Friday, March 30, 2012

Doll Arting

I am slowly getting my art dolls made..had a great day with my Arting
friends....Check them out all working art rockstars...

Beautiful Janne from Norway in her new silver leather rock star jacket..I gave it to her because is looked better on her and she is a sweetie!!..she is a fashion designer as well as other arty things! Janne is from Norway and her blog is so interesting with all kinds of Norway and art idea's. She blogs daily!

Karla's work for sale on her etsy.
Karla my new dear friend is a wonderful inspirational artist, author and working artist. She blogs 4 times a week with wonderful things to share.

And Micelle her daughter is amazing working blown away! She is a regular blogger too and wow...

 Lulu's beautiful chicken's..I bought for my Birthday present this year.
She is a dollie artist to and we push each other on!


Also check out this little girlie..I just posted her on my etsy for sale.

By the way the Rose colored glasses are working!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Snow Woman Princess

Spring Snow friend and the neighbor girls made today on the 3rd day of Spring!! 8 inch's of snow at my house today...I shoved a football field worth of snow on my long drive to get out!
My friend Debbie loves nature so inspired the flowers for a mouth and a Christmas Rose flower on her hat! It was so fun even if it is Spring Break! I like to make dolls anyway I can!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dollie Love

 I love these little dollies...
 I am like a little girl dragging them around and kissing them. I love the way they feel when hold them.
As those of you who know me I took a 4 day vacation at Sheri DeBow studio. I had the pleasure of learning to make dolls a new way.

These dolls are way harder to make then the little cloth and clay doll. More fussy and hard to work the poly clay or keep it clean. It slowed me down. But I love them and it is worth it to keep trying.

Since I have only made 3 it will take a little while to find my own style...
They capture my heart....

Happy Spring..xoox
PS the Eyes of the pink doll I made..check it out on this post. Click here.