Monday, March 31, 2008


It is amazing to see all the ancient stone circles and burial mounds in Denmark. Just like Ireland.
Great Great Grand Maw Katrina weaving.
Looks like Katrina on her way to Church!

My Danish Family was just visiting me for the first time. In remembrance of them I posted photo's of our ancestors and Anna my Great Grandmother of the old country of Denmark on my flicker account. click here
or my Maw's Maw's Maw Anna, came here in 1917. My grandfather knew her as a little boy. She helped in his house after his mother had died. My mother was very much like her and I think my son looks like Anna.
My Great Great Grandmother Katrina was very funny and could out work any man. I think it was because in Denmark the men were treated to more food and favored. They were the workers and women were not as valuable. Katrina proved that to be untrue. She always went the Lutheran church every Sunday. One Sunday it snowed. Her son said well Maw you aren't going to church today are you....She said yes if the church doors were open she would be there. I got to go to her church when I was in Denmark and take communion were my Great and Great Grandmother worshiped!! She was a weaver and I have this wonderful photo of her at her loom! The artists of Skagen in the 1890's were the Danish impressionist. They painted the farmers and Skagen was only about 15 miles from my family.

I love to look at the paintings by the Skagen Painters and think of my family. Click here to see Skagen
I love the painting by Anna Ancher of the Wedding in Skagen. I can see all of my family and the way they dressed in this painting. Click here

Skagen is at the top of mainland Europe. You can walk until the beach tapers into a point and then vanishes beneath the North Sea. The two oceans come together and make a point as they cross each other.

A group of painters became fascinated with the light and the landscapes there during the mid-nineteenth century. They became known as the Skagen painters. The little yellow cottages with red tile roofs are beautiful.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


HI Happy Easter, enjoy this favorite Photographer 1800's Julia Margaret Cameron on youtube for Easter

and Painting flowers with Suzi Blu...

I have been listening to the "Artist Way" the other Julia Cameron...very inspiring.
...on wet blankets.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I love my blog. I can share interesting things with you. A dear friend of ours died last week. His name was Larry Norman and he was the founder of Christian Rock and Roll music. One his songs was called "Why does the Devil have all the Good Music". Click here
I had a wonderful little dinner at the health store with him in Dec. and lent him my favorite scarf for the winter to warm him...turns out in his last days...he made sure the family sent it back to me. In a letter he wrote to his fans when he knew his time was short that he felt like the Prize in Gods Cracker Jack box. We had Cracker Jacks, popcorn, hot dogs and animal crackers at his "Going away Party". Sweet quote from a youtube comment about Larry "But to quote the film "Braveheart": "Every man dies ... but not every man truly lives." Larry Norman truly lived. His impact lives on."

He lived in San Jose where a famous national dis jockey made many bands famous. The Doobbie Brothers, Larry Norman and the Peoples, and Syndicate of Sound. These garage band groups were where the punk rock bands of England got their inspiration.

My first husband John Sharkey and the father of my son was in the "Syndicate of Sound", their hit song was... "Hey Little Girl" Click here . He plays the guitar in this Youtube and he plays the keyboard in other ones on Youtube.
Larry and he were friends. At my dinner with Larry we talked about our son's and hopes for there future. We prayed...

I am picking up my son today at the airport and I thought to share this with you. He has come for another funeral for a close person and family that helped him like a son and brother during a hard time in his life.

My Mom died 4 years ago near this time too so I am reflecting today......

Monday, March 10, 2008


Below it the beautiful "Saint Melangell" She was my favorite and first drawing. The church in Wales were she has her shrine is so beautiful.
I carved a foam version of this cross for the "Celtic Pilgrimage" John Doan performs. People think is is funny when we carry it off the stage because it looks so real, heavy, stone!
from "Yeats Country" song
Him Self John Doan the Celtic Pilgrim


Photo I took on the Holy Isle of Iona

Her Self Deirdra as a Celtic Pilgrim.
St. Joseph of Arimathea with Mary bringing the Holy Cup or Holy Grail to the Celtic Isle's of the UK.

Top of the Morning to ya'll. It is getting near St. Patricks Day. (I added a player for a Celtic song of John Doan, you can turn the sound off on the player) I spent much of my creative artistic life working with Celtic/Irish themes. My husband composed and recorded 2 Celtic CD's. As the soul and only person in the Art Department it fell me to handle the graphics. We went to Ireland 5 times and led 3 different tours.

John's CD "Eire Isle of the Saints" won best Celtic CD of the year. His "Wayfarer a Celtic Pilgrimage" won a nomination for Best CD of the year and was beat out only by the wonderful
Loreena McKennitt new Celtic CD that year.

The "Eire" CD had clip art in it . I thought it wasn't very creative or interesting. So I wanted to make the art myself for the CD booklet.

I spent time studying Celtic Art from a book on Celtic art by George Bain.
I bought it in Ireland but you can buy it here.

Paintings I saw on the walls at Clonmacnoise-Ireland's Early Christian Monastic Settlement museum were my inspiration. The figures were painted in silver on a dark grey green and they showed the Monks carving the Celtic Crosses and other events like the Viking's sacking the monastery and carry off the women or treasures.

So I got to work and drew all the art. These are colored versions I made for the movie titles.

I also had the pleasure of having my Photo on the cover! We were lost on a 3 mile Island in Scotland know as the Holy Isle of Iona. Suddenly as we started down one of the many hills this beautiful beach photo appeared. If we had not gotten lost I never would have taken such a wonderful photo! So getting lost can be a very holy thing......

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Here is a little pastel I did at the Hill of Slane Ireland were St. Patrick challenged the High King and Druids with building a fire. I like it as it is a sweet reminder of that sunny day. John Doan my husband tells the story on the movie we made about the Irish Saints and Music John wrote on the Ancient Pilgrimage sites. Click Here to see. It is interesting how most of the Druid Priest loved the message of Christ coming and fulfilling the need for a sacrifice. They had been sacrificing humans for years and this was great news that the final sacrifice was made once and for all. Christ fulfilled what they were looking for. So these mighty men of scholarship and spirit became the famous Celtic monks of Ireland. There was peace in Ireland for 500 years and many of the them left Ireland and went to places like Iona in Scotland that became University's. They took the gospel throughout France, England, Switzerland, and Italy. St. France's of Assi learned his sweet love of God, animals, women and the earth from these great Irish monks. They had a different take on the Gospel from the Roman Catholic Priests. It was sad that they finally succumbed to a more dominating kind of legalistic type of faith. Christianity would be inriched if their influence was still able to reach out the way these Men and Women of faith did. They were humble and pointed people to Christ rather than to the Church and themselves. They taught intimacy with God as they them self practiced. They rolled up their selves and work along side the people. They married and had women in leadership of Christian community's as well.
My Favorite Celtic Christianity book is called

Friday, March 7, 2008


Now that the book has meet it first dealine for the critic I have been working on John Doan's my sweetie's new CD Cover. Karen from Karen's muse and musings did a little photoshop magic to the photo for me! Thank you Miss Karen!!!
I have been working on getting the fonts just right and so on...CD will be out in April. Here is a little info that will be inside the CD.
"In 1830 Fernando Sor (1778-1839), beloved as the "Father of the Classical Guitar", composed ten works for the harpolyre - an instrument thought then to be a "Perfected Guitar." This music has been lost for nearly two centuries until John Doan recently rediscovered a rare original instrument and set out to make this extraordinary recording. In essence, it is guitar music with expanded range, resonance, and effects written by one of the most imaginative guitarists that the instrument has ever known. Each piece is a treasure that captures the elegance of a time in Paris when Sor's gift for lyric melodies and expressive singing was quite strong. This magical performance will take the listener into a forgotten world that has remained lost with the harpolyre."