Below it the beautiful "Saint Melangell" She was my favorite and first drawing. The church in Wales were she has her shrine is so beautiful.
I carved a foam version of this cross for the "Celtic Pilgrimage" John Doan performs. People think is is funny when we carry it off the stage because it looks so real, heavy, stone!
from "Yeats Country" song
Him Self John Doan the Celtic Pilgrim


GreenishLady said…
I feel a great affinity with St. Melangell. A friend who has painted beautiful pictures of her introduced me to the legend some years ago. And, as I lived in Yeats Country for many years, I just thought I'd say hello again. The music is wonderful. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
You Celtic drawings are lovely. I love the story about Saint Melangell.
I am enjoying the music played by your husband.
Anonymous said…
thank you for stopping by my world you can come back whern you want even if my blog won't be updated very odten this month.
if the music you are talking about is the one I can hear on your blog it is is very beautiful I 'm very fond of celtic music ;)
Anonymous said…
These are lovely. They have such a nice flow. I like what you are doing.

I'm stopping by and saying "hello" to my fellow OWOH bloggers. It's nice to have time to peruse and visit now that the rush has past.

Also, I would like to invite you to play Cookie's Treasure Hunt. I am giving away an original collage titled "Arizona Angel" this week.

Sending good wishes your way for a very nice day.
I love the new header.........How's that childrens book coming?
Ro Bruhn said…
Your drawings are delightful. The stamp is great too as is your husband's music.

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