Thursday, November 29, 2007


I am so thankful for the love of beauty.
This Darling little girl in Paris just appeared out of my brush while I was messing about showing a friend how to make collage!! I made her into another altered book. It is so fun to practice on a little project. I am booking a concert trip to Paris in May. And this cutie is reminding me of the wonderful trip coming!

(Its a surprise for Sat.,a little present for my friends 50 birthday!!!...she is so cute and her eyes with sparkle when she see's it. She loves the Eiffel tower.....;>)

Friday, November 16, 2007


The painting I just finished is called "Hope". All my creative words were absorbed into the paint. So I will let them speak to your heart.

I am thankful today for Hope!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I am Thankful for a very loyal and loving son. My son's name is Bezaleel Jade. In an earlier post I explain the meaning of his name. But Bezaleel was the first Artist named in the Scriptures in EX 31. I call him Jade because he is a precious, like the jewel stone jade. He fills my heart with Life!!

Monday, November 12, 2007


I am so Happy because of the wonderful artist community of Women I have found who are encouraging me to paint and be who I was made to be. Suzi Blu is one of the most loving art encourager's. Enjoy her with me!

I am thankful for my many friends close (like Gay) and far who are cheering me on and we are going together down this rainbow road of creativity. Come take Joy with US!!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Today I finished a "Self Portrait" started in class at Art and Soul. I made it red because we have this wonderful show at Christmas each year in my town of Salem Oregon. It is called "Something Red". Someday when we are all famous the art historians will write and say, "we don't know why but the artists of Salem used red in so many of their paintings?" Every friend of mine in town starting Sept. turns every painting they have red!

I didn't know were it was going till I started to finish it. (You can see the old version at in my Oct. entries.) With the wonderful Chinese Umbrella that I was holding I thought I would go to my Chinese zines and old books and see what I could find. I carved a wonderful "Double Blessing" stamps and stamped them into hot glue on wax paper. I then painted them and placed them on the painting. I took a coin from China and a Jade leaf and strung it as well as used turquoise for my necklace and earrings. I sewed them on the painting as I learned in Traci Bunker's class and used stencils and stamps on the side as learned in Misty's class. I am so thankful for all I learned so I could have the tools to pull this off.

As things unfolded I knew what the painting was really about.

I was very sick in my 20's and 30's. I had chronic fatigue as well as other problems. When my husband was invited to be the "Oregon Cultural Representative" to the Fugen Province of China. I was unable to go. The trip was very long, busy and stressful but magical and beautiful. My husband wrote the most beautiful music so I got to feel it through the music. One song he wrote called "Bamboo Raft on 9 Twist River", while rafting down with his 20 string harp guitar a river that poets would go to to be inspired. It was a 8 hour drive to get there in the back of a very fast, stinky van. But what a trip of a life time.

I realized when I painted this that I could go now! I am healed and full of energy and life. This is because God answered my prayer that if he would heal me I could help others. With natural health, forgiveness prayers and a wonderful group of people who have prayed for and with me over the years I am now having the time of my life.

The trip to China was in December and the painting is for the December Art show, how moving. God really does restore the years the canker worm had stolen.

I wrote the prayer of thanksgiving on the Painting.

"Gratefully she whispered into her Lovers ear,
NOW I can go to CHINA".....

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I am thankful for the kindest and most loving husband for 27 years. He has truly blessed me. And if that is not enough he plays the most beautiful music as I go to sleep. I also have traveled the nation and Europe with His music career. My heart is full!!

You can hear him at...

Monday, November 5, 2007


November as inspired by my friends Kecia and Jan is the month listing your Blessing each day for Thanksgiving, So this is my first one. My Art studio is in the unfinished part of my house. To make it usable I hung drop cloths on the walls and table. It was lined in silver to cover the insulation. It is awaiting sheet rock and a Murphy Bed and closets. Since I mostly painted landscapes out doors my studio was not that important to me. But now!! Wow, I need it for all those mix media bits and fun collage pieces. So when I added another table I realized it was time to have fun with COLOR!

So 4 hours at Walmart, Goodwill, Big Lots and Joanne Fabric's and I had the makings of my new Art Studio.

Lots of new drawers and storage places. I bought cool paisley brown/beige sheets for the futon. I found the greatest turquoise and brown polka dot fabric for my tables. I finished by covering everything with clear plastic to keep the paint off. It is so beautiful now but whew it smells like a children's
plastic swimming pool. I hope it out gases soon, I keep the window open.

I love the canning jars I found at Goodwill while cruising for turquoise containers. The collector I meet at the glass shelves section gave me an education on the collectiblity of them. He said they are from 1908 or so. I guess there are a few out there worth $1000 but he keeps looking and hasn't found one yet. I just like how pretty they are. They just glisten and sparkle in the window.

But the next best part is my new mood lighting system. I got the coolest blue green hair curlers and stuffed icicles twinkle lights into them and hung them over the window. Now I have polka dot lights to go with my polka dot art tables...

I am having so much fun....And I am so Thankful to have my own room for my Art and the money to buy the Art supplies and items to decorate it with.....I thank my darling husband and my amazing God.