Vintage Christmas Monday

It's Vintage Christmas Monday. Click on it and go see all the other Vintage Christmas
Monday offerings on their cute blogs.

Last year I found this shop in Oakridge Or. The woman who owned this fabulous little gift and antique shop bought her dream car. This 1950's truck.

She painted it pink!
We became fast friends and after me hanging out their for a few hours she took me for a ride. We went to old covered bridge. The gears grind, the windows stay down and we laughed and sang Christmas songs. What a hoot.

I bought these twin Santa's at the church Christmas rummage sale in town while I was there.
This was a special B & B vintage you see where we stay while doing a Victorian Christmas Concert in Florence Or on the beach. They were having Dickens Days.
I bought this little vintage special ornament with the little vintage tinsel. I loved it. But alas I dropped it! It broke in the back...but the wire keep part of it in in one piece so I am still enjoying it.
Merry Vintage Christmas Monday!


Just got to love that pink truck! And what a nice find~ those twin Santas! Happy Vintage Monday! xo Joan, your hostess
spindelmaker said…
Oh, Deirdra! You should get a pink truck like that! It totally becomes you!!!
Hi Deirdra,Congrats! You are one of the winners for the Christmas Giveaway. You have won my St. Nick's Christmas Badges. If you could please email me your address I will ship your winning item right out. Thank you so much for participating. ~Kaf Grimm P.S. your blog is lovely.
Anonymous said…
I just found your blog by while checking out other blogs on this snowy night.
I just love it.. love that pink truck and all that is on your blog.
It is so ironic, you seem to be like my twin sister?.. Everything on here reminds me of Me! I even have a collection of Nicol Sayre figures.
I wanted to invite you to my blog where I am Having a Christmas Give a Way! I am adding you to my site as I write.. lol.. hows that?
and will become a follower on your list.. I am also a musician, etc.
Wow.. this is too much.
When you visit me, Please click on Mondays Post and sign up to win.
Good luck and hope to see you there!
Hugs, Darlene Pringle xo
The truck? All I can say: EYE CANDY! Thanks for the inspiration this morning! :-) Cheers, Julie

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