Misty Mawn and me at Vendor Night. The Gift in her inspires the gift in me!!!

I started a blog before I had one. So I will start with my post that I made while attending Art and Soul. My journey starts now..........
What comes from the Heart goes to the Heart!

Sunday - Oct. 6th -

My head is filled with beauty and my heart is filled with joy!!! I am in the midst of Art and Soul........ What is that?
An art retreat with classes day and night, wonderful people who love beauty and expression coming both to teach and to take art classes. I didn't even know it existed until 2 weeks ago. I have been dancing around my self as an Artist for my whole life. Ambivalent with this nagging love hate relationship with my art and others as artists.
But now today I am coming together. All the pieces of my heart are calling to each other, come and take joy, come I am waiting for you, come let us fall into the pool of Beauty.

The first pool was Misty Mawn who was like a little soft muted mist maiden lifting off the pond and secretly flying through the trees on her way to disappear into the morning light.

I took 2 classes with Misty. Of all the artists teaching, her work called to me the most from reading the class lists and going to her blog.
(Even her Blog made me realize I needed one, my Myspace was good but I needed more expression)
The gift in her was drawing the gift in me, deep calls to deep and she blessed me so much. Reading her blog touched me and helped me to see my self as artist. It has been a progressive thing especially over the past year. Knowing myself as artist, excepting the Gift in me as Good and worthy.

I have so much to say I am looking forward to this blog so I can get it out of my heart and onto the page. The history of my journey.

Anyway just being in the class was so wonderful. I learned lots of new materials and how to put them together. She is so free. Building wonderful backgrounds that just ache for putting all the painting and photos I have on to them. I am so happy!!!!!!

I went to the Vendor night. people stood in line for 1 hour. I was eating with my new friend and artist Liz McDonald. We had so much fun talking about our painting and how collage could be part of it. Our table was in the atrium garden and the line formed on the other side of the iron fence and koi pond. I thought oh my there won't be anything left at Misty's table but all her paintings though reasonable where over my budget at this time anyway. So why wait in line? But right as we finished eating the people went in. We grabbed our check, paid and flew into the hall after them.

Making a beeline to Misty's table just to see her work before people bought it all and it was wrapped away. But low and behold she had 3 small works!!! (Someone had bought a couple of my photo's for $40 so I had a little cash.) Misty had the most beautiful little piece at the right price. And I had it in my hands and bought it!!! She was happy and said it was right for me to have it.

I thought she meant because it was whites and neutrals like my house and decor. But when I got it home I saw what she meant. It said " a song for you" She knows me as a singer. I have one song on my, She loves my voice, and there was the piece in my hands!!!

I have so much more to say but now I have a Blog and so I can finish each day's story. So I am off to another class this morning. A big self portrait!


One word... with tears in my eyes...

juliaD said…
I have just read your november blog about starting a blog, and meeting Misty, and buying the picture that was so right for you. I am not usually so effected by blogs but felt tears rolling down my cheeks. You have touched my heart. And I want to thank you for being so open and authentic...I feel so much like you as I struggle to let go of "perfectionism", makes it sound like a dis-ease, but I too thought I was only trying to do things "right"...when there is no right way is there?!, once you join with others doing their art you see there are many ways to express our creativity....
I hope you have a wonderfully surprising artistic year!

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