Beautiful Angel Cousin

Today I think of the Beautiful life and heart of my cousin Cindy Whitaker. She was a loving and caring woman who made a difference in every ones life she meet.

My only comfort is that I know right now she in Heaven being teased and loved on by our Grandpa.......and the smile on my Mother face as she greets her beloved niece. And how she gets to see a Grandmother she never knew.....

I know Cindy loved Jesus and His arms and the angles are wiping away the tears she must feel at leaving her mother, her Dad, her husband, her children and brother and sister so quickly.

Please pray as for her husband in the hospital and her family. (her husband was in the car with her)

The cousins (me on left) in the 1960's with our mothers.
Beautiful Cindy Whitaker
Cindy's mother Irene

Shirley Temple

Cindy as a little girl looked so much like Shirley with her sweet blond curls...she had the sweetness and dear nest of Shirley too....
This little movie is comforting to me now...Cynthia as I knew her lived a really important and special way of love between the Dash.
It speaks about life I know you will enjoy it too. I got it from
Nancy Williams an amazing doll maker who could use your prayers as well.


Maija said…
Oh Deirdra! I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you in my prayers! oxox
Shannon Murphy said…

I am so sorry about your cousin. I know that your faith and that of her family will see you all through. In your memory,she will never truly be gone.


Diane Rooney said…
So very sorry for your loss *hugs*. What happened?
Unknown said…
What a beautifull tribute! Thank you, she will be missed by all of her family and memories will be cherished ~ Alica Goeckner (cousin)
Lucy Crawford said…
I worked with Cindy and she was a wonderful person! She was liked by everyone! She was there for me when I lost both of my parents and was also there for me through my recent health issues! I will miss her so much, her smiling face, her bubbly personality and her warmth and kindness!!

My thoughts are with her family as they try to heal fro mthis awful tragedy!!!

Love you Cindy!!!
Sarah said…
I am so sorry for your loss Deirdra. Your cousin looks like such a lovely person. Your tribute to her is beautiful,
Sarah x
Oh-and keep me posted about your visit to England! I will try to make Brighton.
I am so sorry for your loss..your
pictures of you and your cousin
were so very dear and it was lovely
to see two happy little girls. It
was a wonderful tribute to her.
I am so sorry for your loss, you have written such a beautiful tribute. Thinking of you. Julie
My heart is on the ground. Prayers are on the wind with some of my angels to Oregon.

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