Interview of John Doan in Austria and Fairy Castle in France

While in France we went to this most beautiful fairy tale Castle on the river...with amazing modern gardens.

My husband was interviewed in Austria and it came out so deep and wonderful. Have a cup of tea and listen to his words of wisdom about music, life and spirituality. There is also a link to the full music Celtic Pilgrimage show he did in Austria at a theater that was built for puppet shows..very magical!

Click here to find the link to the interview with John Doan if the video is not working below. You can also see it full screen on the is much better large! smile..

Interview with John Doan from kedarvideo on Vimeo.


Deirdra you have such an exciting life! I have not been out of North America yet but have always dream of visiting some of the wonderful historic places there are in this world.
Congratulations to your husband, he must have been so excited working on such a grand project!
I could not find the link to hear his interview so if you can when you have a moment please do send it to me.
Have a lovely evening Deirdra!
Tina xo

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