Vintage Christmas Monday & Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Tutorial

It isVintage Christmas Monday again! Please go see the other posts by clicking here Vintage Christmas Monday. It is great fun!

I have been on the road and forgot to take my camera to the great antique stores I have been visiting.
But I have a wonderful quilt in my photo's of my husbands great Grandmother Sophia Augusta Wall Ames. She died young of TB and left 2 children. But her quilt lives on.
You can read about her by going to this blog click here.

I picked parts of it that I thought look like Christmas.My husband spent hours as a very little child looking at each little inch. His mother gave it to him as an adult.

It is Christmas and this bambi ran by my window a few weeks ago. Too cute not to show.

Now how to make your own vintage Christmas bottle brush trees.

Go down to the craft store or where ever they sell little Christmas villages and get a bag of trees. Throw then in the sink with bleach.

Wait till the color is just right.
And out comes these lovely snow trees.
You can even bleach them in uneven ways..add mica and glitter or take a wooden spools and make a glitter base for them! (dye them hot pink if you want!)
Happy Christmas!


Unknown said…
thank you soooooooo much for sharing your hand-dyed bottle brush trees. i have oodles of the green ones (all new) and really only decorate with creams, silver and golds so i have no use for them. That is such a great idea. Off to the msrket to buy some bleach!! merci!
Judi said…
I love the embroidered buck on the quilt, very appropriate for Christmas and so is "Rudolph" runnin' through your yard. Merry Christmas ~ Judi
Postcardy said…
I love crazy quilts. I have one I made from 1970s vintage wide neckties.
Sarah said…
That is a beautiful quilt. I can see why it fascinated your husband as a child. I like your little trees too-very clever!
Anonymous said…
Oh, Deirdra, it is all so very gorgeous!!! And thank you for the bottle brush tutorial - I'm going to try it! :)

Happy VCM,
I love what you've done to the trees!..and the quilt?- facinating piece of beautiful & the warmth of its history must put a smile on your face aeverytime you look at it.
Happy Christmastime Deirdra to you and yours

Amy said…
Oh, thank you so much! I love these trees! A beautiful Christmas to you, Deirdra.
spindelmaker said…
They are beautiful! I don´t know how to get my hands on pre-made trees in Norway, but I´ll keep a look-out. Are they really just bottle-brushes? They look like trees... Anyway. They make such a sobre and magical decoration. And I know they fit beautifully into the rest of your house :-)
deb said…
Love the trees! Got to try it
Heather said…
these are so pretty! and I love that quilt~

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