Thursday, February 28, 2008


I've been tagged TWICE in a matter of a couple days! I guess my time had come. I was tagged by two very funny and artistic new blog friends. Dawn and Terisa. Terisa cracked me up with her little last minute sign off "Had too.........Terisa" after her message tagging me. And now I say you "have to" go see her because her 7 th fact is just too too funny!!!!! Dawn is lighting up my life because I won a wonderful light switch that she turned into an art piece for the One World Giveaway. Please go see her
and her wonderful painted furniture!

7 or more Random Facts
1. I went to Raw Chef school and ate 100% raw vegan vegetarian food for 3 years. I still am a vegetarian and try to eat raw for 2 meals of the day.

2. I lived in England from the time I was 10-13 in the early 60's. It was a shocking experience and yet it shaped me. The American teachers took us to Manor Houses, galleries and historic places. I received a very high brow education for a girl from a middle class family.

3. I lived in Berkeley in the early 70's and I had my beautiful long hair cut in a Shag. Then to cinch the deal a beautiful blond long haired friend of mine offered to perm it. She burned one side and I had to wear a blue cowboy handkerchief for the next two years till my hair grew out.

4. I lived with my Grandparents till I was 10. They belonged to a Western Horse riding club. Each weekend we went riding. We slept in the back of the truck and Iwent to sleep with the old cowboy singing Mr. Sandman on his old guitar. I had my own stirrups behind my Grandpa's saddle. I was a Western fashion model once a year and would rock onto the stage with my hobby horse, model my outfit and drag the hobby horse off by his reins.
I have little cowboy boots to prove it.

5. I seem to like to live in uncertainty. I put a round nosed knife in my purse so I could cut up my veggie's on our trip. I then put my purse through the security at the airport. I hoped it would go through and it seemed a good way to test security. I got caught and had to mail my knife back to myself. My husband was appalled.

6. I once saw Barbara Streisand walking down the street while I was in Malibu. I called out to her from my little RV tyring to give her some of my husbands music. He was laughing nervously and I said oh why not she has blessed me so much. I was mortified when she refused. I learned a real lesson on the celebrity's celebrity about leaving stars alone. Since then I have seen Elton John in Venice, Johnathan Winters and some TV cope guy in Santa Barbara. I am so shy now I don't even take their pictures from afar. I learned on the best.

7. I took my poodles into my blow up pink swimming pool and gave them bubble baths. Can't you just see poodles in bubbles.....


Dayna Collins
Dayna is a wonderful friend and mixed media artist and teacher. Very Colorful work.
Diana Frey
Diana makes the most beautiful and romantic jewelry I have ever seen.
Becky Bilyeu
Wonderful photo's of Portland Oregon life
Katrina Fowler
A great illustrator and fellow student when I took a class in Children's illustration
Julie Brill Molina
A great blog and suzi blu friend
To go with the Raw Vegan Food fact. She painted the cutest
"Broccolini - my little veggie girl"
Lili M
a must visit to a beautiful blog at the home of Lili in the Netherlands

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Monday, February 25, 2008


Photo credit:Gabriel Bouys / AFP - Getty Images
I wanted to share a wonderful word last night from the French Actress who won best Best Actress this year for her role as famous French singer Édith Piaf who helped the French accept themselves and their own music.
Marion said "Edith taught her to love life more and love herself more which is a Good thing. "
  • Marion Cotillard broke down in tears when she won her Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role for "La Vie En Rose." Last year's Best Actor Forest Whitaker presented the award. Her broken English and lengthy hugs made it the best speech of the night.

  • Marion Cotillard Best Actress Oscar Acceptance Speech: Thank you so much. Oliva what have you done to me. You have rocked my life. Thank you Picture House for your passion. Members of the Academy thank you so, so much. I am speechless. Thank you life. Thank you love. It is true there is some angels in this city. Thank you so, so much.
Later she said.

‘I’m totally overwhelmed with joy and sparkles and fireworks,’ she said

Click for video of speech.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Animated Nisse made for Norweign TV by Rune Spanns

In the process of working on the illustrations for my book I sometimes need help..Draw a few minutes....spend hours researching in books and google images to make my scene. Yesterday was one of those days....but I put together the coolest image in photo shop to work with! Such a moment of awe when I realized this is the Movie for my story. I could see the actors and the scenes. I will hold it in my heart as I pitch it for a movie. At the SCBWI conference one of the sessions is about how to get your book made into a movie..... I can see it now.....

To imagine with me click here to see a little movie clips of an animated Nisse made for Norweign TV bumpers/little shorts...very high on the movie were it says "Watch Nisse" when you get to the page. Rune Spaans, a 33 years old graphic artist from Norway made this wonderful film.

Monday, February 18, 2008


Today I have been taking photo's for my book project. Such fun, seeing these precious boys become my little Nikki Nissi a Scandinavian Elf. I have been on a dead line that I started January 22.

The reason I got involved in the mixed media collage world and took classes at Art & Soul was so I could free my self up in my artistic expressions. I wanted to have fun with the illustrations of my children's book. I took a class last Spring in children's book illustrating with Lee White and David Hohn. But it was so full of technique and planning I lost the joy of doing it. The class was very good but the cognitive part was really bogging me down. I am very intuitive in my work and want it to be dreamy, creative and fun.

Frankly I get scared, I start to doubt myself and become a perfectionist. I start comparing my work to illustrator's that are different, or better at
drawing and become overwhelmed and discouraged. Many of them have worked at this way longer....."yea I just started my first book, so be realistic Deirdra you are doing good for a beginner in this field" I tell myself. It really takes courage and Faith to pursue my dream while I am fighting these accusations coming against me to defeat and stop me.

All that was really pushing on me after taking the class last Spring. I dreaded it and it was so hard to work on the illustrations. Since I started this new mixed media work it is just plain fun like making paper dolls and painting as a child! My heart soars!!! My new mixed media work is good and others love it. Being in this new community of dear artist sisters has been so encouraging. All the love and vulnerability shared on my blog sisters blogs has helped me so very much!!!

Last spring I finished two pieces for the book in the class I took. They came out really great but it has to FUN too! So now with all my new mixed media classes and Art sisters I have put the Fun back in Art. I signed up for a SCBWI Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators.

My book is a children's Christmas story about a little elf that I wrote about 5 years ago. It took 3-4 years off and on writing and editing it, with help from some published authors. I have been to 2 SCBW conferences and will be going
to one in April.

My little book is due to be sent off by Feb 25 for a dummy critic. A dummy book is illustrated in black and white tonal studies and a few colored. I am not that far along...but since it is not a publisher but a guest art director from a publishing company that offers for a fee this service it is OK to be in process. I needed to make 23 rough sketches. I have all but 7 done. Wow.....

Once the book is accepted by a publisher the Art director makes changes. You send back the tonal studies. And then finally you paint all of the art works!!!

So it has been a long and growth inspiring experience!!
But I am starting to enjoy the process now!!! I stopped grumbling.....

I lean on the great words of Life,

"For I know the plans I have for you declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Thursday, February 14, 2008


I made this little Valentine for one of my blog friends. I sent her winging her way across the USA last week....but I wanted to offer her to you all my other sweet Valentine friends in blog land...I love you and all your support!!! You have sent me so much love and encouragement!!!
She is a Pomegrante.....pomegrantes mean "Favor of God, Blessings and Fruitfulness (juicy) This is my Valentine wish to all of you my Valentines today!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Happy Valentines Day!
Laura Youngren from "All About Pretty " won the Gift!
Thank you everyone for visiting me. It was so much fun and I will come back and visit you all again!!!!
I'm in the One World One Heart Giveway. The point of the giveaway is to bring together Artistic bloggers from all over the World.

Sorry I just found out about it so you only have a few days left to be involved with the giveaway. It was started last year by Oceandreamer (link on sidebar) There are two rules. One, you must have a WORKING blog, and two, you must leave a comment in THIS post so I'll know you want to be in the contest. Then on Feb 14 I will draw a name and let you know if you won!

Please leave a comment that says you want it. DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 14. Hope you enjoy the other blogs who have a giveaway too by going to
Thank you Oceandreamer!

Friday, February 8, 2008


Please Click here to join the festival and meet other new amazing artist friends
Bloglandia Polar Festival is a little blog party to share works of art made for the festival and meet new blog friends. Leave them a comment and join the fun.
The official date of the party is Feb. 9th

This is a post of my Queen of Sheba Valentine project. I painted her to shrink down and put on this little jewel of a Charm. You wear her near your heart because 'Where ever your Treasure is there your thoughts and Heart will be also." I made 52 of these charms for a Valentine charm swap. I was so happy with the oil painting I painted after a 14oo's painting of Sheba. And the photograph of the little charm in the shell is such a little jewel I wanted to share her with my new friends at the Polar Fest.

So welcome new friends and I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations too!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I finally took down the Christmas decorations "snow houses" with their pretty lights glowing out from the window's and doors and my lovely bottle brush frosted fir trees...But there are buds on are on the cherry trees and snow is melting to make way for the first blush of spring....In Oregon Feb. is often the month the pink flowers often pop out in between the snow/rain showers just to say "Will you be my Valentine?"

This is loving change of season's in my home. Soft greens and whites are fresh and look so nice this time of year. To early for bright colored flowers, the light is too soft. I alway leave some twinkle lights around. The days are still short and I need the twinkling stares of Christmas to glow into the dark long nights.

I love this wonderful arrangement. Sweet snow drops in the small bell jar. Little baby ceramic roses on the Eiffel tower and a wonderful french topiary. I also used a lovely little velvet mushroom that I bought to hide a little leprechaun under. Now the roses are nestled into its soft underbelly instead. I placed the whole arrangement on a wicker tray. When I was in Versailles France last summer I fell in love with a blue paint on the shutters of a beautiful cream house in the town. The paint was falling off in large chunks. I carefully scooped one up and tucked into my bag. When I got home I ran to the paint store and found it's perfect match. (at
Sherwin-Williams, isn't that cool Joan) I painted everything I could get my hands on this summer to remind of France and Versailles!
I also added one of my favorite oil paintings. It was painted "Plein Air" out in the open air my beautiful large birdbath. It took me a very long time to learn how to paint in oil and this was a real success for me. I look forward to going back to oil again later. Now I am having fun with the collage and illustrating.

I hope you like my pretty new arraignment. It brings me great joy to make beautiful still lives like this. Someday I will paint them.

Double click on the photo's and they get bigger so you can see the sweet details.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


This is so Cool, It say's it all......Make your own Art journal.........just for you, your Muse misses you!!!

check out her blog...IDYLLIC MUSE

Monday, February 4, 2008


"My Glass Slippers"

I just couldn't wait, I had to play my New Valentine CD "C'est Si Bon" by Arielle Dombasle.....Oh it was so pretty! But now you have time to get your own copy too. I wore my glass slippers and danced to her lovely voice....Get ready for Valentine's Day...Love your self, Love your sweethearts, Love Life.....

I include a darling video of a 60's version of "C'est Si Bon" and a great interview with Arielle..
Enjoy February and the season of Love....

Friday, February 1, 2008


I just got finished with a photo session of George Wolff an extremely gifted guitarist student of my husbands.

Look at those beautiful hands and porcelain skin..... So fun to get to be creative with God's beauty.