I've been tagged TWICE in a matter of a couple days! I guess my time had come. I was tagged by two very funny and artistic new blog friends. Dawn and Terisa. Terisa cracked me up with her little last minute sign off "Had too.........Terisa" after her message tagging me. And now I say you "have to" go see her because her 7 th fact is just too too funny!!!!! Dawn is lighting up my life because I won a wonderful light switch that she turned into an art piece for the One World Giveaway. Please go see her
and her wonderful painted furniture!

7 or more Random Facts
1. I went to Raw Chef school and ate 100% raw vegan vegetarian food for 3 years. I still am a vegetarian and try to eat raw for 2 meals of the day.

2. I lived in England from the time I was 10-13 in the early 60's. It was a shocking experience and yet it shaped me. The American teachers took us to Manor Houses, galleries and historic places. I received a very high brow education for a girl from a middle class family.

3. I lived in Berkeley in the early 70's and I had my beautiful long hair cut in a Shag. Then to cinch the deal a beautiful blond long haired friend of mine offered to perm it. She burned one side and I had to wear a blue cowboy handkerchief for the next two years till my hair grew out.

4. I lived with my Grandparents till I was 10. They belonged to a Western Horse riding club. Each weekend we went riding. We slept in the back of the truck and Iwent to sleep with the old cowboy singing Mr. Sandman on his old guitar. I had my own stirrups behind my Grandpa's saddle. I was a Western fashion model once a year and would rock onto the stage with my hobby horse, model my outfit and drag the hobby horse off by his reins.
I have little cowboy boots to prove it.

5. I seem to like to live in uncertainty. I put a round nosed knife in my purse so I could cut up my veggie's on our trip. I then put my purse through the security at the airport. I hoped it would go through and it seemed a good way to test security. I got caught and had to mail my knife back to myself. My husband was appalled.

6. I once saw Barbara Streisand walking down the street while I was in Malibu. I called out to her from my little RV tyring to give her some of my husbands music. He was laughing nervously and I said oh why not she has blessed me so much. I was mortified when she refused. I learned a real lesson on the celebrity's celebrity about leaving stars alone. Since then I have seen Elton John in Venice, Johnathan Winters and some TV cope guy in Santa Barbara. I am so shy now I don't even take their pictures from afar. I learned on the best.

7. I took my poodles into my blow up pink swimming pool and gave them bubble baths. Can't you just see that.........black poodles in bubbles.....


Dayna Collins
Dayna is a wonderful friend and mixed media artist and teacher. Very Colorful work.
Diana Frey
Diana makes the most beautiful and romantic jewelry I have ever seen.
Becky Bilyeu
Wonderful photo's of Portland Oregon life
Katrina Fowler
A great illustrator and fellow student when I took a class in Children's illustration
Julie Brill Molina
A great blog and suzi blu friend
To go with the Raw Vegan Food fact. She painted the cutest
"Broccolini - my little veggie girl"
Lili M
a must visit to a beautiful blog at the home of Lili in the Netherlands

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Anonymous said…
Hi Deidre, thanks for the Tag, finally figured out how to PLAY...I have gotten several hits..appreciate it..Love your art! Becky
Anonymous said…
Hi Deirdra, what fun! I'll play later this weekend when I have a few spare moments! I loved reading about you and your life - interesting tidbits. And I would love to see your little cowgirl boots! Dayna
Karen Owen said…
I loved your 7 things about you!

LiLi M. said…
Hi!! What a nice surprise that tag of yours...I like it!!
I have been on vacation, I have been ill but today I finally found time to put all tags collected by me in one post. Pfeeeewwwww I'm exhausted!
Hope you like it! And nice to meet you!
Artifax said…
What fun to read your seven things and learn more about you! Finally getting a chance to get back here after the OWOH - sorry it took so long :)

You had asked about my fav historical movies - there should be a good size list of my favs at the bottom of my blogger profile. It would really hard to pick just a few favorites - there are so many good ones out there :)
Anonymous said…
Hello Deirdra
I have been trying to catch up on the comments I received from the One World One Heart give-away. I am so thrilled that you left a comment because I have now found your blog-it is wonderful and inspiring. Thank you for the kind comments about my artwork. I also am a musician, playing guitar and vocalist. I have a very rare disease in my left hand that will destroy any abilities I had. (Dueyprens Contracture) The Lord gives and He takes away. But, blessed, always blessed be His name. I am a guitarist who has never heard of a 20 string harp guitar :-) I am wondering if you wholesale your husbands CD's. I have a gift shop in Northern Wi. and would love to offer them in the Summer.
Sorry this is so wordy but I'm just so excited to have found your blog. Your artwork is beautiful. Talk to you soon.
Pam <><

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