Beautiful blond doll by C h r i s t i n e A l v a r a d o of
A Blond woman Portrait of Germaine Survage by Amedeo Modigliani

blond is Crowning yourself with sunlight........
said my new friend from Holland...Ariadone


Meri said…
True enough. I crown myself with sunlight every five weeks, or perhaps I should say that my hair guy David does. This time we also added a little copper hue to some of the strands to make it all warm and sunkissed. I almost can't remember when my hair was dark like coffee.
Mo'a said…
Makes me happy that I am a blond...yes I was born a blond...but now I help it along.
Christine said…
Thanks for including my piece Diedra!

My mom was blonde and people always thought I was adopted as she looked like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music when I was a child:)
Anonymous said…
Good Morning Deirdra, WOW, you quote me, thank you. I put a little present on my site for you, for fun. Please visit again in time. But...I truly feel like crowned with sunlight.... I love your recent posts about John and hope to put him on my blog as well, if I may ?
Have a wonderful day.
Godeliva from Ariadone
reagan said…
I too am a blond, I have to coax it along a bit more now, but once a blond always a blond:-) I so love Modigliani's work.
I see you're teaching at Art & Soul, one of these days I hope to make it there.

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