Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I have been really enjoying the comments on my blog. Thank you so much.
OK the Dunce Caps are also Party Hats...or elves & wizards hats..... Very cool what do you think of ?.........

Speaking of Party's. I am going to my Girl friends in Eugene to celebrate her
Birthday. She has been loving Suziblu's youtube video's on making a journal. Suzi is so cute and encouraging about being yourself and doing your art.

So I bought my friend art supplies and a journal so she could get started. I tried my first altered book on the cover of her journal. I practiced some of the new techniques and style I learned in Misty's class. The Birthday girl loves how beautiful Black people are. So I painted her a sweet winged Black princess with a little bird.
My friend just got a bunch of little finch birds so I think she will love the tiny bird.

I made the blouse for the princess out of a Double Happiness stamp I just carved today. I am wishing my friend Double Happiness for her Birthday and all the rest of the Year!!!! And I wish the same for you too my friends.......
Happy All Saints Day Nov. 1st.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


These 3 paintings are images I created in a class I took with Misty Mawn recently.

I have been enjoying adding wings, birds and crowns to my paintings. While at the "Art and Soul" retreat many of the mixed-media paintings include these moving symbols. When I use the crown and wings my paintings to take on a deeper meaning.

I was interested in the letters to the editor in my "Somerset Studio"
magazine. Friday night I bought my first "Cloth Paper Scissors" and "Somerset Studio". magazines.

The letters by some readers said that there were too many paintings bearing Wings, Birds, Crowns, and Dunce Hats. They felt is was just a trend. Some people liked them,
believed in the freedom of the artist. Some
readers felt we need to move on and change now!

I think images that people use in their art work meet deep needs in their heart. We are in a period of time were women in particular are moved by the thought of flying/freedsom as symbolized by the wings. Beauty, transformation and flight is
symbolized by the butterfly. Birds are about flying and eggs represent the feminine ability to create life weather it be natural or symbolic. Nature symbols like birds and eggs are feminine and intuitive. Not material and heady or driven by design as in the masculine voice.

The feminine in both men and women is the listening heart, the other ways of knowing rather than the mental way of knowing. Wings are spiritual images as in Angels and even Faeries
. Crown represent worthiness, being chosen, having a authority. And Dunce capes are about being made to feel stupid. The use of them as comical or sweet is an effort to come to terms with the lack of acceptance. I think these are all symbols of the struggle of the Artist and Woman in particular. Arts and creation are feminine. Nature is more about listening and being rooted. Women and Artists have been shamed and not affirmed in our society for a long time.
It is my opinion that people who are bored or feel these images are just a trend are missing something deep and important.

Reflecting on these comments reminded me of a beautiful art show I stumbled into years ago at the Tacoma Art Museum in
WA. It was about and artist named of Faith Ringgold. She talked on her video about the Afro Americans and the theme of Flying in their folklore to symbolism Freedom. She used it frequently in her own art works. She also has written/illustrated several children's books and even wrote a song on flying.

include a illustration and excerpt from her book called "Tar Beach"

Cassie Louise Lightfoot has a dream:to be free to go wherever she wants for the rest of her life. One night, up on "Tar Beach"--the rooftop of her family's Harlem apartment buildings--her dream comes true. The stars lift her up, and Cassie Louise Lightfoot is Flying.
Faith Ringgold

I celebrate my freedom to create Art freely and with joy. I am celebrating my own self worth and the crown is a perfect metaphor for this. I will use these images as long as my heart needs and takes hope in these symbols. I know it brings me happiness when I see these images. The continual use in the mixed-media artists show that it brings blessings to others too.


Saturday, October 27, 2007


Received a very special review of my first finished painting in the mix media style from a close friend.

"I like it very much - there's something magical about it - It would
look good in your house in particular - I see the same artistic
sensibility in this as I do in your decorating. Anyway, I see more of you in this than I have before. You should take it seriously because as we both should know by now there is no serious forms of art really. It just whether or not the form is a good vehicle for your own expressiveness."

Friday, October 26, 2007


Blogging........ coming to this new way of expressing my heart and hand......After musing over the art and words of my new friends Blogs from Art and Soul. I realized what a wonderful place to share my art, photo's and inspirations of my heart. I have been so blessed to travel, meet people and have deep thoughts about what ever I have encountered. My friends hardly have the time to keep up with it all. But in Blogging I can put it out there. Now they can read and see my work in their leisure.

I still was not really sure if I knew how to do this and I needed help. A
artist friend and I had just left one of my favorite artists "Shannon Playford" annual open studio party. . We went walking on the new hip artistic Alberta Street of Portland ,Oregon and ran into "Collage" a store open until midnight on Friday nights. Being inspired by Shannon's work and my recent time at Art and Soul we went in knowing that of course we needed more art supplies to keep us going in the right direction. There on the magazine rack lay "Artful Blogging" by Somerset Studios. I looked at it and thought Oh my there is my answer!

What a sublime magazine. With it laying by my bedside I lavished in the beauty of the words and images of others artists with the same struggles and dreams as mine. Now I had the courage to jumped into magical space of Blogging......

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Shoes that make me think of Venice, Italy -my favorite city.
A quick picture in the elevator at the historic Arts and Crafts department store from
1900's called Liberty's in London UK.
Posing as an elf for a drawing for my children's book.


I got a cool little email about my pictures I posted on flickr of my time at Art and Soul. My new blog friend wrote:

"love all your little photos of yourself as you tried to get pics of yourself. LOVE the striped tights and pointy toed shoes! So cute! Love your hats, etc... I don't know if I would have the bravery to not only try to take self pics but post them too??? Something in your photos caught a fun spirit within yourself, that I saw... THANK YOU for sharing your photos."

This past year has been my year for becoming whole. I think taking and sharing my pictures is part of my effort to accept myself completely. Some professionals say "people don't like themselves if they don't want there photo taken." Another friend once told me to "look back at pictures of your self years ago. When you look at them you well see how really cute you were years ago. But at the time you thought they were awful. So start enjoying them now!" I thought that was very freeing. One reason I like taking my own pictures is that I just discovered no one sees me like I see me in the mirror. So I tried it! The one of me on the first post was the first one I took in the mirror of my kitchen. I had a blast taking my own pictures all over the place in Europe.(above I am in the elevator at Liberties of London, my favorite store, a Arts and Crafts style building) I also took pictures of my self with no makeup and in stupid snoring pose.. I am working on a little children's book on a gnome/elf. I needed reference pictures to draw from. I realized when I could look at myself bags, sags, and all and still like me and my funny faces that I am finally getting somewhere!

I saw the most beautiful older woman who owned a store in up state NY. I loved her outfit and
I asked to take her picture. After I got home and looked at the photo I saw that she had lots of wrinkles and really wasn't very pretty but to me she was so beautiful. Her joy and soul sang out. We take pictures to see our spirit, record the moment and our love for others and ourselves.

A few suggestions. Take ton's of pictures, like at lest 36 or more. Throw away the ugly ones! If you have jowls and saggy neck like I do, SMILE AND LIFT YOUR CHIN. If you smile too hard you have 10 double chins. So keep after it. Oh yea, and the soft focus helps. And when I get to the part were nothing will help, (or I don't care anymore) and I still like my pictures I will have arrived. I have found out so much about myself and blessing your self is a wonderful thing!

Monday, October 22, 2007


It's official! I have joined the multi media art world!!!!
I thought it would be fun to show what I used to make this painting.
I was inspired by a photo I saw. The baby in the photo was so interesting but the woman's face was odd.
I also had this great art book a new friend of mine, Carol, gave me and I could look at paintings and choose whatever I wanted to use as the face. I loved this Madonna.
Finally, the process of collage causes all these happy accidents to happen.
Thinking of my friend, Karen, from Canada who loves to wear her furs, made me look for a jaguar fur to put on the woman. So much fun and so many ways to go. But as you see, I went another way.
I think of my son...and King Arthur...and Christ...and a hip mother...and someday a sweet many dreams. Even of myself..... and then cool nights with the stars and crystal like fog.
This is my style....romantic.....mystical.
Yes, I have joined the magical multi media art world! And of course, the wings, and crown~much like the Symbolist painters from the early 1900's. I was blessed to see their work when I was in Belgium at the Art museum. (Brussels is the Capital of Art Nouveau)
Now I have a perfect medium to use to get to that kind of place quickly. The painting took three days. I am so thrilled with it!!!! But you should see my studio and house! Geez, I didn't want to eat, clean up, or go to bed at a decent hour for two of the days. Everything is everywhere. How do we balance this artist thing? I see that I am a perfectionist. I really didn't know that until I started this painting. Others have said so but I just thought things needed to look good. I hope I can let go a little more as I move on in this journey.
I went to Art and Soul to help me open up and have fun. But I got bogged down in scanning the faces and sizing them just right to fit, and then how would the hands go under the baby, looking for pictures of moms with babies in their arms....phew..... I am having it's time to flow a little more..... maybe that is what it takes.....I believe I will learn more about myself and the process the more I work....after all, I am new at kind and give yourself time.....

"Without symbols our lives would be as spiritually impoverished as sleep without dreams..." Tom Chetwynd

Oxford Dictionary: Symbolist art seeks special symbols to express the essence of things by suggestion. It engages the viewer by appealing to the heart, personality and unconscious mind, as well as the intellect.

I enclose a little email I wrote about the experience I went through going to Art and Soul.

I believe the Creative self is very close to the Child self and it
very fragile. For me I went to the Art and Soul for a little art
therapy to get back in touch with the childlike joy of art and not be
hampered by the critical voice of my step grandmother who raised me to age 10.
I was not encouraged as the artist I am it was the 50's and grandmother was from
the 1920's were you didn't praise gifts in fear of giving the child a "big head". So I
learned not to value my gift. I even went to Art School and got a degree in Art
but in the end the arrogance of some of the professors did their damage to a
already wounded artist girl. Looking at the Art and Soul website made me think
this would be a great place to help me accept my self as an artist
just as it seemed the instructors and participates had. It seemed to
be a place more about the "Heart or the Artist" then University atmosphere had
been. So I came to Art and Soul to go further down the path and journey back to
my artist identity and gift.

Of course I didn't expect Art and Soul to fix all my problems but it
did go a long way in helping me take back my Joy of Art with all of
the Love and understanding that was expressed. I saw other people who
had the same frustrations and their processes of working through it.


While in France this summer I started taking pictures of myself in mirrors for the fun of it and to prove I really was there. I am the photographer in my family so I never get my picture taken. And then when I signed up for Art and Soul they asked us to bring pictures of ourself. So I had already practiced. This was so fun getting to be creative taking my own picture for a change!!


Here is the begining of my Self Portrait.
The adventure has begun.


Misty Mawn and me at Vendor Night. The Gift in her inspires the gift in me!!!

I started a blog before I had one. So I will start with my post that I made while attending Art and Soul. My journey starts now..........
What comes from the Heart goes to the Heart!

Sunday - Oct. 6th -

My head is filled with beauty and my heart is filled with joy!!! I am in the midst of Art and Soul........ What is that?
An art retreat with classes day and night, wonderful people who love beauty and expression coming both to teach and to take art classes. I didn't even know it existed until 2 weeks ago. I have been dancing around my self as an Artist for my whole life. Ambivalent with this nagging love hate relationship with my art and others as artists.
But now today I am coming together. All the pieces of my heart are calling to each other, come and take joy, come I am waiting for you, come let us fall into the pool of Beauty.

The first pool was Misty Mawn who was like a little soft muted mist maiden lifting off the pond and secretly flying through the trees on her way to disappear into the morning light.

I took 2 classes with Misty. Of all the artists teaching, her work called to me the most from reading the class lists and going to her blog.
(Even her Blog made me realize I needed one, my Myspace was good but I needed more expression)
The gift in her was drawing the gift in me, deep calls to deep and she blessed me so much. Reading her blog touched me and helped me to see my self as artist. It has been a progressive thing especially over the past year. Knowing myself as artist, excepting the Gift in me as Good and worthy.

When I got to her class signs painting the way. She was an only child like me, she named her son Jade like I named my son Jade. She is 31, my son is 31. Both of us were drawn to that name.

I was teaching jewelry and crafts while doing my student teaching and pregnant. My son's first name was Bezaleel. But I would call him by his middle name Jade. Bezaleel was the first Artist named in the Bible, Exodus 31. The art school in Jerusalem is Called Bezalel Art School. I didn't fully understand the name until after I named him. Bezel is the part of jewelry that holds and PROTECTS the stone. El is for Elohiem. Jade is a precious stone. So my son's name is "A precious stone in the protection of God".

Misty's son is called Jade Elliot Mawn. "JEM" He too is a precious stone.
I always thought a name was for the child. I knew it needed to mean something. But now I see the ancients used names for them self's. If they had a child it was often about what their dreams or pains where. Like Jabez , he was named that because his mother had a long and hard labor. I had a hard and long 3 day labor. My son JAde BEZaeel.

So something in common about our precious gifts, a precious jewel and stones in our sons. Some how in me I have been in the protection of God and so has my creation Jade. Maybe the jade is the precious gift, the jewel of Artistic talent I was given the creative gift protected until I could see and use it freely.

I have so much to say I am looking forward to this blog so I can get it out of my heart and onto the page. The history of my journey.

Anyway just being in the class was so wonderful. I learned lots of new materials and how to put them together. She is so free. Building wonderful backgrounds that just ache for putting all the painting and photos I have on to them. I am so happy!!!!!!

I went to the Vendor night. people stood in line for 1 hour. I was eating with my new friend and artist Liz McDonald. We had so much fun talking about our painting and how collage could be part of it. Our table was in the atrium garden and the line formed on the other side of the iron fence and koi pond. I thought oh my there won't be anything left at Misty's table but all her paintings though reasonable where over my budget at this time anyway. So why wait in line? But right as we finished eating the people went in. We grabbed our check, paid and flew into the hall after them.

Making a beeline to Misty's table just to see her work before people bought it all and it was wrapped away. But low and behold she had 3 small works!!! (Someone had bought a couple of my photo's for $40 so I had a little cash.) Misty had the most beautiful little piece at the right price. And I had it in my hands and bought it!!! She was happy and said it was right for me to have it.

I thought she meant because it was whites and neutrals like my house and decor. But when I got it home I saw what she meant. It said " a song for you" She knows me as a singer. I have one song on my, She loves my voice, and there was the piece in my hands!!!

I have so much more to say but now I have a Blog and so I can finish each day's story. So I am off to another class this morning. A big self portrait!