Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hi I am only beginning to use the Art journal.
I have had a prayer journal for years. But it is a wonderful way to have my Art be part of my deep heart desires. I love doing this.

Thank you Suzi for helping to inspire me. I also love her painting on her blog "Devil & Blu"
"We all can resist Devils when they come courting at our door!"
Suzi Blu recent video on "Using Accordion page's in Your Journal" gave me the idea to make a little page that opened!!! so I could put the little secret in it...
I have always loved Pomegranates from the first time I saw them as a child. I just love to buy them and eat the little red rubys out of them, seeds and all. I drew them on Pottery in Art School. I now see they are part of my Deep Heart. They mean Favor of God , Blessings and Fruitfulness. Yes I need FAVOR for my Birthday Year and for the Children's story I wrote that I am in the middle of illustrating right now!

Sunday, January 27, 2008




"St. Patrick in the Spirit" John Doan
film by Deirdra Doan

While many films require a suspension of disbelief, August Rush asks viewers to terminate their disbelief without severance and have security escort it from the building," writes Alonso Duralde for MSNBC.

Last night my husband & I saw the movie AUGUST RUSH....What a inspiring and wonderful movie. Why??? What was it that pulled and pushed on my heart and spirit??? I knew it inspired me to pray and cry out for my Dreams to be full filled. Long dreams and projects that seemed to get lost the further away in the minutes, days, and years that have past since they were first conceived !! The fire that blazed turns into embers and then ashes.... I promised my self and God as I sat in the theater that I would not Forget and I would cry out for the completion of these precious projects.

This morning when I awoke I realized what the movie said to me... The movie was about FAITH.

This little boy so innocent and alive, little August, held on to his the face of cruelty and years passing he held on to his FAITH...His belief was his Faith.

The boys at the orphanage hated him! Why....because his faith threatened them...they had long ago LOST their faith that their parents would love them or ever find them, they had turned it into bitterness. August's FAITH reminded them of their pain, they couldn't handle it they wanted to beat it out of him...he would not recount it...and then the boy in the upper bunk said "Oh August is just a Freak". Yes he is just a freak they thought then they could let him else could he believe..they were pacified, because if he was right they had failed they were truly left unloved and had to face the PAIN that their Bitterness, Pessimistic, Sarcastic, Cynical
hatred for the world (and God) had covered and buried long ago.

As I looked up the reviews of the movie "August Rush" many people were like those boys, they said the movie was insipid , romantic dribble...of course they too had long lost their Faith. They are only left with hardness and their personal view of reality where Dreams never come true. "August Rush" threatened them! They didn't want their House of Cards to come crashing down.

When I was in Belgium at the Brussels Art museum there was an amazing painting. A poor peasant family had stopped to have lunch. They sat down in the mud, no shoes, and the father took his little hat off his bald head and bowed to say his Grace over the tiny piece of old bread. All the children had their hands folded and head down. But not the wife. She was looking on with disdain at her could he believe in a God that would do them so wrong! It was life size and it moved me deeply. I saw how the hardships and misunderstandings of war, famine and pain had harden this women's heart. I realized that faith was lost for many of the people Europe. They felt abandoned. But if only one knew that Faith was the answer!! Faith would bring life... hold on hold on to the Dream....IT WILL COME TO PASS!!!!

I will hold on and press into my Faith that my Artistic projects will come to fulfillment in this year New Year!!

I shot a wonderful Video in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England of John Doan my husband and his music. It took a year just to get all of the video's organized. I shot 30 hours. I had never done video before! (Videographers told me I had done a wonderful job)

It took a couple years to find the right editor. I had a big dream that it would be on Public TV. We took it to LA and found out our budget was too small. A wonderful friend had invested some money in the project. When we got it back it was good but not great as the editor was rushed and frustrated.

I worked on it with another editor who tried to teach me. It was so over my head but we did get a few pieces finished. It is the "Patrick in the Spirit" video I posted. Then a wonderful friend and student of John's worked on it for us for a year. He made it so very beautiful!!! Unfortunately when we got it back the work was done in a program that caused some strange digital effects. I spent 2 months just trying to get all the original pieces back from auto saves and put it back on the "Time Line" that allows you to adjust it again. It was beautiful but need some tweaking and out put at a high level called "codex's" Then it went into the hands of another wonderful friend who is trying to get fixed so we can submit it to Public Television. It needs to be at a high level to even be considered by the Big Boy world.

So I give you a taste of the project at the top of the page. I have a new and better version but that is saved for when the project is finished.

I also have a Children's book I have been working on for 4 years. The manuscript is done. I am now in the illustration process. I took a class last year in illustration and I am now working on the "Dummy" book to submit for a critic at a Children's book conferance.

Finally I have my new Christmas song...

So you see I have 3 very important Dreams to hold on to and have Faith for.....I WILL BELIEVE AND HAVE THE FAITH.........AUGUST REMINDED ME TO HOLD ON AND BELIEVE.......BELIEVE WITH ME...!!! Love Love

Friday, January 25, 2008


I have been painting a Valentine Queen for a charm swap I was involved with. We were to make 52 charms. A feat for a girl who has never even made one. But I bellied up to the table and got her done! (not without lots of whining and complaining though) I am looking forward to seeing all them when I get back 50!!! It will be like being a little kid in 1st grade opening your Valentine box!!!

I want to make a video of how I did them so I am saving that for later. I also took the oil painting I used for the Charm and made it into a full piece of Art for a gallery show in Independence Oregon. The show is called "Wild Women" and the piece has to have to do with the theme of women issues. So it was perfect.

I submitted it with "Hope" the mixed media piece of the Mother & Child you can see on my blog. I called my Heart Queen painting work "The Gift". I used the new techniques of mixed media and collage as in the other works and tried the Bees Wax for the first time.

I was inspired by a painting of "King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba" by Konrad Witz (1435) I love the works of the 14oo's. I used a collage that I manipulated in Photo Shop and then cut it out and placed it on the canvas and painted over it. I made a video of what I was doing in some of the steps and plan to make it available sometime.

I have thought a lot about the work. I turned the Queens Chalice that represented her Gold & Treasure's (her money) into a Heart and gave her a Heart Crown. I realize that if you look at what you spend your money on it really shows where your heart is. Or likewise if you want to see where a person's heart is look at what they spend their money on. (my sweet husbands heart is sure towards me if you look at our bank account ;>) If you want your heart to go towards something or someone put your money towards that and your Heart will happily follow that path.

I want my Heart go after God. It only takes pleasing the King to be Blessed! Look at Sheba, she left with way more than she gave.

Historically whenever people come before King's or Great people they bring a gift. Even if the King doesn't need it it shows were the Heart of the giver is and how loyal they are towards him.

"Wherever your Treasure is, there your Heart and thoughts will also be” Luke 12:34

Blessings on "The Gift" of your HEART this coming Valentines season.

Love Love Deirdra

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Here is my I 5 Painting. I started this Christmas gift of my stepdaughter Bree in the Green Room while my husband was performing His Victorian Christmas Show. Then I finished it going 70 mph down the freeway on our way to San Francisco to have Christmas with Bree. We had Christmas in the RV at North Beach, SF. Then we went to the "Stinky Bulb" a garlic featured Italian restaurant with the cute little canvas cabana's and chandeliers over each table. So special. She loved the painting and I took these pictures at her darling little artist Haight-Ashbury Apt.


Christmas: so so fun this year! I gave gifts of little paintings and art journal boxes to family and friends. While getting ready for Christmas I heard this wonderful little tune. "It's Christmas It's Christmas were busy making things pretty, Full days filling stockings, bright lights, late nights, it's Christmas." More verses came with each thing I was doing, "The kitchens filled with fruit cakes, brandy, where's the brandy, Honey will you find it!" (my first fruitcake, mmmmh so good, no citrus, lots of cherries)And on and on.

I sang it to anyone who would listen, in the car while friends in Woodland Hills took us to see lights at Candy Cane Lane, every Christmas celebration we were at, to shop keepers. I called it my home made song, like at homemade gift.....

Soon my great composer husband couldn't get it out of his head and he had to work on it and make it Wonderful just to get it out of his head. He heard in a dream Josh Groban singing it and orchestration and wonderful children's choirs. He was waving his arms around in is PJ's one morning conducting it all!!!

So I will keep you posted on it's success. If anyone has any connections in the music world we are going to see where it will go. We sang it at a New Years Party and everyone said it is a instant Classic. These were writers and musicians. My writer friend said it was like she has always known it. The some of the words are different now, we keep the great parts and added new words.

My other writer friend Sara Wiseman wrote.
"I love the song! it's fabulous, very addictive tune and the words bring forth all of the remembrances of the season."
(By the way she is a great freelance writer and does MARKETING SERVICES if you need anything done go to her site. She edited my children's book and it is GREAT!!! click here Wiseman Creative)

I believe it was Gods Christmas gift to me this year. It has been warming my heart all month. I can't tell you how comforting it is to sing it and hear others play it. Our friend who plays the mandolin played it and it was magic!! (He is the one with the beard)