box for me but I had so much fun and think she came out very special.......

I love the basket with candy looking glass beads, little skulls, berries and handmade candy canes. Also I made a little Candy Skull man for her belt.

My friend Gay had a book of photo's of Frida. She was a lover of a very famous between her husband Diego other her frustrations with make him jealous...
Her lover, photographer and friend was Jewish..and Frida's father was Jewish..that is interesting...

I so admire the beautiful talents and depth of that culture, religion and peoples. I never realized that her father was Jewish until I read the book.

I used her photo for my backdrop...the old photo's colors are so rich...

Also I made a little Candy Skull man for her belt.
A scary little Christmas basket of treats..
I love the basket with candy looking glass beads, little skulls, berries and handmade candy canes.
and a lovely antique lace cherry shawl...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Art & Soul Portland 2010 Jewelry

Robert Danick Concrete Pendant
I had the honor of taking some great classes at Art and Soul last week.

The first class was the Concrete Pendant.
I was so impressed Robert Dancik Concrete Class and teaching style. What a great project and new material to work with.

Robert Dancik showed how to use the Jewelry Saw explaining in great detail all the best way to use it and included 2 of the best blades possible in the deal.

He made it easy and fun. He also gave us so many tips on how to go in many different directions to express our own artistic vision.

I would say he is really a wonderful teacher for someone who is just beginning in learning to construct, drill, saw metal. I felt really prepared to go on to my next Jewelery class. He pointed out the best tools, blades, bench pins and other tools. He had many of them for sale in his class so you could go home and get started right away.

I can't say enough about him for a newbie or for an advanced Jewelery artist. And he was kind and considerate to all questions and needs. He spent a lots of time in instruction so that you really understood what you were doing and why. He had more idea's for further use of his techniques than I could even absorb.
I was hesitant to start in Jewelery because of all the new tools and knowledge I would need.

I made a wonderful copper bezel and then filled it with concrete and little items. Because it was my first time I didn't like how it turned out. So I came home and broke the concrete out so I can start over...I can't wait to finish it.

This is a successful classmates piece. She had taken jewelry
classes and made lots of pieces as you can see. Her work was amazing. I hope she contacts me so I can give her credit. I have posted a request on the Art and Soul yahoo group. I can see several parts that were made in other classes.

Susan Leanart Kazmer was amazing!
Next had the pleasure of taking a class with Susan. She was truly a fine artist...she gave her all heart and soul and taught us so... so much. What a cutie she was in her boots, chic top she got in France and her jewelry hanging off her pretty little self. I would take a class with her again and again it I get the chance!

Here rings a so beautiful and she taught us how!
I could only get one project finished in the class. This is the necklace she made..

Here are other necklaces and projects she teaches.

This was really advanced but thanks to Robert I was able to add a few extras and could use the jewelry saw. Susan set it up so that we all were able to be successful.Look how simple...I am going to "get me one of them..."at Lowes..DIY home center friends and I are going to get together and PLAY!

OK here is mine!
It was a container with words....that is why I wanted to take it I wanted special words near my heart. I put little dictionary words that she had painted resin on pages the day before. So I found words I wanted...
"Lord"....."Faithful" and "Thy Glory" from a little Hymn she also had in her pile.

But now I am fearless and have the tools I need to go for it.........thanks to Robert and Susan and of course Art and Soul and Glenny!

Friday, October 1, 2010

More Harp Guitar under the Stars! Kagaya Yutaka

I just saw a cool video on youtube that someone made using my husbands song "Farewell".

They used the digital art of a Japanese digital artist named
Kagaya Yutaka. It is interesting because the Video is about the stars and John's new CD is about music of the stars...

John Doan's web click here.
I hope you enjoy the is beautiful and the art is very cool..with the music.