Happy Valentines Day!
Laura Youngren from "All About Pretty " won the Gift!
Thank you everyone for visiting me. It was so much fun and I will come back and visit you all again!!!!
I'm in the One World One Heart Giveway. The point of the giveaway is to bring together Artistic bloggers from all over the World.

Sorry I just found out about it so you only have a few days left to be involved with the giveaway. It was started last year by Oceandreamer (link on sidebar) There are two rules. One, you must have a WORKING blog, and two, you must leave a comment in THIS post so I'll know you want to be in the contest. Then on Feb 14 I will draw a name and let you know if you won!

Please leave a comment that says you want it. DEADLINE: FEBRUARY 14. Hope you enjoy the other blogs who have a giveaway too by going to
Thank you Oceandreamer!


I received your link and have added you to the participant list. THANK YOU for joining in Deirdra. Please enter my name for this necklace, I just love that image.
I hope you'll stop by my giveaway as well.
Lisa Oceandreamer
Charlie McGee said…
Cheryl Connell said…
This is beautiful! Sign me up please.

Carrie Barron said…
Very nice offering! Please enter me. I've joined, as well.
Anonymous said…
We (royal we) are soooo glad that you did join. What a neat gift. Please enter me in your draw and come by and visit mine.
I'm a newby blogger and am having huge fun meeting new people.
Hope to browse some more when this is done.
Happy Valentines Day to you.

Bay of Islands, New Zealand
PS: Getting lots of typing practice in. Hope there aren't too many mistakes.
this is beautiful. please enter me in your drawing and then stop at my blog and enter mine.
Beautiful "Gift" ~ Please enter my name in your drawing. Don't forget to hop on over to my Shabby Chic giveaway at:

Bunny Blessings ~

Caren McNee said…
Lovely imagery and necklace! Please enter me into your draw! Thank you!
:) Caren
PS: Please come and visit my blog and give away too!
CreativSpirit said…
Hi Deirdra,

I would love to be entered in the draw for your gorgeous pendant, and do drop by and enter into my gift draw too.

Mya said…
I love this royal lady. Love your blog too. Please include me in your drawing. Glad you got involved. Visit me.
beachgrl said…
Your pendant is fit for a queen!
Please enter me in your drawing as well! :) I joined up late too so not to worry!

I'd love it if you had the chance to come and visit my offering as well!

please enter me!!

Oh la la ! Love this one! I must come back to visit You later (It´s quite hectic right now!) Please sign me in an please pop over to my place to see my giveaway!

So lovely!!! I would love to win your drawing. Please stop by my blog as I am also part of this great event!
so lovely!I would love to win your drawing. Please stop by my blog as I am also part of this great event!
Anonymous said…
Your pendant is so intriguing and unique...I LOVE the design! I would be thrilled to be added to your drawing. Thanks so much for participating and offering such a lovely giveaway.
Dragonlady said…
Your pendant is stunning, enter me please and come over and enter my giveawy too..
Tina Leavy said…
what a darling creation. would love to be entered in the drawing.
Anonymous said…
I want it! :) It's lovely! Please enter my name, too!
Pretty! Please count me in and make sure to visit my blog for my OWOH giveaway. Thanks!

~*~Nan in NJ~*~
Mahala said…
This gift is beautiful. Please enter my name!
Sherry said…
I just joined Friday. Glad you joined too-your lady is so lovely!!Please enter me in your giveaway and check out mine too! Thank you!!

Bella Modiste said…
ooh lovely! count me in!
The Bella Modiste
Jan said…
That is beautiful. I'd love to win it.
Mel♥ said…
this is lovely stop by mine for a chance
What a beautiful charm! It is very Marie Antionette-y! Charming...Please do enter me and I'd love for you to stop by my giveaway at

Antonella said…
Your "Gift" is beautiful, I would love a chance to win her, please enter my name. While you are out in bloglandia, please stop by my OWOH giveaway too. Hugs, antonella :-)
Jo Anne O. said…
Hi Deirdra!

Your pendant is WONDERFUL..very rich colors and I love her face!

If you have time, come over and visit my blog for a chance to win my drawing too!
Artifax said…
Hi there! I'm a rather late entrant too :) Your Queen of Sheba pendant is just amazing!! So rich and gorgeous! I really enjoying looking through your blog too - it's just lovely! I'd love to be entered in your wonderful drawing!

I'm a participant too. Please stop by if you get a chance!
Anonymous said…
How lovely! I love the detail!Please count me in!
Sophie said…
What a beautiful pendant. Count me in. Please visit my blog for my giveaway if you haven't already.

Sophie in Montreal, Canada
Re said…
GREAT giveaway! I hope I'm the lucky winner!! :) love your work

katie said…
I would love to be entered into your drawing. Please feel free to sign up for mine. I'm giving away a handmade blank book.
Julie L. Light said…
Beautiful work, you are very talented! I would love to win, please enter me in your giveaway. I'm having a giveaway, too...please stop by :-)

Best Wishes,
WendyP said…
your pendant is gorgeous- thanks for sharing it with the world, hugs
Anonymous said…
Found you thru EB's blog... your necklace is just beautiful! Please add my name to your list and then drop in and join my OWOH giveaway too :) Deb Lewis
Anonymous said…
how very pretty. please include me.
robynl said…
very nice work; a talented person you are. Please enter me.

Melissa said…
Lovely, please enter me!
Enzie Shahmiri said…
Yes I want it! Its so pretty! Thanks for the invitation.
Rowan Willow said…
I would love to win your"gift". Please, stop by my blog and checkout my giveaway.

Spreadin' the love :0)
Rowan Willow (alter/artist ego)
aka Tiffany
turquoise cro said…
Here I am, finally! zzzzZZZZZ! O! excuse me! It's almost 2 am here in West Virginia!!! tee hee Love to win!
Connie said…
very pretty! please enter me in your draw, and come enter mine!
Lisa W. said…
Beautiful! Please enter my name. Would love for you to stop by and enter my OWOH giveaway. :-)
Anonymous said…
Oh yes please, pop my name in the hat, pretty, pretty, pretty! I've also joined the party so please pop by to see my giveaway.

God bless,
PattiV said…
What a lovely giveaway! Please enter me in your drawing...and if you haven't already please stop by my blog and enter mine.
Patti V
G'day Deirdra,
I would love to be included in your beautiful giveaway, please ... OOroo ... Bethel
If you haven't already... please pop on over to my place as I'm a player too ...
Unknown said…
That is lovely! Nice to meet you!
Natasha Burns said…
I'd love to enter your giveaway, your pendant is amazing! Please stop by and enter mine too if you like!
Debby said…
WOW!! Gorgeous giveaway. I adore your banner. Please add my name for your drawing. Stop by and checkout my offering at
Betzie said…
What a lovely pendant...sign me up for sure and thanks for joining mine!
artbrat said…
That's a great pendant. Please add my name to your list. Thanks.
Mosaic*Queen said…
Now that is a very lovely pendant! I'd love to win!
Joan said…
Gosh Deirdra...

You go girl!!!
What a wonderful way to get your beautiful art out into the universe, and to make new bloggy friends too.

Please count me in :)

love you!!!
Unknown said…
Hi Deirdra,

Your painting on your pendant is so lovely. :) I hope you have a perfect Valentine's Day.


Jennifer said…
This is lovely and I love the feeling I get looking at it. Please put my name in your drawing and come stop by mine! Thank you!
What a wonderful pendant! I'd love to win it :) Please include me in your drawing!
I am participating as well on my blog at:

Dagmar from Germany
ByLightOfMoon said…
I adore your pendant and also your photo with angel wings, awesome!
I am near the end of the train but I would love to be entered in your contest.

smiles, cyndi
Anonymous said…
beautiful peice! please put my name in the hat too! good luck everyone!
Nikki said…
Beautiful. Please count me in.
altermyworld said…
gorgeous, please add me
gma said…
Wow This is a unique pendant. Please enter my name.
Have you entered my give away? I'm "A Desert Garden" on the OWOH blog. Hope you'll stop by!
That is an absolutely gorgeous pendant! Please enter my name - thank you!!!
LiLi M. said…
I love that pendant! Please add me to your drawing and don't forget to participate in mine.
artbrat said…
Its a beautiful pendant. Please add my name to your quickly growing list. Thanks.
Pam Aries said…
Yuor pendant is exquisite! I adore it..I really do! Thanks for joining in! Please come by my blog and enter mine aswell!
Farmchick said…
Lovely giveaway! Be sure to stop by my blog and check out my OWOH giveaway!

This is SUPER pretty! Please enter me. I'm also part of OWOH.
Anonymous said…
Hello Deirdra, Your pendant is lovely. It feels like a woman of heart giving a gift of the heart. Just lovely. Please include me.

Also visit my giveaway:
Very pretty!! Please add my name to the hat :D
Unknown said…
How beautiful! I would love to win that gorgeous pendant fit for a queen! Please count me in and be sure to visit my own giveaway, if you haven't already!

rusted wings said…
Your pendant is charming...I hope to win!!
Blessings, Abigail
Staci Rose said…
Beautiful piece...almost looks like a Turkish princess! :)

I'd like to enter your drawing and invite you to visit my blog and enter mine.

Brenda said…
Beautiful! I would love to participate. Thank you.
Carole Burant said…
What a darling pendant! Please enter my name in your draw and make sure you come by my blog and enter my own giveaway if you haven't already done so:-) xo
Jikkes said…
What a beautifull give away!

So ofcourse I leave a comment and in the meantime I keep my fingers crossed ;o)

Please take a look at my OWOH give away!
Unknown said…
This is lovely! Please include me and thanks for being so generous!

Kristy said…
Please include me in your One World One Heart Give Away. Thank You :)
Pam Aries said…
It's me again..just stopping in to say hi. I got your comment! Guess what..I was born in CA too...San Francisco.. I am also blogeyed..but I am bookmarking my fave sites as I go , so I can return. OWOH is a very wonderful event! I met some great gals last year.
Tracy DeLuca said…
Oh! I want it, I want it! Please enter my name to win!
Ketutar said…
Looks like innovative use of tarot cards... Queen of Cups? Lovely, anyway, what ever it is :-)
I'd like it very much to participate in the drawing :-)
Anonymous said…
Hi Deidre, I am so enjoying your blog...your art is SO Beautiful . I love the necklace. Thanks for entering me in the drawing. Bright Blessings, Becky
Irish3 said…
Very pretty pendant please enter me in your drawing and I'm participating as well at the address below!
New Jersey, USA
This is beautiful Please count me in. ^_^
I have a giveaway at my blog too if you'd like to enter.
Lori said…
gorgeous!!! enter me in your drawing please. i am from chardon, ohio:)
Michelle D said…
How exquisite! I'd love to be in on this:)
Freya said…
WOW.... I love your little pendant! Please add me to your giveaway, and come enter mine as well!

Unknown said…
Beautiful! Please count me in and thank you for your mail.
Fran S said…
Lovely giveaway. Please add my name and be sure to stop by my drawing, too
What a stunning pendant. Please enter me in your giveaway and come by and enter mine as well if you haven't already.
Sandy :)
Anonymous said…
If you have not already visited my blog and entered my One World~One Heart Giveaway, please accept my invitation and do so. I would love a chance to win your beautiful art.
Joanne Huffman said…
What a lovely pendant! I'd like to enter your drawing and invite you to visit my blog and enter mine.

Anonymous said…
Beautiful pendant. Please count me in! My link is
I shall return and read your blog later in the week. Take care,
dianeclancy said…
Thank you for entering my give-away and please enter me in yours ... lovely!!

~ Diane Clancy
Unknown said…
Your giveaway is fantastic. Please count me in. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Adriann said…
Beautiful of my favorite scriptures! Please enter me. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Oh Deirdra ~ this is really beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog!
CeeCee said…
Beautiful pendant! Please enter my name in your draw. Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my contest. Best of luck to both of us!

nici said…
How precious! Please add me, and stop by my blog as well to enter my drawing!
sue pieper said…
It's a beautiful pendant! And please do stop by my blog to see what I'm giving away.
Chris in Oz said…
WOW, your work is amazing. Please add my name to your give-away and if you have time come visit me at

Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my drawing. Please add my name to your drawing.
Oh Deirdra, 'the gift' is magical!
AtomicWarBride said…
Please sign me up! I just love your art!

Please visit my blog to see my giveaway too if you have a chance.

Rita Bellanca
You have a beautiful blog - I love the colours and photographs! And I'd love to go in the draw for this beautiful charm. I'll be back again to check out your blog!

I absolutely LOVE your charm!!! (whisper) I think it's my favorite one this time!!!!! You really outdid yourself and put tons of work into this tiny treasure! Thank you Deirdra!
Much love,
Artseyanne said…
Thanks for visiting me, please include me in your draw.

Oh your charm is simply divine. Thank you so much for inviting me to enter your draw and for visiting my blog. I'd be honoured to throw my name in your hat.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful! Love your work!
Anonymous said…
Unknown said…
I hope I'm not too late please enter me into your draw and thanks for stopping by my blog
Anonymous said…
Absolutely beautiful! I love that image and the scripture reference. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Thanks for entering my name in your drawing. stop by if you have a chance. Blessings,
Latharia said…
What a beautiful piece! Please do enter me in the your drawing! Stop by my blog & see some recent photos in my chilly & snowy location: just outside Chicago, IL, USA!

Sherry said…
Your artwork is have captured a time period of history so well -- Sheba -- and yet it also reminds me of Kathrine of of the beauties of art -- we can see what the artist rendered and we can also use our own imaginations. Please enter my name...I can't tell you how thrilled I would be to have this.
If you haven't been to Esprit * d'Art yet, there is still time today to enter my giveaway.
Thank you for visiting Angelina's Trinkets and entering the OWOH giveaway. I'd love to be entered in your give away as well - such a beautiful piece of art. Thank you, Angelina
GreenishLady said…
I would just love to enter the draw for that beautiful charm. Thank you! I'm glad you found your way to my blog to enter my draw. Your tours of Ireland sound interesting. I'll be investigating your husband's music! Thanks for telling me about it.
SO lovely and thank you so much for the link to your Husbands music it is wonderful.
Thank you for letting me know I left a comment in the wrong place. Also, I have added a giveaway on my blog, please enter! I know it's late and will not make the official website, but hoping that the thought is what counts!
Artful Blessings,
paris parfait said…
She is gorgeous! Please toss my name into your hat. Merci!
paru's_circle said…
please add me to your giveaway, i am giving away an ATC!
Anonymous said…
Oh, wow - what an incredibly beautiful pendant! Please count me in. :)

And if you like, please do stop by my blog to enter the drawing for a series of my own art prints at
Banna said…
please enter me and come on over to my blog and enter my giveaway
charlie said…
that's a really cool pendant! you're talented!

-angela in oregon
Anonymous said…
Please sign me up for a chance at your gorgeous necklace, it's stunning! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I'm headed over to hear your dh play :)
beth said…
thanks so much for stopping by my blog !! and please enter me in yours i would love to win your lovely giveaway !!
JudyK said…
Oh my! I'm glad I'm not too late! What a gorgeous gift! Thank you for coming to my giveaway!
Anonymous said…
if it's not too late, pls add me to the mix! thank you for visiting my bloggy & entering my owoh giveaway :)

mary ann
How funny is it to have so many hits in such a short time....sign me up. Now I'm off to find out what your hubbys music sounds like.
shebaduhkitty said…
thanks for stopping by my blog! Cute giveaway, please include me
I hope you visit again
Beautiful!!! Please put my name into the hat....Smiles
Dawn said…
Guess what Deirdra? You have won my draw on my blog (ART of Humungous Proportions). Please send me an email and send me your mailing address so that I can send you the altered light switch plate! Congratuations!!
I would love to win this one, so sweet!
thank you for visiting my blog too :)

shilla66 said…
wow u have win sth fr dawn
hope i am not to late to join yours

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