Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fortuny Venice Dreams

 I have been redecorating and buy and selling on craigs list.
 I bought thes great chairs on Sunday!

And 2 of these in Rosewood for a great price. I thought they were more blue green but they are very GREEN...so I need to recover these.
While working on what to do I thought about my love of Fortuny. His fabrics are amazing.
 While googling him I found this..Lets make our own Fortuny dress!
 Last summer I finally got to go into his amazing home in Venice. It was closed forever! But finally I got to see it on my 3rd trip to Venice!

This woman made her own fortuny!
More beauty!

 I am now in process of finding the right fabric for my chairs..

When I was in Venice I took the water bus accross the water to Fortuny's shop! The cloth is so amazing..I think it is about $150 a yard? 

I wanted to buy some didn't know what to buy? I do have a few 8 by 8 or so samples I want to make into pillows. Just haven't finished that project. But now with the new decor it may happen..or a doll will get a dress out of some of it..smile...