Ready for Show!

Hi...I miss blogging. Please check and friend me at my facebook as I post photo's there and little short notes as it is easy to put up photo's from my iphoto to facebook..

            I am getting ready for a show Aug. 3 at Roundtree Gallery.
Loved by the King

I just finished this painting..interesting. There is just something about it..
Klimt inspired
I repainted her face..I like it better now...but I am ready to use oil instead of acrylics so I can blend the face's easier...
Princes Bug Doll

I freshened up her face..with brighter pink lips and a new necklace. 

I have been working in the garden and just bought this cool planter..I love the plants I put in it..The bright green plant is is iridescent! It glows like it has pearl metallic on it amazing.
I added a little darks to this one..
Now I am ready to finish the tags and bio and all for the show!


Gian Le Fou said…
Your work is TOTALLY absorbing! How nice to find a blog like this...

Keep the magnificent work!

Kisses from Brazil!

Marina said…
Hello Deirdra!
Thank you for passing by my blog today :-)
I couldn't reply to your mails as they came as no-reply blogger. By coming to your site, I remembered your dolls! I have seen them on Art Doll Quarterly and in ning groups. They're awesome! Nice paintings too!!

Take care, Marina
Jacqueline said…
I really love your Klimt inspired painting! It is really beautiful! I also love your art dolls, they're so adorable!

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