Sarah Fairy Doll From London!

More London...after the V&A museum we got on a bus to go to the Antique and Posh section of London to see the Portobello Market area. It was not really open as it was not a weekend but we saw many fun posh things in stead of Sarah of London would say... (More on Sarah at the end of this post.)
Interesting use of box wood and ivy..from the bus window.

Girls coming home from school....
In there very very Posh private school hats and too Cute!

A lovely shop....wish my suit case was bigger.

Girls wearing fun cloths...
I liked these paintings in the back of a handmade clothing shop.

I think Princess Di use to live and shop in this area...
And of course we have Notting Hill.....I know from the movie!!!

My husband and I parted ways..he went home to our hosts home to talk guitars and I took a tub to see Sarah in Greenwich on the South side of the Thames were King Henry the 8th was born...more about that area later... The tube was hot and stinky at rush hour..old and I had to get my little cream out of my belly bag and hold it on my was like the Tussie-Mussie that the ladies of Old had to put to there noses...but it was worth it when the Darling Sarah picked me up in her new little car.
She is such a cute London Bird....we has fun talking about dolls. She showed me her amazing collection of dolls she has bought. And also her own wonderful doll creations. I couldn't resist one little cutie and so we traded dolls. When I get home I will post the photo's of our trades.
I wish she lived near me. She would fit right into our group of arting friends in Oregon. Here is a photo of her Flat and collections.
Sarah to see more of her lovely dolls..

After a little spot of soup...beet soup that she made we went out side and did a photo session using my Posh camera as she called it. Her dolls looked wonderful in the late evening light. A good camera really does make a difference. I have an older digital SLR Nikon D70. It is a big thing to carry around but worth it! Try B&H cameras NYC used department. I bought mine new and then had to get a used body as I had dropped the camera once and it finally died. (With out a lense I paid about $260.)

More to post time permitted...oxoox


Sarah said…
Hi Deirdra! I was thinking of you yesterday as I was browsing around little shops in Whitstable. I thought you would like it! How is the tour going? I hope it is really good. I loved reading your post about your visit! It would be fun to live near you and join in your art fun. Maybe if we ever visit we could have an art day!
I enjoyed your other post too-love the photos you chose-I enjoyed my preview! I am in the middle of making two other dolls at the moment as it has been my holiday this week so I have had some time.I can't wait to see your doll when she eventually makes it over the Atlantic.
Take care,
Sarah x
Janine said…
How fun that you two got together! Can't wait to see the dolls you've exchanged! Nice pic of Sarah in her garden. Deirdra you always take the nicest pictures! I love that you are sharing your trip with us! Thank you!

What cream and what smell on the tube, splain it to me lucy?
Nishant said…
it has been my holiday this week so I have had some time.I can't wait to see your doll when she eventually makes it over the Atlantic.
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Maija said…
It looks like you are having such a wonderful time!!!

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