Thursday, December 24, 2009


I am visiting the "The Royal City of the Holy Faith of Saint Francis of Assisi". Santa Fe...Holy Faith. The town is dressed in snow and luminaries that represent the light that comes from faith in Christ who is lighting our way.... Mas means .....celebration!
So Santa Fe and John and I are celebrating Christmas EVE by walking Canyon street tonight where they have bonfires, luminaries, and singing of carols.

Yesterday we walked Canyon Street while the snow was falling and all the adobe galleries where dressed in their Christmas best...with snow making everything sparkling and even more beautiful. I saw so many wonderful paintings...what a special way to celebrate Christmas.

A lovely treat was going to the Georgia O'keefe museum! This was the first painting I was so beautiful..and it is my Christmas card to you too!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

I think of Romantic Vintage Christmas in the 1920's when I see these photo's. The Pink snow men are made by a artist in Portland Oregon. Click her to see her etsy shop. and click her to go to her fabulous Vintage blog.

Something fun to make! Click here
Now for more crafty Christmas fun add gold foil leaf to make it by Christine Adolph.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More Bottle Brush Tree Idea's

This is fun...links to more ways to use bottle brush trees and making Christmas ornaments. click here and here.
Please tell me and show me if you make any trees...
I am in Scottsdale AZ for a show on Sat. Seeing so many wonderful much Christmas.. Check calendar for the Victorian Christmas concert...

Eloise at Christmas time...Favorite Christmas movie

Our new fav Christmas movie! It is so so cute and full of Christmas...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Disneyland Christmas

On the run but had to put up this funny picture. The Disneyland Christmas Parade and Christmas fireworks and snow was so fun. The whole park is lighted up for Christmas!!!! oxoox Merry Christmas....

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday & Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Tutorial

It isVintage Christmas Monday again! Please go see the other posts by clicking here Vintage Christmas Monday. It is great fun!

I have been on the road and forgot to take my camera to the great antique stores I have been visiting.
But I have a wonderful quilt in my photo's of my husbands great Grandmother Sophia Augusta Wall Ames. She died young of TB and left 2 children. But her quilt lives on.
You can read about her by going to this blog click here.

I picked parts of it that I thought look like Christmas.My husband spent hours as a very little child looking at each little inch. His mother gave it to him as an adult.

It is Christmas and this bambi ran by my window a few weeks ago. Too cute not to show.

Now how to make your own vintage Christmas bottle brush trees.

Go down to the craft store or where ever they sell little Christmas villages and get a bag of trees. Throw then in the sink with bleach.

Wait till the color is just right.
And out comes these lovely snow trees.
You can even bleach them in uneven ways..add mica and glitter or take a wooden spools and make a glitter base for them! (dye them hot pink if you want!)
Happy Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Christmas Monday

It's Vintage Christmas Monday. Click on it and go see all the other Vintage Christmas
Monday offerings on their cute blogs.

Last year I found this shop in Oakridge Or. The woman who owned this fabulous little gift and antique shop bought her dream car. This 1950's truck.

She painted it pink!
We became fast friends and after me hanging out their for a few hours she took me for a ride. We went to old covered bridge. The gears grind, the windows stay down and we laughed and sang Christmas songs. What a hoot.

I bought these twin Santa's at the church Christmas rummage sale in town while I was there.
This was a special B & B vintage you see where we stay while doing a Victorian Christmas Concert in Florence Or on the beach. They were having Dickens Days.
I bought this little vintage special ornament with the little vintage tinsel. I loved it. But alas I dropped it! It broke in the back...but the wire keep part of it in in one piece so I am still enjoying it.
Merry Vintage Christmas Monday!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

How to spend Christmas on the Road-Music Biz Family

My Husbands beautiful Christmas CD. Wrapped in White.
Hear it and buy here. or download buy here at CD baby.
"Eiffel Tower on an silver angel hair cloud with books bought at a old shop in Ireland"

Thank you so much for coming to my Christmas Party Blog Friends. Please visit the other people having parties at Bella Dreams. click here

My Christmas traditions for the past 25 years are different than the years before. My husband and I go on tour. Touring John Doan's Victorian Christmas Show. Check the calendar by clicking link.
This year we will be in Oregon, California, AZ, Oklahoma City on Dec. 21, and finally spending time in Santa Fe NM for our Christmas vacation quietly together on the road.
"Each year one new item starts the decorating frenzy. This year it was the broken doll by Nicol Sayer a repo Angel from TJ Max's. I spent a day restoring her and making her pretty again."

Over the years I had to give up the usual Christmas time ways. Making a gift, having a Christmas party, going to a Christmas event, etc. And now I catch Christmas on the Road while I give everyone else a very special Christmas with the Victorian Christmas Show. It is really the meaning of Christmas isn't it?

The wreath in the back was from my many trips to Goodwill at Christmas. And the little antique lights with little beads are from a antique shop in the California Mt. Shasta area. They were tiny angels with plastic ugly round heads and silver beaded tutus. I snapped the heads off and was left with the wonderful little lights set. Click the photo to see it big.
I learned a few things on the way over the past 25 years.
One is that a real Christmas tree doesn't last from Thanksgiving to a week into January. I tried every thing including flocking a tree. But it just looked white and droopy..dead!
So now my trees are creative but fake. Last year I bought a pack of green bottle brush trees from the craft store. The ones you use to decorated villages. I put them in bleach water and made them into snow trees. You can dye them with rite dye if you want.
My little Coco doll wanted to join the fun...put now she is put away safely. She sold to a doll collector in Germany and she is awaiting her flight.
I still fit making a little Christmas craft each year. I just do it early in Nov. I made the Noel with cardboard, Martha Stewart German Glass glitter and a string. I found these wonderful old paper bells that I hang at the end of the string. It makes me think of the 1940's black and white Christmas films and of course beautiful France in the 1920's.
My husband likes me to keep everything up through January. For him getting ready for the really big show starts in Nov. and everything is a blur till the last show is over and he puts away the instruments. Then he wants to enjoy the pretty lights and all. But for losses its sparkle. But I leave it as long as I can stand it.
This year rather than getting out the wonderful Christmas tree I have that is a Japanese Cedar...fake. You can see all my last year photo's by clicking here. So much snow and beauty hope you visit the 08 Doan's Christmas. So even though I don't have the classic tree I sure have the lots of trees.
I added this little beauty last year. A tiny cottage. It makes me think of Wales. Have you hear or seen the "A Child's Christmas in Wales" Video? I lived in England as a child. 10-13 years old. The little English children came to your door and sang carols out of a little book. They gathered the big Penny's of the 50's for the poor. It was so special opening the door to one little tiny boy singing at the door. I was enchanted with the song.."The Holly and the Ivy".

Last year I put up a branch in the urn where the Christmas tree was. I put on little lights and it was left all year. Rather than taking out as we were going on tour early this year I turned it into a ice storm...with glitter things all over it. I will post on Sunday more photo's of it.
Before I made dolls my self...and by the way it has only been one year! My my and I have had them in ADQ twice and Artful Blogger! Wow. I always went to my fav little gift shop now closed sadly..she is moving to MN blessed you! Anyway I would buy little paper mache whimsy's. This little girl is one of them.
I live up high...8 hundred feet on a cliff...I used to feel it in my body but now I don't notice..I guess I am like a mountain goat now. We built this house. The windows I got at a antiques mall on one of our tours. They just fit unplanned in these windows. I planned for them elsewhere but the size was wrong..the contractors messed up..a God surprise they look so wonderful in the Great room!
I like to buy different salt and pepper shakers for the kitchen table to decorate for each season. I put them in the kitchen cupboard so I don't loss them..I have a stash of other ones somewhere in the Christmas pile but where or where. I like these best and I can find them now.
These little house's delight me!

This snowman was carved just for me! For a few years I used to go out with a trailer I decorated and toured the South West in Oct. with a craft show called "Harvest Festivals" Sometimes John would fly in to help me. It was so hard but fun and it got John's amazing music out to the people who would love it. Anyway I would trade things for CD's. I this little boy came from a trade.
He is perfect standing in the blue sky. It makes me think of our upcoming trip to the OKC and Santa Fe.
Another Christmas wreath I got last week at the Stars Antique Mall in Sellwood Portland Or. I put my new little Nissi elf ornaments on it. For sale on Etsy.

And finally my new little house...

I made this wonderful little house with my Doll making friend JO James. Check out her great Dolls and a tutorial for the house. It is so pretty lite up too. The windows shine.

Merry Merry Christmas Decorating to you my friends. And my new Friends! Off to do another show Victorian Christmas Show tonight...
Sweet snowflake dreams!