Now that the book has meet it first dealine for the critic I have been working on John Doan's my sweetie's new CD Cover. Karen from Karen's muse and musings did a little photoshop magic to the photo for me! Thank you Miss Karen!!!
I have been working on getting the fonts just right and so on...CD will be out in April. Here is a little info that will be inside the CD.
"In 1830 Fernando Sor (1778-1839), beloved as the "Father of the Classical Guitar", composed ten works for the harpolyre - an instrument thought then to be a "Perfected Guitar." This music has been lost for nearly two centuries until John Doan recently rediscovered a rare original instrument and set out to make this extraordinary recording. In essence, it is guitar music with expanded range, resonance, and effects written by one of the most imaginative guitarists that the instrument has ever known. Each piece is a treasure that captures the elegance of a time in Paris when Sor's gift for lyric melodies and expressive singing was quite strong. This magical performance will take the listener into a forgotten world that has remained lost with the harpolyre."


Karen Owen said…
You are most welcome! The cover looks fabulous!
Anonymous said…
I have never seen the instrument that your sweetie plays...what is it called? I look forward to hearing his music.
The cover looks wonderful...the font is perfect :)
Lorelle said…
Beautiful! John's never looked better. :D

I can't wait for the album release. Do you guys have a date set yet? When's the party? Please let it be when I'm in town. ;-)

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