London...first days..

Hi my friends. It is so hard to have time to blog...when I have the time there is no internet to use..and when I don't have the time I can use and here is a little of my trip. I am in Germany now but will just post my trip as I have order..even after I get home...I am really having a fabulous time!!!!

So here we go to Merry Old England..

The first day after a little beauty sleep we went out to a pub in the country in Kent that was from 1400's. The Boo Peep. It is a very fine restaurant.
We celebrated with "Bangers and Mash in Yorkshire Pudding" for Johns Birthday. I had a vegi version..nothing liking mash potatoes...Yorkshire pudding on your first Day!

The weather has been sunny and nice and even hot at times.

The next day we went into London. Taking the train from Orpington in Kent...walking by little darling homes with all the wisteria in bloom.

One of the first things I love to do is go to the National Portrait Gallery and see the Tudor portraits.
Here is a wonderful site with portraits for you to enjoy here

Hitting my favorite places. The Royal Art Museums. After getting off in Charing Cross

we went very quickly to the British Portrait Museum.

Heading straight to my favorite part the Tudors. I love portrait paintings from this time. The wifes of King Henry..and other such lovley people..Elizabeth and all.

There were these very interesting people hanging around the large drawing of King Henry the 8th. It was used to paint the mural of Henry in one of his Palaces. A small version of it is at Hampton Court a beautiful Palace of Henry's that you can still visit. I noticed this English tall man with a little white T shirt, curly hair..his belly peeking out from under his T with tight pants that were slim down to his ankles and little shoes. I knew something was up. I cornered a woman with him and his little group...
She told me they were doing an interview in the Tudor section with David Starkey that evening about British portraits for BBC 4 TV series. How fun...

Henry the 8th....Young and handsome...

when I was a used book store I found a book by David Starkey's on Elizabeth. It has been fasinating...I will tell you more as we go along in our tour. (sorry spell check doesn't work in Germany were I am right now except in German! Please forgive the mistakes)

Next we went to the National Art Museum to see and other show...

It was a sunny day...they said we brought the sun for the first time..every were we go they tell us that ...we are in Germany today and it is sunny!

It is so strange coming from Oregon and walking down the streets of at noon with his beer..
Handsome long haired young man with his leather shachel...
We quickly ran off to the Victoria and Albert to see real paintings of Betrixs Potter flowers and Cecily Mary Barkers Flower Faries..
The Flower Faries are just the size of the little books you see and so perfect. When I was in a little shop of prints they had her hedge row and tree faries...yew and chestnuts and so on...lovely...

They wouldn't let me take photos inside the V&A but I got some photo's of the halls, gardens and places that you eat.
I am overwhelmed with all the beauty.


Healing Woman said…
You did a great job in posting. I hope to be as lucky to find YFI in Europe when I go later this month.

Really love following you along on your tour. Thanks so much for taking time!
Sally Hutson said…
Glad the weather is fine for you Deirdra. try and visit Kensington Palace and the wonders there. Great for doll lovers.
BumbleVee said…
my goodness Deirdra.....just enjoy yourselves.....forget posting on a blog while travelling!!

there will be plenty of time for that when you return.... better to just make some short notes re; pictures or upload them and date and place them.... then do them with a posting later... after you get home... and don't have to waste important travelling time doing blogging....
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing impressions of London.
I went to college in London and it is still one of my favorite cities.
Will you be coming to our area in August?
Nishant said…
try and visit Kensington Palace and the wonders there. Great
PPC Advertising India
Ooooh! Your trip looks marvelous!!!! Miss you!!!
: ) lulu

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