Saturday, January 30, 2010

Birthday Altered Sweater

Today my friend Lulu came over to do art for my Birthday...
We wanted to make some altered clothing. So she found this great demo for making a sweater into a cardigan. I like short sweaters and cardigans. So this project was right up my alley! I could take a pullover and make it a cardigan and cut off the bottom if I wanted to make it short...Perfect!

But we had to go shopping first and 4 hours later we came home with a fabulous amount of cloths from Goodwill. The Good will on my side of town is just great!
We had to go to the as is store to find a old wool sweater to alter the cloths at the Goodwill where either too nice or too expensive to cut up and make something new out of. ( I got this great black cashmere coat!)
So the first thing I did was take a wool sweater someone had shrunk in the washer and dryer. It was a little felted and it was so soft and warm. I cut off the turtle neck collar. Then I cut up the center to make it a cardigan.

Next I found some old crocheted lace and sewed it onto the sweater.
Lulu taught me how to make a loop..this was the beginning then I did some blanket stitches around it to make it pretty and strong.

I put a vintage button on the top.When I was in High School I sewed all my cloths and worked with wool alot. So I learned how to press wool. Take a wet wash cloth and press it with your iron onto the wool. This sends out lots of hot seam. It had plenty of wrinkles after sitting in the as is Goodwill bends.
Then cut up an paper bag and press over it to dry out the wool sweater and finish your pressing.

It came out very pretty and I was the hit of the party for having whipped up a sweater in a couple hours!

Lulu took a black little cheap sweater and cut off the ribbing at the bottom. Cut up the middle to make it a cardigan sweater. She used white embroidery thread and a blanket stitched to embroidery up the front sides of the cardigan. Next she sewed with her machine using a decorative scallop stitch and black thread to sew a piece of white eyelet lace on the bottom! Very pretty but not finished when she left so I couldn't show you it finished.
Check out this tutorial for the pink sweater we used for our sweaters by clicking here.

Monday, January 25, 2010

One World One Heart Blog Giveaway!

Welcome to my blog...this is my 3rd year to be in the One World One Heart Event! It has been so much fun and several of my good blog friends are friends from my first year. I even visited 2 of them! One in New Jersey and one in AZ.

the sea doll I am giving away for OWOH

MY GIVEAWAY... for this years OWOH
is a little cloth and clay doll that is waiting for summer to come so she can go back to her favorite place the sea shore!

I have been making dolls for a little over a year. I have had my dolls in Art Doll Quarterly Magazine 3 times and once in Artful Blogger. So this year I am giving a doll away for the giveaway. I hope to be making many more they are so so much fun! Please look around my blog to get to know me. I hope to make many more friends around the world this year.

If you would like to enter to win.......

the sea doll I am giving away

please leave a comment at this post. If you don`t have a blog, be sure to leave your email address in your comment.

The winner will be drawn on Feb 15th. To read more and join in the fun , please look at One World One Heart by clicking here.

I am looking forward to getting to all your blogs (it may take a while there are so many) many blessings and thank you so much for visiting me! oxoxo

Monday, January 18, 2010

Superbowl Painting in Jackson Hole WY

I am working on my bio for sending out to the publisher with my children's book... as a result I looked up my history of taking Master Classes. I have had so many wonderful opportunities to paint. I took a week workshop in Jackson Hole WY with Scott Christensen about 5 years ago. It was a beautiful place to be and a amazing class. Scott went after painting like a man who wanted to win the was over whelming. But painting in a meadow looking at the Grand Tetons in May was truly a once in a life time experience. I meet some great artists.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thoughts of Winter

Someone sent me an email of beautiful winter photo's I don't know who did them..but they are so beautiful and .......something sweet to think about...

I am in the midst of finishing a couple paintings for my Christmas Children's book on a Elf.
I can't show the new paintings to you! boo Hoo....but (you have seen some of the parts I have worked on last Feb and in my Christmas ornaments).

In a couple days I can send out my dummy and white drawings with the story. I will include photo's of the paintings.
Then I publisher at a time...3 months wait between.......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Beautiful Angel Cousin

Today I think of the Beautiful life and heart of my cousin Cindy Whitaker. She was a loving and caring woman who made a difference in every ones life she meet.

My only comfort is that I know right now she in Heaven being teased and loved on by our Grandpa.......and the smile on my Mother face as she greets her beloved niece. And how she gets to see a Grandmother she never knew.....

I know Cindy loved Jesus and His arms and the angles are wiping away the tears she must feel at leaving her mother, her Dad, her husband, her children and brother and sister so quickly.

Please pray as for her husband in the hospital and her family. (her husband was in the car with her)

The cousins (me on left) in the 1960's with our mothers.
Beautiful Cindy Whitaker
Cindy's mother Irene

Shirley Temple

Cindy as a little girl looked so much like Shirley with her sweet blond curls...she had the sweetness and dear nest of Shirley too....
This little movie is comforting to me now...Cynthia as I knew her lived a really important and special way of love between the Dash.
It speaks about life I know you will enjoy it too. I got it from
Nancy Williams an amazing doll maker who could use your prayers as well.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make your Blog a Book!

I just saw that I can make my blog into a book. Very cool...Check it out

Christmas Ornament swap

Well I am still here. I just have been swamped with travel. I drove to AZ from Oregon. Flew to Oklahoma City drove through TX back to AZ via Santa Fe and then drove back to Oregon arriving on New Years EVE...with a mess of bags to unpack and all.

I just got things settled a little so I can say hi again.

I opened up all these wonderful ornaments from a Christmas swap hosted by michelle allen on New Years Day...
I wanted you to see them! I also got a few things from a sweet Secrete Santa! I was so surprised!!! Thank you Santa!!!!!

I will start posting again I wish I could tell you all the adventures I had...what a lovely trip and time I had.

Happy New Year all my dear friends.

Here are all the great artists that traded ornaments with
michelle allen
mystele kirkeeng

Karla Dornacher
Tanja Huglen

Lulu Moonwood

April Sytsma-McCrumb

Janne Robberstad