Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas Puppy video...from me..

Merry new puppy sends you French Kisses for Christmas.

French Bulldog Puppy's Christmas Dream
 My friend Michal and these wonderful German Santa's..I think I should have bought loves Michal...

Lyra took a wonderful spa shower at the reatreat cabin after all her hard film of the star!!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving and Lyra French Bulldog for Christmas.

I found the most beautiful French Pumpkin...looking forward to what it tastes like but will use it at Christmas and decorate with it for Thanksgiving.

Took my sweet new puppy out shopping for more brown transfere bowls for Thanksgiving. She brought so much joy to people. I am truly thankful.

  I really want to run with these ribbon mom......A visit at Emma's in Albany OR...Emma is the name of the little pug who lives there.
 Is Thanksgiving over yet?
Woman with her baby with mine!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Lyra Love New French Bulldog puppy!!

We just got a beautiful new darling puppy Frenchi.
She is bringing so much love to us. 

More later she is keeping me so busy.

Got TREATS? Come visit anytime!!! Lyra

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Nikki in Photoshop: Starting School today!

I am finally working on the last steps of Nikki Nissa and the Christmas Star!

Here is the first page.

I am working with a friend who is giving me a private workshop helping me add the magic.
I need to add night glows and stars and all kinds of beauty...and the new journey begins. Started my workshop school today with all the other students this year. 

This is a youtube to help me along. It is the source of the workshop I am taking.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

French Bulldog Love

Izzy  my Grandpuppy...a French bulldog
I am Gigi to her..but she is my daughter in laws girl!
My daughter in Laws takes great photo's of her sweet little dog.
 I just was in San Diego babysitting my little sweet Izzy. I had to take her photo's.
 She is the most loving funny dog I have ever known.

She dances and wriggles and kisses me for 2 hours when ever I come to visit.

She pulled me down the street so I bought her this anti pull made out walks way more fun.

But the best time we had was on the BEACH!!! This photo reminds me of her..

Missing Izzy girl.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beswarmed Upcycled Jackets with Karin Graves

I am taking a class with the fabulous Fashion designer Karin Graves on Tues! this is a photo of me with one of her Upcycled jackets I bought..I love it. I just got back from China and had the 3 week haven't blogged much. But if you go to my Deirdra Doan Facebook you can see photo's of China. 

Beswarmed- Reimangined Classic Jacket hanging at Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem. Karin Graves will be teaching a Refashioning Class-February 11th
Karin is a darling happy lady with the great white hair..I like her so much.
This is what she calls Beswarmed or Swarming....

This is one of my favorite jackets she had..she put the velvet around the sleeves and pocket. She did a similar thing to the jacket I bought.

So now Snow go away so I can go out and get some used jackets to take to class on Tues.

I also made a Pinterest Board for Upcycled Altered Jackets   for idea's.
Enjoy and share with me anything you have done with Upcycling cloths..I love Upcycled Fashion!