Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

Goth Christmas doll for ADO
Merry Christmas All..come see me on facebook for pics. oxo Deirdra

Friday, October 21, 2011

I love Oil Painting!

Now that my studio is all organized I am free to paint again.
Today I did three little studies and started a large painting.

I love all I have learned in the mixed media class and it has really helped me grow....but..I just love to paint with oil. I used mixed media to make this litttle study for my big oil.

Oil paint is like butter and I don't have to fight with it to get the look I is a fun day...oxox

Paintings and Dear Friends...

Last week my husband had over his dear Japanese Students...the girls were so cute..
Today when I was painting this little oil I thought that my these sweet students and friends of mine influenced how the painting came out. 
 I could just see one of the girls with her hair dyed the painting.
 They are such little dolls.

And then here is our friend Tinh. His photo's of his trip in Vietnam are hung on the wall. He is a guitarist and film maker. I love this photo I just took of him...Such a cutie...

 I am thankful for such joy in my life even if my art studio did have a little melt down....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rosie the Riveter Lady : Cleaning the Basement I am Rosie the Riveter Lady...working on cleaning the Garage and going to the dump!! Rather be doing art..and will be nice to get my tools organized and know what I have!
I suppose this is going to be a week or two job as I haven't done it in a long long that is why I had to get dressed for the job!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I have gotten the Doll bug again since spending time with Sheri DeBow this summer. Four wonderful days while she helped me make my own doll as I learned all about Polymer Clay. 
It has been a struggle to make my dolls look the way I want them too. It takes time to develop your own personal style. But it still is so fun I need to be easy with myself and just enjoy the process. I think that is the hardest part. I spent way late nights last weekend..sculpting sculpting....

 I thought it would be fun to make my own eyes and when I found this tutorial on Marina's Doll blog. Thank you Marina! Now I had the knowledge I needed to start the process. 
 I am still experimenting.
 I like how they came out..I included the commercial blue eye's in this photo.

But after baking the eyes with the resin over the top in the dolls head the colors and texture changes! So I am trying different paints and layers…

 I have been visiting a few blogs lately and realized it is so fun.
So I am going to come back and share more here again.

You can see on my facebook more photo's. Of course Facebook is easier but doesn't give you the time to stretch out and show to your bloggie friends what you are up to.
So this is what I did on Sunday! I was at the FaeireWorlds festival. Where my lovely husband John Doan played his wonderful Celtic Music.

I went into the thrift store early in the week to find dollie things and found a beautiful purple dress...It's back was down to my waist and I didn't like that. But after thinking about it... I went looking around and found a little top in Lavender and turned the dress back to front. With a sparkle belt I boutht in Paris at a used clothing shop..where all the model's seemed to hang out...and flowers from the house I was flying to Faeire Land! with a little help from wings from the

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I did this late CALIFORNIA!

Hi...please come visit me on my facebook;
I post most of my photos and doings there as it easy..I need to find a faster way to fix my photo's and get them on Blogger..Facebook is instant with one click on my iphoto program on my Mac.

So here is a snatch..and here are the photo's to prove it...

I went to my son's wedding in Baja..Mexico..the dress I made from a 1971 dress..I look like I am at my Senior Prom...but it was fun anyway...more photo's on my facebook...

Made a doll with Sheri DeBow.

More photo's on facebook..

and took a class with Barbara Roth the Water color nerd.

This is the painting I did while sitting on the Beach!!
Thanks so much for visiting me..oxoxoxo

Friday, July 22, 2011

Romantic Antique Spanish Music and Garden...

This reminds me of my Romantic May in Spain...a little gift for summer to you...

Here is a unfinished work...that supports the video Romantic...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Off to the

Ready for Show!

Hi...I miss blogging. Please check and friend me at my facebook as I post photo's there and little short notes as it is easy to put up photo's from my iphoto to facebook..

            I am getting ready for a show Aug. 3 at Roundtree Gallery.
Loved by the King

I just finished this painting..interesting. There is just something about it..
Klimt inspired
I repainted her face..I like it better now...but I am ready to use oil instead of acrylics so I can blend the face's easier...
Princes Bug Doll

I freshened up her face..with brighter pink lips and a new necklace. 

I have been working in the garden and just bought this cool planter..I love the plants I put in it..The bright green plant is is iridescent! It glows like it has pearl metallic on it amazing.
I added a little darks to this one..
Now I am ready to finish the tags and bio and all for the show!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Interview of John Doan in Austria and Fairy Castle in France

While in France we went to this most beautiful fairy tale Castle on the river...with amazing modern gardens.

My husband was interviewed in Austria and it came out so deep and wonderful. Have a cup of tea and listen to his words of wisdom about music, life and spirituality. There is also a link to the full music Celtic Pilgrimage show he did in Austria at a theater that was built for puppet shows..very magical!

Click here to find the link to the interview with John Doan if the video is not working below. You can also see it full screen on the is much better large! smile..

Interview with John Doan from kedarvideo on Vimeo.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Back from Europe..and painting!!

 I just got back from the most amazing 5 weeks in Europe...
Not yet unpacked but I had to paint is almost summer....

I post more on my facebook if you want to see some photo's from my trip please check there..

I miss all my blog friends....hope you are having fun!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Off to Paris..Barcelona...Dresden..London..

 Dreaming of Paris..and Barcelona..
I have never been to Spain and Monday morning I will be in Barcelona and the then next Sunday in Paris for my husbands birthday!....Of course I have been working on booking concerts and details since Sept!
 Lulu and I painted..last Sat. You can see were my head was..
 I am taking the Women in White Novel to read...I hope I like it...
 I bought plants at the beautiful Dancing Oaks Nursery and my live in house sitter said he would plants I am hoping to come home to a Garden that looks like you think??? I will be posting on Facebook mostly as it quicker and I can put up photo fast..please friend me and see me look at the adventures...maybe even some Cannon S95..takes great photo's and HD video.. Happy Maying!!!..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nikki Doll Finished

 It is so amazing to see this little guy in 3 dimension after 7 years of working on the story and the illustrations.
 It is becoming very very real and after all the hard work I finally can feel the joy.
 When I started this project I couldn't even write a story. I thought it would be fun to illustrate a children's book. Like a child I had no idea what I was getting into or what I desired.

I prayed for a story and a year later this story came to me in a outline..What a moment of answered prayer.
But the flushing out of the story was next.
Writing is not easy..I can write a poem or a little blog but it is another thing to have a story that will stand up to publishers! My husband and several author friends have helped me to complete the story and the editing! I am truly thankful for all their love and help.
When the story of Nikki was finally finished I feel so in love with him I didn't have any desire to illustrate the book. I started the process of sending it to publishers. But I realize quickly that this was a hard task.  I new that I would need to illustrate it to have a chance to get it published. But it was overwelming to me. For one thing I didn't have the training and it was a daunting project. But a friends encouraged me to try. It was very very hard for didn't come easy to learn something that was above my level at the time. I took a 2 1/2 month class weekly driving an hour to get there.

With the hardest parts for me now finished it is becoming so much fun! It is so special to use my new skills in photo shop to put even more  finishing touches on the illustrations.

I have finally come to the stage to find a publisher... ....the next part of this long journey of Faith!

I have little Nikki doll to keep me company and urge me on to complete this task. It has been very special to look into the faces of the little children who pass me by and think about how they will be blessed by this story. 
I really don't have words to explain all the parts of my heart ...I don't think I really know what it all means but the unfolding of Gods answer to the little prayer so long ago will write the rest of my story....

Gnome Elf Tomten Doll

 These are the books that inspired me to write my Nikki Nissa and the Christmas Star story. The the one front left..such a sweet story and then Peter front right..It seems Nikki looks a little like Peter. I read these to my son when he was little.  Other books are newer as I learned more about Tomten/Nissa the Scandinavian Elf/Gnomes.
 I am going to the SCBWI children's book conference in WA in April. Iam making a Nikki doll from the character in my book to hang off my purse as a door opener ...meeting people.. editors, agents, publishers, and fellow illustrator/writers..connecting..and having fun.

 This was my first try for the face. But he looked too much like a girl so I changed him.
  This is my first experience with making fiber hair for a doll ....natural sheep wool from local sheep.
 It caused me a little stress as I didn't have very much wool. But then I found a source in a yarn shop called "Rose and Ram" in a little village below my house 4 miles away. No one else had any and I didn't want to wait to order. The owner of Rose and Ram has a farm with sheep!
 It was hard as I had to wash the wool and pull it out in strands and dry..I had never done this.
 But it came out..Yes!
 Then I used a razor to cut the hair in levels..the scissors where to I could pull and razor cut. I tried to pull the fibers when dry but it was hard. That is how I did it when it was wet to make the strands but now they had to be shorter for the doll.

 Next I wanted to make the hair with strands..
 So I used this product from Sally's and water.
 A little drying..
Time to paint and make the shoes..I also put some clear shinny coat on the eyes and mouth to get the wet look.. Now some more drying over the stove.
Wild hair days for me and makeup..just working hard to finish the doll.
 I will post him when he is totally finished...Back to work on finishing the dummy book ..formatting the font and pages..has taken more time them I expected..but is so much better now.

With the Spring coming on it is hard to stay inside but..I am determined to finish this project!