"St. Patrick in the Spirit" John Doan
film by Deirdra Doan

While many films require a suspension of disbelief, August Rush asks viewers to terminate their disbelief without severance and have security escort it from the building," writes Alonso Duralde for MSNBC.

Last night my husband & I saw the movie AUGUST RUSH....What a inspiring and wonderful movie. Why??? What was it that pulled and pushed on my heart and spirit??? I knew it inspired me to pray and cry out for my Dreams to be full filled. Long dreams and projects that seemed to get lost the further away in the minutes, days, and years that have past since they were first conceived !! The fire that blazed turns into embers and then ashes.... I promised my self and God as I sat in the theater that I would not Forget and I would cry out for the completion of these precious projects.

This morning when I awoke I realized what the movie said to me... The movie was about FAITH.

This little boy so innocent and alive, little August, held on to his the face of cruelty and years passing he held on to his FAITH...His belief was his Faith.

The boys at the orphanage hated him! Why....because his faith threatened them...they had long ago LOST their faith that their parents would love them or ever find them, they had turned it into bitterness. August's FAITH reminded them of their pain, they couldn't handle it they wanted to beat it out of him...he would not recount it...and then the boy in the upper bunk said "Oh August is just a Freak". Yes he is just a freak they thought then they could let him else could he believe..they were pacified, because if he was right they had failed they were truly left unloved and had to face the PAIN that their Bitterness, Pessimistic, Sarcastic, Cynical
hatred for the world (and God) had covered and buried long ago.

As I looked up the reviews of the movie "August Rush" many people were like those boys, they said the movie was insipid , romantic dribble...of course they too had long lost their Faith. They are only left with hardness and their personal view of reality where Dreams never come true. "August Rush" threatened them! They didn't want their House of Cards to come crashing down.

When I was in Belgium at the Brussels Art museum there was an amazing painting. A poor peasant family had stopped to have lunch. They sat down in the mud, no shoes, and the father took his little hat off his bald head and bowed to say his Grace over the tiny piece of old bread. All the children had their hands folded and head down. But not the wife. She was looking on with disdain at her could he believe in a God that would do them so wrong! It was life size and it moved me deeply. I saw how the hardships and misunderstandings of war, famine and pain had harden this women's heart. I realized that faith was lost for many of the people Europe. They felt abandoned. But if only one knew that Faith was the answer!! Faith would bring life... hold on hold on to the Dream....IT WILL COME TO PASS!!!!

I will hold on and press into my Faith that my Artistic projects will come to fulfillment in this year New Year!!

I shot a wonderful Video in Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England of John Doan my husband and his music. It took a year just to get all of the video's organized. I shot 30 hours. I had never done video before! (Videographers told me I had done a wonderful job)

It took a couple years to find the right editor. I had a big dream that it would be on Public TV. We took it to LA and found out our budget was too small. A wonderful friend had invested some money in the project. When we got it back it was good but not great as the editor was rushed and frustrated.

I worked on it with another editor who tried to teach me. It was so over my head but we did get a few pieces finished. It is the "Patrick in the Spirit" video I posted. Then a wonderful friend and student of John's worked on it for us for a year. He made it so very beautiful!!! Unfortunately when we got it back the work was done in a program that caused some strange digital effects. I spent 2 months just trying to get all the original pieces back from auto saves and put it back on the "Time Line" that allows you to adjust it again. It was beautiful but need some tweaking and out put at a high level called "codex's" Then it went into the hands of another wonderful friend who is trying to get fixed so we can submit it to Public Television. It needs to be at a high level to even be considered by the Big Boy world.

So I give you a taste of the project at the top of the page. I have a new and better version but that is saved for when the project is finished.

I also have a Children's book I have been working on for 4 years. The manuscript is done. I am now in the illustration process. I took a class last year in illustration and I am now working on the "Dummy" book to submit for a critic at a Children's book conferance.

Finally I have my new Christmas song...

So you see I have 3 very important Dreams to hold on to and have Faith for.....I WILL BELIEVE AND HAVE THE FAITH.........AUGUST REMINDED ME TO HOLD ON AND BELIEVE.......BELIEVE WITH ME...!!! Love Love


SisterJulia said…
Hi Deirdra

This post is so lovely, the film of your husband talking and playing is quite enchanting. I was amazed to hear the story of St Patrick and his prayer as I know this prayer as a travel protection charm but with Archangel Michael. I had just chickened out of writing it in a comment for Suzi blu's journey! It was lovely to hear the story told. I look forward to seeing the whole programme on the mainstream Telly.

2008 is a brilliant year for driving forward on projects and defining self, 2009 will follow up nicely by taking things created in 2008 into service for us all...keep the faith

P.S. I love the little dreaming of Klimt pic on your page.
Joan said…
"I will hold on and press into my Faith that my Artistic projects will come to fulfillment in this year New Year!!"

Dear friend, I totally stand in agreement with you concerning this proclamation of Faith, as this is my proclamation for the year too.

The video of your husband is just gorgeous.
We knew he was an extremely gifted musician, but what an enchanting storyteller as well.

How blessed you both must be to share such incredible giftings.

Thank you for your art, your faith, your inspiration, and your continued journey that you share here.

For God has called us 'Blessed'.


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