I finally took down the Christmas decorations "snow houses" with their pretty lights glowing out from the window's and doors and my lovely bottle brush frosted fir trees...But there are buds on are on the cherry trees and snow is melting to make way for the first blush of spring....In Oregon Feb. is often the month the pink flowers often pop out in between the snow/rain showers just to say "Will you be my Valentine?"

This is loving change of season's in my home. Soft greens and whites are fresh and look so nice this time of year. To early for bright colored flowers, the light is too soft. I alway leave some twinkle lights around. The days are still short and I need the twinkling stares of Christmas to glow into the dark long nights.

I love this wonderful arrangement. Sweet snow drops in the small bell jar. Little baby ceramic roses on the Eiffel tower and a wonderful french topiary. I also used a lovely little velvet mushroom that I bought to hide a little leprechaun under. Now the roses are nestled into its soft underbelly instead. I placed the whole arrangement on a wicker tray. When I was in Versailles France last summer I fell in love with a blue paint on the shutters of a beautiful cream house in the town. The paint was falling off in large chunks. I carefully scooped one up and tucked into my bag. When I got home I ran to the paint store and found it's perfect match. (at
Sherwin-Williams, isn't that cool Joan) I painted everything I could get my hands on this summer to remind of France and Versailles!
I also added one of my favorite oil paintings. It was painted "Plein Air" out in the open air my beautiful large birdbath. It took me a very long time to learn how to paint in oil and this was a real success for me. I look forward to going back to oil again later. Now I am having fun with the collage and illustrating.

I hope you like my pretty new arraignment. It brings me great joy to make beautiful still lives like this. Someday I will paint them.

Double click on the photo's and they get bigger so you can see the sweet details.


Joan said…
This arrangement is breathtaking Deirdra.

The first thing I always notice when you share photos of your gorgeous home, is all of the ROMANCE you infuse in your decorating.

How very appropriate for the coming days!

I have enjoyed visiting your site. I'll be back. Listened to both yours and your husbands music....BEAUTIFUL!!! My sister in law lives in Woodburn...she is a professional organ and pianist......actually I have a bunch of family in your hubby was raised in Silverton.

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