Saturday, June 26, 2010

Art for Birthday magic land of the Franks.....Germany

Check out Andy Langs music and
Corien the Birthday girls husband...

Deirdra's painting for Coriens Birthday..... While in the land of the Franks....we spent time with a wonderful musician...Andy Lang...
in is Aundy...he plays the harp and sings...His beautiful Dutch wife is an Art therapist...she gave me a little art therpy while looking at one of my paintings...and the tears came..

So for her birthday I painted her this painting...she is the Queen..Corein..
Andy's muse...he is represented in the little fiqure of the passionate violin player...
the little birds are her children...the wings are from Amsterdam ...her country...

But as I painted I showed her some of the mixed media techniques...and she was so happy...she said it was addictive..the children ran wild realizing mom was so passionate to paint...they took all the bankets...pillows...dolls and a jar of cherries out to the camp while we painted...

by Corien
and then a little God surprise came...her mother at age 20's poped out on her canvas..for her she painted...her mother is passed away now but it was so wonderful what came through her brush and out of her heart....

Friday, June 11, 2010

Queen of England who secretly loved France...(my dream)

The deep call of painting was calling & I had to take a day to or morning to paint while in Germany. John was recording at Peter Fingers studio's. He is the Acoustic Guitar scene in Germany. He has made it popular her. He has a magazine, festivals, world tours and record label. His beautiful wife is from France near Mirecourt where instruments have been made since the 1700's or sooner. There are lovely little valleys and white cows and woods and Baths around.

The Somerset part of England is a little like it and this Mirecourt areas have been a favorite of mine so far.

Anyway Odell and I had fun talking about France and men and french ways. I wanted to paint her a painting for a house gift. So since I was reading a book about Queen Elizabeth and my husband was showing me many photo's of paintings of women with instruments in history out popped this little mixed media art girl.

(I have been learning such amazing things about Elizabeth and Anne Bolyn her mother...more later.)

I used a stencil I picked up in Wales and a collage piece from Amsterdam..the red swirl. And of course a visit to the art store in Germany for the gold paint. Odell loves red she is.

I am looking forward to sharing more photo's and info on my trip as time allows..or when I get home..

Summer Blessings,

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sarah Fairy Doll From London!

More London...after the V&A museum we got on a bus to go to the Antique and Posh section of London to see the Portobello Market area. It was not really open as it was not a weekend but we saw many fun posh things in stead of Sarah of London would say... (More on Sarah at the end of this post.)
Interesting use of box wood and ivy..from the bus window.

Girls coming home from school....
In there very very Posh private school hats and too Cute!

A lovely shop....wish my suit case was bigger.

Girls wearing fun cloths...
I liked these paintings in the back of a handmade clothing shop.

I think Princess Di use to live and shop in this area...
And of course we have Notting Hill.....I know from the movie!!!

My husband and I parted ways..he went home to our hosts home to talk guitars and I took a tub to see Sarah in Greenwich on the South side of the Thames were King Henry the 8th was born...more about that area later... The tube was hot and stinky at rush hour..old and I had to get my little cream out of my belly bag and hold it on my was like the Tussie-Mussie that the ladies of Old had to put to there noses...but it was worth it when the Darling Sarah picked me up in her new little car.
She is such a cute London Bird....we has fun talking about dolls. She showed me her amazing collection of dolls she has bought. And also her own wonderful doll creations. I couldn't resist one little cutie and so we traded dolls. When I get home I will post the photo's of our trades.
I wish she lived near me. She would fit right into our group of arting friends in Oregon. Here is a photo of her Flat and collections.
Sarah to see more of her lovely dolls..

After a little spot of soup...beet soup that she made we went out side and did a photo session using my Posh camera as she called it. Her dolls looked wonderful in the late evening light. A good camera really does make a difference. I have an older digital SLR Nikon D70. It is a big thing to carry around but worth it! Try B&H cameras NYC used department. I bought mine new and then had to get a used body as I had dropped the camera once and it finally died. (With out a lense I paid about $260.)

More to post time permitted...oxoox

London...first days..

Hi my friends. It is so hard to have time to blog...when I have the time there is no internet to use..and when I don't have the time I can use and here is a little of my trip. I am in Germany now but will just post my trip as I have order..even after I get home...I am really having a fabulous time!!!!

So here we go to Merry Old England..

The first day after a little beauty sleep we went out to a pub in the country in Kent that was from 1400's. The Boo Peep. It is a very fine restaurant.
We celebrated with "Bangers and Mash in Yorkshire Pudding" for Johns Birthday. I had a vegi version..nothing liking mash potatoes...Yorkshire pudding on your first Day!

The weather has been sunny and nice and even hot at times.

The next day we went into London. Taking the train from Orpington in Kent...walking by little darling homes with all the wisteria in bloom.

One of the first things I love to do is go to the National Portrait Gallery and see the Tudor portraits.
Here is a wonderful site with portraits for you to enjoy here

Hitting my favorite places. The Royal Art Museums. After getting off in Charing Cross

we went very quickly to the British Portrait Museum.

Heading straight to my favorite part the Tudors. I love portrait paintings from this time. The wifes of King Henry..and other such lovley people..Elizabeth and all.

There were these very interesting people hanging around the large drawing of King Henry the 8th. It was used to paint the mural of Henry in one of his Palaces. A small version of it is at Hampton Court a beautiful Palace of Henry's that you can still visit. I noticed this English tall man with a little white T shirt, curly hair..his belly peeking out from under his T with tight pants that were slim down to his ankles and little shoes. I knew something was up. I cornered a woman with him and his little group...
She told me they were doing an interview in the Tudor section with David Starkey that evening about British portraits for BBC 4 TV series. How fun...

Henry the 8th....Young and handsome...

when I was a used book store I found a book by David Starkey's on Elizabeth. It has been fasinating...I will tell you more as we go along in our tour. (sorry spell check doesn't work in Germany were I am right now except in German! Please forgive the mistakes)

Next we went to the National Art Museum to see and other show...

It was a sunny day...they said we brought the sun for the first time..every were we go they tell us that ...we are in Germany today and it is sunny!

It is so strange coming from Oregon and walking down the streets of at noon with his beer..
Handsome long haired young man with his leather shachel...
We quickly ran off to the Victoria and Albert to see real paintings of Betrixs Potter flowers and Cecily Mary Barkers Flower Faries..
The Flower Faries are just the size of the little books you see and so perfect. When I was in a little shop of prints they had her hedge row and tree faries...yew and chestnuts and so on...lovely...

They wouldn't let me take photos inside the V&A but I got some photo's of the halls, gardens and places that you eat.
I am overwhelmed with all the beauty.