OWOH Giveaway Winner!

Cheryl Dolby's pretty Art Doll

I want to congratulate Cheryl Dolby a fellow doll and clay sculpture artist. Cheryl is also a author and world traveler.
Her studio is located in the beautiful mountain town of Roanoke, Virginia. It is there that she sculpts, writes and participates in the arts. She has studied her craft in Italy, Greece and France.

Cheryl won my Sea Doll in the One World One Heart Giveaway!
She said she has someone in mind to give her too. (Isn't that generous). So little Sea doll is going off to a new mystery home...but I am sure it is sweet and warm place were she will be very much loved.


Jen xo said…
oooh Congratulations Cheryl.....

beautiful giveaway. I just wanted to stop and thank you visiting my blog...jenxo
Healing Woman said…
Deirdra, thankyou so very much for creating such a lovely giveaway. I am thrilled to have won her. Yes, I "hope" I can part with her. My brother's little granddaughter, Makayla, will cherish her.
I also wish to thankyou for highlighting one of my dolls. I am linking you to the right bar of my blog under "Other Interesting Blogs"
Thanks so much again!
Healing Woman - Cheryl Dolby
BumbleVee said…
oh, alright ....if I must .... I guess I better offer congratulations...... pout.......

off to check ouit Cheryl's blog
Just a note to tell you that you won my necklace and earring set giveaway. Please email me your snail mail address and I'll send you your jewelry in the mail asap.

Here is my email:


Julie said…
Congrats to your winner! What a beautiful give away doll! : )
Lisa Gatz said…
That doll is just so gorgeous! Congratulations to the winner!

We're having a giveaway at my blog and That Creative Place blog (the link is on my site) since we missed the deadline for OWOH. hope to see you there!
estoy engantada con sus muñecas felicitaciones es usted una persona muy creativa.
Abi said…
Thank you for your comments ~ much appreciated! I must say your art/dolls are superb, and your husbands music is first class!
Gina said…
Deirdra, Thank you for visiting my blog during the OWOH event! I went to all the blogs but now I'm revisiting those who commented at mine and taking my time. I love your doll. I don't think I could give it away if I'd won it but sometimes you know the perfect recipient.

I'm intrigued by the altered sweaters you and your friend made. Yours turned out beautifully! I wondered how you treated the cut edges to finish them off but I'm going to follow the link you provided and maybe that will tell me. I love going through thrift stores. I love the challenge of matching things up and creating something new from the old.
Enjoy your trip!
Anonymous said…
Lucky person who will receive your doll. It is generous of Cheryl to want to part with her...and it sounds like she will be going to a good home :)
I like her blog...thank you for linking to another interesting blog.

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