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Bloglandia Polar Festival is a little blog party to share works of art made for the festival and meet new blog friends. Leave them a comment and join the fun.
The official date of the party is Feb. 9th

This is a post of my Queen of Sheba Valentine project. I painted her to shrink down and put on this little jewel of a Charm. You wear her near your heart because 'Where ever your Treasure is there your thoughts and Heart will be also." I made 52 of these charms for a Valentine charm swap. I was so happy with the oil painting I painted after a 14oo's painting of Sheba. And the photograph of the little charm in the shell is such a little jewel I wanted to share her with my new friends at the Polar Fest.

So welcome new friends and I look forward to seeing your wonderful creations too!


eb said…
Hi Deirdra - what a beautiful painting and charm - just perfect for the festival - thank you so much for joining us...

xox - eb.
Anonymous said…
So lovely, your Artistry shows in every aspect of your life.
Most amazing talent.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful charm!!
Janet said…
She's beautiful! I love the colors.
Unknown said…
fit for a queen.. and i love a
I, too, am one of the Festival attendees so I am mingling. this is a fabulous painting. and I like the quote you attach to it.
Nice to meet you.
Lisa Oceandreamer
somepinkflowers said…
just came to mingle with you!

have a pink*berry snow*cone
and then come dance.


loverly over her BTW!
yummy, in fact!
Fiona said…
She's a fabulous icon like painting! What lovely charms to send out into the world. Love your wings too. We all need those!I've jsut arrived at the party. I've posted my contribution if you are on your travels.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely charm!
Jill said…
Oh my she is lovely! Yes... the perfect Polar Queen... she will dance the night away... sparkling in the winter wonderland! Stop on by for some more dancing!
I love her, the valentine in her hand is beautiful. So glad I found your site.
Anonymous said…
This is an amazingly beautiful painting and charm.
I am enjoying all the contributions to the Bloglandia Polar Festival.
What fun we are having :)
Ursula Shaw said…
Love your queen painting and charm!
Julia said…
What a lovely queen and charm ! Great art !!
Anonymous said…
Imagine all those wonderful, tiny works of art - so charming!
LW said…
What a beautiful charm...
what a beautiful painting.

Leslie said…
Such a lovely painting that made a precious little charm!
3rdEyeMuse said…
I can't beleive that it's taken me so long to go out and mingle. I am really glad I finally can ... thank you so much for sharing the photo and your exquisite painting/charm! I have no doubt her majesty would be more than pleased with what you have created.

Warmest regards, ~M~
somepinkflowers said…
so nice to met you at
The Bloglandia Polar Festival!

you are a great dancer, BTW!


yes, do drop by and visit
our florida home
where we travel some and visit
and, well, you know

see you later
as i want to peek around more here
if OK with you.

i know a good thing
when i see it.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful banner and blog!
Anonymous said…
Lovely snow queen for the polar party!
Artifax said…
Hi Deirdra! I couldn't find an email for you, and didn't want to repost on the OHOW, so I'm writing you a quick post here responding to your lovely commment :)

I've never been to Venice (lucky you!!) but I do like the film Dangerous Beauty! I am a sap for historical movies, especially the ones with great costumes :)

Thank you for entering my giveaway! I bookmarked your blog and I'll be back! Your pendants really are amazing!
Unknown said…
Beautiful artwork. Please count me in. Thank you to enter my giveaway.
Love your Charm! Please enter me in your giveaway. Thank you! Artful Blessings, Kathryn
oh I am so late for the party! thought I'd drop by anyway... so glad I did - what a beautiful creation you've made. I would have been lucky to be in this swap! I'd love to see what you got in return during the swap in a future post!

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