I am so thankful for the love of beauty.
This Darling little girl in Paris just appeared out of my brush while I was messing about showing a friend how to make collage!! I made her into another altered book. It is so fun to practice on a little project. I am booking a concert trip to Paris in May. And this cutie is reminding me of the wonderful trip coming!

(Its a surprise for Sat.,a little present for my friends 50 birthday!!!...she is so cute and her eyes with sparkle when she see's it. She loves the Eiffel tower.....;>)


Unknown said…

Your little French girl is precious. Perhaps you could, also, do an Irish girl in front of a Celtic High Cross!


Carols said…
Dear Deirda,

Your loving kindness show in all of your art.

We can't wait to get a copy of John's Christmas DVD.

Anyways, have a great weekend.

Love, Carols

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