Friday, October 21, 2011

I love Oil Painting!

Now that my studio is all organized I am free to paint again.
Today I did three little studies and started a large painting.

I love all I have learned in the mixed media class and it has really helped me grow....but..I just love to paint with oil. I used mixed media to make this litttle study for my big oil.

Oil paint is like butter and I don't have to fight with it to get the look I is a fun day...oxox

Paintings and Dear Friends...

Last week my husband had over his dear Japanese Students...the girls were so cute..
Today when I was painting this little oil I thought that my these sweet students and friends of mine influenced how the painting came out. 
 I could just see one of the girls with her hair dyed the painting.
 They are such little dolls.

And then here is our friend Tinh. His photo's of his trip in Vietnam are hung on the wall. He is a guitarist and film maker. I love this photo I just took of him...Such a cutie...

 I am thankful for such joy in my life even if my art studio did have a little melt down....