I love my blog. I can share interesting things with you. A dear friend of ours died last week. His name was Larry Norman and he was the founder of Christian Rock and Roll music. One his songs was called "Why does the Devil have all the Good Music". Click here
I had a wonderful little dinner at the health store with him in Dec. and lent him my favorite scarf for the winter to warm him...turns out in his last days...he made sure the family sent it back to me. In a letter he wrote to his fans when he knew his time was short that he felt like the Prize in Gods Cracker Jack box. We had Cracker Jacks, popcorn, hot dogs and animal crackers at his "Going away Party". Sweet quote from a youtube comment about Larry "But to quote the film "Braveheart": "Every man dies ... but not every man truly lives." Larry Norman truly lived. His impact lives on."

He lived in San Jose where a famous national dis jockey made many bands famous. The Doobbie Brothers, Larry Norman and the Peoples, and Syndicate of Sound. These garage band groups were where the punk rock bands of England got their inspiration.

My first husband John Sharkey and the father of my son was in the "Syndicate of Sound", their hit song was... "Hey Little Girl" Click here . He plays the guitar in this Youtube and he plays the keyboard in other ones on Youtube.
Larry and he were friends. At my dinner with Larry we talked about our son's and hopes for there future. We prayed...

I am picking up my son today at the airport and I thought to share this with you. He has come for another funeral for a close person and family that helped him like a son and brother during a hard time in his life.

My Mom died 4 years ago near this time too so I am reflecting today......


SisterJulia said…
I hope all feelings of peace and love stay with you and your family through these days.


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