Here is my I 5 Painting. I started this Christmas gift of my stepdaughter Bree in the Green Room while my husband was performing His Victorian Christmas Show. Then I finished it going 70 mph down the freeway on our way to San Francisco to have Christmas with Bree. We had Christmas in the RV at North Beach, SF. Then we went to the "Stinky Bulb" a garlic featured Italian restaurant with the cute little canvas cabana's and chandeliers over each table. So special. She loved the painting and I took these pictures at her darling little artist Haight-Ashbury Apt.


Sweet Petunia said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your work is lovely and congratulations on your award. I do plan on attending Katie's workshop. Will you be there?
Bonjour Deirdra! I am delighted to meet you, your blog is charming, so is your art! Please come and visit my blog more often, I will visit yours regularly! And do not forget to participate in my YEAR OF THE RAT ART EVENT CONTEST on February 7 2008. A bientôt! LuLu
Unknown said…
Hi Deirdra. Thank you for stopping by. Your work is lovely too. Is that an actual picture of Bree's head. How neat.

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