Hi I am only beginning to use the Art journal.
I have had a prayer journal for years. But it is a wonderful way to have my Art be part of my deep heart desires. I love doing this.

Thank you Suzi for helping to inspire me. I also love her painting on her blog "Devil & Blu"
"We all can resist Devils when they come courting at our door!"
Suzi Blu recent video on "Using Accordion page's in Your Journal" gave me the idea to make a little page that opened!!! so I could put the little secret in it...
I have always loved Pomegranates from the first time I saw them as a child. I just love to buy them and eat the little red rubys out of them, seeds and all. I drew them on Pottery in Art School. I now see they are part of my Deep Heart. They mean Favor of God , Blessings and Fruitfulness. Yes I need FAVOR for my Birthday Year and for the Children's story I wrote that I am in the middle of illustrating right now!


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday dear nice to have your birthday on the last day of a month. mine is on the first day of a month. ;-) I hope you had a wonderful birthday! so glad you are art journaling..I need to do that,too! I love it so much, but get caught up in other things.
When I was in grade school I took a pomegranate in for show in tell, i was so in awe of it that i had to share it, they are wonderful, aren't they!
Happy Birthday!!! xoxoxo
Joan said…
Beautiful you!!!

I am so sorry I missed your birthday :(

Happy Beautiful Blessed Bithday to you!!

I love your journal pages.
Suzi got me art journaling again too, what a wonderful place for creative excavation!

Ephesians 4:21 change the spirit of your mind...

oh, I love that reminder.
That one gets posted on my fridge today.

I am going to see if it is possible to put the first tokbox video you sent me on my blog the same way we load youtube vids.
I would love to share you with my treasured bloggy girls!!

Much love to you beautiful Deirdra, and Happy belated birthday.

Deirdra--Your journal pages are beautiful!! I love them!!

Thank you for the nice comment that you left on my blog!!

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