Saturday, June 27, 2009

I am Late Late for a very Important Date!!!

Oh my my my I am at Teesha Moores Party Art fiber Fest teaching...... dolls today....
but the dolls are having a tea party in my yard...and I will be visiting them and you...
late tonight!!!
Have a very unbirthday DAy.....I mean tea....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

"It's a Girl!!!"....doll

Look at this little cutie girl I bought on Etsy from...Michelle at Crow Haven Studio Farms....she is such a little imp...getting her chops up for the Mad Tea Party...June 27th. Her little legs just dangle when you grab her by her little skinny throat when she is up to NO good........she is one of the Gossip girls that Michelle made I really Love her!

OK what do you do when you are getting ready to teach a Doll clay in Cloth and Clay at Artfiberfest in a few days...lets see last time when I taught at my house...I cleaned every thing and every drawer....hmm...this time I think I will make a completely new doll.........

and my all time favorite friend BARBIE fashion dolls...
(as a young teeny...I spent endless hours making haunt courtier clothing for her in the 60's chic styles...I am looking forward to doing it again....with my new dolls)
I tried my hand at a Sculpey clay doll....I used Barbie's dimensions for the body...and a big head like a few other dolls I picked up at the Goodwill....a Bratz...and Holly Hobby???
I burnt her nose...Michelle said bake her at 250 instead of 275. Then bake longer...30 mins.
I also had to remake the legs...with wire inside as they twisted and broke when I tried to bend them back...they are very long legs...because she is a fashion doll and needs to walk the runway....soon I hope!
Ta Da.......I like her is like my Kimt inspired doll with the black hair and red she sits.... waiting to be to be painted and dressed after Artfiberfest......and with all the new skills I will be learning from Ruth Rae I think she will have a nice dress....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Digital Art

We had a wonderful Harp Guitar Retreat at our home this past weekend......many was a hotel/resort...lots of cleaning & cooking...and a concert.....I made this as a gift for our friends who came and just got back from Korea....Digital Collage is so fun!

Dancing in Seattle"s light

John and I went to Seattle's folk life festival Memorial Day weekend. We stayed with a lovely we wound our way over the bridge past the Cruise ship docks and up the hill we found our self in a most magical neighborhood...and there we stayed for 4 beautiful nights.....I never knew this part of Seattle existed...and our hostess was a wonderful chief. We ate on the deck over looking the water and the mountains with the city in the distance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Digitial Art! 3 Face of John Doan

(my recent art the graphic world)

This is an image I just finished using my new skills from taking the Digital Collage online on right side.
It was such a big task for me as John Doan's agent asked me to make an interesting "Three Faces of John Doan". You may remember me asking for help with it on an earlier post....well months and months later here it if anyone has any gig contacts for 3 really GREAT shows please let me know!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fernando Sor Harpolyre..Symbolic Painters...PARIS!!


My favorite Museum when we went to Paris...if you are going this summer......

and near the Romantic museum in Paris is Gustave-Moreaua(click) home and gallery. He was a Symbolic painter. I really love the Symbolic painting style.
John my husband and are in a Romantic immersion right now. As he is studying Fernado Sors life. 2 years ago when we went to Paris and London we followed the footsteps of Fernado Sor....visiting places he lived and talking to scholars. John Doan has been writing and playing music of and like Fernando Sor...1830's the Father of the Classical Guitar.

I thought this was a lovely photo a friend of mine took Alexy...he used my camera but gets a completely different look than I ever do..I also think it gives you a nice view of a part of my home you haven't already seen...such a big house...dusting and vacuuming is not fun though...I rather be doing art!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Beautiful blond doll by C h r i s t i n e A l v a r a d o of
A Blond woman Portrait of Germaine Survage by Amedeo Modigliani

blond is Crowning yourself with sunlight........
said my new friend from Holland...Ariadone

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Actress Named Deirdre....Delores Morna

I just found out that the actress that played my name sake...Deirdre (Dear Dra) was born January 27 and I was born January was one of the girls the boys took a picture of to WWII to remind them of the girls back home and what they were fighting for.....

I was not born a blond...but my mother was she was given a little blond baby from the Nursery but then they said oh no this is not your baby...and brought a little brown haired light olive skin baby...she was always sure she would have a blond......I always thought I should be a blond too....but she wouldn't let me go blond even in High day I used food color yellow...of course it didn't work...and it was all over my pillow the next morning....but one day in college I put on a blond blue eyes stood out and I knew that moment that Blond was my true color....and it has been for years

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surprise's...Somerset Gallery and "Old Acquaintance"

Email and Face book are such amazing things...Today I had a message from an old friend Steve Gres from High School...with this fun photo on his Face book....1968 Miami Rock Festival...Steve the was my boyfriend and took me to this amazing event.
Thank you Steve.

I didn't realize till just now what a historic event it was! Guess I need to ask Steve who we saw...I do remember being impressed with all the car's honking in Miami...never heard that before and Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night!

The Miami Pop Festival was a two day pop music event at Gulfstream Race Track on May 18-19, 1968. It was attended by an estimated 100,000 people.This concert was promoted by Michael Lang ( Promoter of Woodstock)

Bands featured at the festival included Steppenwolf, Jimi Hendrix, The Mothers of Invention, Blue Cheer, and Crazy World of Arthur Brown. Jimi flew in and sang Fire , Foxy Lady, Getting my Heart back Together and Purple Haze. Sunday's concert was rained out; Hendrix wrote "Rainy Day, Dream Away" about this. Chuck Berry, Blues Image, Pacific Gas and Electric and Three Dog Night also performed. The opening act on the main stage on Saturday was a little known group called The Package and the closing act on that same stage was Jimi Hendrix.

Jimi Hendrix at Fillmore East, Monterey, Woodstock... these are the shows that people talk about. Only the fans know of the lesser-known shows such as the Miami Pop Festival in 1968.

In my life growing up I have used various names. My Mother found my name when she was 10 years old on a movie with Bettie Davis were there was a young beautiful blond girl named Deirdre, she was Bettie a friends daughter. She was young so when she went to name me she didn't remember how to spell it or pronounce it right. The name Deirdre is a old Irish name and is pronounced Dear Dra...but in England and America it has been changed to Dee Dra...or Dee dreee...the Galic name is hard for the English tounge. When you hear the name Deirdre pronounced by Bettie Davis it is the most beautiful name in the World...(Dear Dra) it is my favorite way to say the my can see a little of the movie by clicking on it...unfortunatly you can't hear her say Deirdre...must rent it for is interesting though....."Old Acquaintance" 1943

I changed it to Deirdra from Dedra when I was married.
In case any friends from my school years are trying to find me I was called. Dedra elementary school...Dedra Dingley when I lived with my beloved step father...Deirdra Sharkey first marriage and Deirdra Doan for the past 26 years!
I lived in Riverside California, Mississippi, England, Oregon and Florida, Berkeley CA, Miami...landing in Oregon...Seaside, Portland, Eugene and now Salem.

I also got an email that 2 of my Mixed Media Pieces will be in the Winter 2010 issue of Somerset Gallery..."Dreaming of Klimt and Hope"
I am leaving the Klimt piece as a surprise to see when it comes out!
June blessings!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SUMMER VACATION...FUN....less in blogland

My Grandmother Violet and Grandpa Leo Baily...LA 1920's......
My Grandpa was in some silent films if you have seen him on "Old Dynamite" let me know.....

Summer fun...I will not be posting as often....I am working on finishing our Celtic Pilgrimage film....and my children's book.
Not to mention...gardening....teaching a Artfiberfest.....going to NYC and Bucks county PA in July and visiting San Diego....Aug...
I will try and post once a week though cause I miss and love my friends in Blog land...