This is so Cool, It say's it all......Make your own Art journal.........just for you, your Muse misses you!!!

check out her blog...IDYLLIC MUSE


Joan said…
Thanks for sharing this...
it just reaffirms that my art journal has been collecting dust for far to long!

Nothing really does chip away at the surface quite like the digging and do-ing of an art journal page now does it?

Once again, you've inspired me you!

Mariposa said…
Thank for the huge compliment! I have spent far too long thinking I was not entitled to created because I felt I had no talent. If only I had the cavalier attitude I have now about 10 years ago, I'd be a much different person now. :)
Deirdra Doan said…
thank you so much...a beautiful lovely trailer on your site...really great...its such a good thing to inspire other give them a help that everything is good what is comming out of them...I like the painting after the word creative.

Words above are from my friend Harald a wonderful guitarist in Austria, you can hear him if you go to my
He is one of my top friends. Click his face and hear his magic music.
Anonymous said…
Hi Deirdra, I love looking at journals or sketchbooks where people just 'let go' and be as creative as they can be without inhibition. I get so excited when I buy a new one full of promise of how it will transform!

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