I made this little Valentine for one of my blog friends. I sent her winging her way across the USA last week....but I wanted to offer her to you all my other sweet Valentine friends in blog land...I love you and all your support!!! You have sent me so much love and encouragement!!!
She is a Pomegrante.....pomegrantes mean "Favor of God, Blessings and Fruitfulness (juicy) This is my Valentine wish to all of you my Valentines today!!!


Joan said…
Happy Valentines Day beautiful Deirdra...
from one pomegranite to another!!!

May your day be filled with wonder and love.
altermyworld said…
Ohhhhhhhhh she is simply darling
I love whimsical girls.
Anonymous said…
That is so sweet! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Deirdra.
Robin said…
Hi!! You WON!! I drew your nanme from the One World One Heart contest. You won the Oh-la-la quilty collage. Please send me your address info. and I will send it your way!

Pam Aries said…
Your little Pomegranate Girl is adorable! I came back to say hi..I really like your blog and am bookmarkimng you ! Yay!
Pam Aries said…
Hi again! ..Thanks for dropping by to see me.. .I was gonna say, I haven't updated my sidebar links in forEVER,,but since the OWOH event I NEED to! ha! just havent had enough time!
Dawn said…
please go to my blog http://dawnsupina.blogspot.com
You won my OWOH draw too (I see you won another one as well, lucky, lucky you!); I'd like to send you your giftie! Yippee!!

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