Saturday, February 27, 2010

How to make a Van into a RV?

I would rather be Maying.......

Sorry I have not posted much lately. A sweet blog friend of mine Jannie asked me how I was doing. (By the way go see her wonderful art!!!) So I am posting you some of what I wrote her.
Jannie's painting

I have been so involved in projects that I have hundreds of blogs I have not seen on my google reader..but I try to catch up on a couple people once in a while.

I have been so busy. I am going to be in Art Dolls Quarterly, Somerset Studios and Belle Armoire this spring and I have been writing the articles for the features I am in. I have had 3 zines in a month to write for...very cool..but I am an artist not a writer. But when they come out it will be so very exciting.

I am also busy...building a RV into the new Sprinter Diesel Van we bought used in Oklahoma in Dec.
Then we drove it to Sante Fe for Christmas.

I was going to post photo's is ugly right now... but last weekend I spent a day just buying an old seat..and a day cleaning it...
buying wood, fridge,,fabrics, laminate. like building a house..helping the guys who I hire..welder, handy man sawing wood..talking to my friend the Upholsterer.
Picking out fabrics...

Welding up a bed.....
Tearing off the bad insulation and putting in new....Getting it wired.....

It is like making a house from scratch. I have to plan and hire everything. Or get my sweet friends to help me make it happen. Alexy and I where cutting the wood panels into the night and we will cover with them with fabric next week after I finishing the insulation. Van Specialties in Portland Oregon

Van Specialties in Portland Oregon

Hopefully when it is done it will look more like this sorta.

Outsider Vans Portland Oregon

But mine will be a little more like a sports car...blacks and grays and industrial steel things. We are going to use it for sleeping and haul music gig stuff around. And of course a place for me to stay and sleep in when I take art or do out door painting trips....

Then I am still the tour to much time and work..even though it is enviable to tour around the best parts of Europe I work hard for it. Making posters, PR. booking rooms flights, tickets. It going to be so fun...I am really thankful!

Finally trying get John a few jobs to pay for the Van RV conversion!!! I am also looking for a new booking agent. As well as calling around for gigs in Oregon Washington for May and the Celtic show. If you are in the NW do you know anyone who would put a house concert on or church or folk group for John's Celtic music show?

No art..lots of Graphics.
I still have my Christmas decorations up!

I am truly thankful for all these wonderful things. Just wanted to let those of you who care know why I have been so busy.

Happy Springing.....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

OWOH Giveaway Winner!

Cheryl Dolby's pretty Art Doll

I want to congratulate Cheryl Dolby a fellow doll and clay sculpture artist. Cheryl is also a author and world traveler.
Her studio is located in the beautiful mountain town of Roanoke, Virginia. It is there that she sculpts, writes and participates in the arts. She has studied her craft in Italy, Greece and France.

Cheryl won my Sea Doll in the One World One Heart Giveaway!
She said she has someone in mind to give her too. (Isn't that generous). So little Sea doll is going off to a new mystery home...but I am sure it is sweet and warm place were she will be very much loved.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

One World One Heart Blog Giveaway marathon!

OK....I did it...I went to every OWOH blog.....I started on Jan. 25 but....there were 1100 blogs this to finish.........I did a 5 hour marathon today!!! I didn't want to miss anyone! It has become a tradition...and you know how traditions are!!!

Happy Valentines the prizes are picked on Feb. 14th...Valentines day has a new meaning now to is Blog love.

The journey was long.....

My husband kept walking by snapping pretend photo's of me sitting at my chair...Finally he said he could see the sun setting be hind my head...aahh.....

For the love of friends and art and blogs.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Planning Trip to Europe

Brighton UK Music Fringe Festival

What am I doing? Booking a tour to the UK and Europe...
It is exciting but much work...
No time for art..but lots of graphic work.

We are going to be going to England, Bath ( I Love BATH...Jane Austin and all), London, of King Authur. Then Germany, Austria and Italy...
Venice!!! My other fav. romantic!!

But I have to get jobs for my husband to pay our way!!

See my ad I am making for the Brighton Music Festival. (Fringe is a little festival that grows up around the big boys festival that brings in huge names)

And of course I am looking around OWOH giveaway!